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Obama family and Bo the dog on Martha's Vineyard



Office of the Press Secretary
_________________________________________________________________For Immediate Release August 23, 2009


Aboard Air Force One
En Route Cape Cod Coast Guard Station

2:09 P.M. EDT

MR. BURTON: All right. I have specific instructions from the President for the press corps. He wants you to relax and have a good time. Take some walks on the beaches. Nobody is looking to make any news, so he's hoping that you guys can enjoy Martha's Vineyard while we're there. And the second thing I'll say is, of course the First Family would very much appreciate if you respect the privacy of the girls while they're out here on vacation.

So, with that, if you've got any questions, I'd be happy to take them.

Q What kind of briefings is the President receiving while he's on vacation?

MR. BURTON: There's a member of the national security staff who's here who will see him every day. The time is varying. He'll also receive briefings by paper, and if necessary set up secure teleconferences with advisers in Washington or wherever they might be. He'll also be in contact with advisers as appropriate.

Q No one from NEC?


Q Can you say anything more about Afghanistan? This morning General, I think, Mullen --

MR. BURTON: Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Eikenberry I think were pretty fulsome in their comments on Afghanistan. I don't have much to add besides what they had to say. Obviously we're encouraged that Afghanistan had an election and that so many people participated. We obviously won't have the results for a while. So we look forward to hearing the results just like everybody else.

Q Any thing more about the timing of the -- General McChrystal's assessment report?

MR. BURTON: As Admiral Mullen said this morning, looks like we'll have the assessment in a couple of weeks.

Q A couple of weeks.

Q So this admonition from the President, was that given on the plane now, or what?

MR. BURTON: Yes. I asked him if he had the message for the press corps, and that's what it is.

Q On Friday Gibbs said the Nesbitts weren't coming. Any change in that?

MR. BURTON: Say that again?

Q Gibbs said Nesbitts weren't expected to join the President on this trip, on Friday. Is that still the case?

MR. BURTON: That's right. No change to that. Maya and her family are going to be there. They're on board right now. Bo is on board. We're looking to have a good time.

Q You said Maya is on board, or they're not on board?

MR. BURTON: Maya is, yes. Maya and her husband and their girls.

Q Is Mrs. Robinson on board? Is she going to be there?

MR. BURTON: I don't know. I'll check it out.

Q There are no plans to see Senator Kennedy?

MR. BURTON: No plans.

Q Will he give him a call? Any contact at all? He's up in his neck of the woods.

MR. BURTON: Obviously the President and his family have been in contact with Senator Kennedy and their family over the course of his time as President. I can't imagine that contact would continue even while they're here. But there's no plans at this point to go over to Hyannis Port.

Q The advice for us to relax -- how does he plan to relax on this vacation?

MR. BURTON: There isn't a lot scheduled for this week. You can bet there's going to be some golf playing, maybe a little swimming, but a lot of time spent with his family.

Q Any time spent with Tiger Woods?

MR. BURTON: I think that's a bad rumor. I don't even know that he's going to be here this week. But no, there's -- nothing like that is on the schedule. There's no plan for that. But certainly Tiger Woods is a good golfer, and it's fun to play with him, I hear. Unless you're in a tournament and he's beating you -- probably by a lot.

Q Not always. (Laughter.)

MR. BURTON: That was Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times who said that. (Laughter.)

Q Another question about foreign affairs. The Middle East -- there was -- I don't know, several -- I just received an e-mail from one of my editors with a list of three or four opinion pieces in various newspapers today about the Middle East, talking about how they expect the President to go to the UNGA with some kind of plan. Do you know anything about that? Anything you want to say about that?

MR. BURTON: I think there were rumors on that last week when Mubarak was in Washington, and I think that those rumors are a bit premature. I would just point you to what Gibbs said that day.

Q What are you going to do to relax?

MR. BURTON: My wife Laura is going to be there, and we're going to spend some time checking out the restaurants across the vineyard. But other than that, I'll probably be just, you know, knee deep in briefing materials just trying to learn as much as I can. I'll spend a little time with you guys every morning. Me and Tommy will both be there. He's coming off of vacation, so I'm going to direct most calls to him because he needs to actually do a little bit of work. His e-mail address is

Q What is your briefing plan? Tomorrow and then?

MR. BURTON: I will brief tomorrow morning -- time yet to be determined. And then me and Tommy plan to be around the briefing center -- the filing center in the mornings if people have questions. Obviously we'll be on cell phone and BlackBerry. And if people need us, they can certainly find us. And then we'll play it by ear as the week goes on.

Q When other Presidents have come here in recent years or recent decades, they've done a lot of public things, in terms of like with the residents of the island. They've had dinners and parties and things. How does President Obama intend to communicate his intention to remain private? Like, will he see any of those people at all? I mean, he has a lot of contributors who live there, et cetera.

