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As a Democrat that has actually read HR 3200, I am beginning to wonder who actually reads the bills the House and Senate passes.

By their own admittance, most Representatives and Senators don't bother to read the bills they are voting for. I would not have voted for HR 3200. I would have gone to my district, mostly Democratic, and said, "this is a very bad bill." It is geared to take over Health Care, Hospitals, and the entire medical system of our country. In spite of what President Obama says, this is single payer. But how would the President know? He doesn't read the bills either.

As an American, perhaps we have been too apathetic in recent years. Just voting Party lines is not working, but only adds to corruption.

My Senator received $469,000 from in-state donations and over 2.7 MILLION from out of state donations.

So back to my question...if Representatives and Senators don't read the bill...and the President doesn't read the bill...who actually does read the bill?

Who writes the bill? Wouldn't it be fair to say that lobbyists get in line, and donate heavily to both Democrats and Republicans in order to have "their part" of the legislation put in various bills?

Out in the Town Halls they claim it is Health Care Reform...reform is defining what portion is not working and fix that, it is not tearing down a house with a strong foundation to remodel a bathroom.

As an American, I urge my fellow Americans to stop being apathetic with their vote. If our Reps and Senators aren't WRITING AND READING the bills, something we pay them to do...then we as employers, need to send them pink slips.

Imagine my surprise to find there is indeed a 268 page Republican bill on Health Care Reform...written by Representative Price of GA! (I have not read this bill yet because I just downloaded it, so I actually don't know if it was written by Price, or his lobbyists!) fellow Democrats say that Republicans have no ideas...well that is not true, is it?

Do lobbyists donate vast amounts of money if the bill passes? Is that a condition of campaign money? Do we even know?

Perhaps in 2010, we need to start sweeping out Representatives and Senators in both parties, and start over.

Wouldn't that send the strongest message that they work for us? We are all Americans.

How well do you think 9-11 rescues would have gone if Firefighters did not want to work with Democratic Firefighters, and Republican Firefighters did not want to work with Democrats?

Are there idiots on both sides? Sure. Should we as Americans stand for the blame name calling games both sides are playing? NO. I say NO!

Enough is enough. We the People are the only ones that can chart the course of change.

A President cannot do it. His role is Foreign Policy. The House and Senate's role is legislation and budgets. It is time for accountability.

well said belle!! thank you for this.

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