MR. BURTON: Well, let me just start by saying that the President is coming to Martha's Vineyard because it's a beautiful place where the residents are great and the people who come to visit in the summers ain't too bad, either. They've got great beaches, great restaurants, a good community. And he looks forward to enjoying it like he has over the course of the last 10 years when he's been here before. He's on vacation, though, and there are no scheduled plans. And just like when anybody else goes on vacation, if dinner plans pop up, they go out to dinner. If your friends come over, they come over. So I think we'll all just be playing this by ear.

Q You've mentioned restaurants a couple times. Do you expect that they'll go out for a bite in a local restaurant, the First Family?

MR. BURTON: I think that's certainly possible. But there's no -- nothing scheduled on that front.

Q Thank you.

Q Very relaxing.

MR. BURTON: You bet. That's what we were going for.

END 2:16 P.M. EDT


NO CO-OP'S! A Little History Lesson

Young People. America needs your help.

More than two thirds of the American people want a single payer health care system. And if they cant have a single payer system 77% of all Americans want a strong government-run public option on day one (86% of democrats, 75% of independents, and 72% republicans). Basically everyone.

Our last great economic catastrophe was called the Great Depression. Then as now it was caused by a reckless, and corrupt Republican administration and republican congress. FDR a Democrat, was then elected to save the nation and the American people from the unbridled GREED and profiteering, of the unregulated predatory self-interest of the banking industry and Wallstreet. Just like now.

FDR proposed a Government-run health insurance plan to go with Social Security. To assure all Americans high quality, easily accessible, affordable, National Healthcare security. Regardless of where you lived, worked, or your ability to pay. But the AMA riled against it. Using all manor of scare tactics, like Calling it SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!! :-0

So FDR established thousands of co-op's around the country in rural America. And all of them failed. The biggest of these co-op organizations would become the grandfather of the predatory monster that all of you know today as the DISGRACEFUL GREED DRIVEN PRIVATE FOR PROFIT health insurance industry. And the DISGRACEFUL GREED DRIVEN PRIVATE FOR PROFIT healthcare industry.

This former co-op would grow so powerful that it would corrupt every aspect of healthcare delivery in America. Even corrupting the Government of the United States.

This former co-op's name is BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD.

Do you see now why even the suggestion of co-op's is ridiculous. It makes me so ANGRY! Co-op's are not a substitute for a government-run public option.

They are trying to pull the wool over our eye's again. Senators, if you don't have the votes now, GET THEM! Or turn them over to us. WE WILL! DEAL WITH THEM. Why do you think we gave your party Control of the House, Control of the Senate, Control of the Whitehouse. The only option on the table that has any chance of fixing our healthcare crisis is a STRONG GOVERNMENT-RUN PUBLIC OPTION.

An insurance mandate and subsidies without a strong government-run public option choice available on day one, would be worse than the healthcare catastrophe we have now. The insurance, and healthcare industry have been very successful at exploiting the good hearts of the American people. But Congress and the president must not let that happen this time. House Progressives and members of the Tri-caucus must continue to hold firm on their demand for a strong Government-run public option.

A healthcare reform bill with mandates and subsidies but without a STRONG government-run public option choice on day one, would be much worse than NO healthcare reform at all. So you must be strong and KILL IT! if you have too. And let the chips fall where they may. You can do insurance reform without mandates, subsidies, or taxpayer expense.

Actually, no tax payer funds should be use to subsidize any private for profit insurance plans. So, NO TAX PAYER SUBSIDIZES TO PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PLANS. Tax payer funds should only be used to subsidize the public plans. Healthcare reform should be 100% for the American people. Not another taxpayer bailout of the private for profit insurance industry, disguised as healthcare reform for the people.

God Bless You

Jacksmith — Working Class

Twitter search #welovetheNHS #NHS Check it out


Senator Bernie Sanders on healthcare (


he can all of the privacy he seeks... in the private sector. it's not as though he's doing such a fine gig in the public one. and let's see, europe, arizona, now the vineyard. maybe he can just stay there and let patreus or the like re-asure the republic as to it's stability. perhaps we'd be minus the permanent whine of this guy and his posse.

Hope the Obama family enjoys Martha's Vineyard and the press takes wonderful pix of Bo, the dog, for the dog lovers.


Daniela Caride

We All hope Obama and his family will stay on vacation and give America a break from the lies and the destruction of the United States...We already know your going to bring Kennedy in for the violin's on your guys are so predictable. No we will not have Government run heathcare, period. No you may not tax us on Cap and Trade because humans have to breath to live on we will never accept Immigration, they are the Reason why Free Heathcare for them is breaking down our heathcare to begin with, not to mention them sucking Social Security as well. Our elderly people matter in America, that why we had Medicade in 1965 to begin with. Quit spending us into Chinas and George Sorois lap. And the CIA INVESTIGATION IS NOT GOING TO WORK...We know who pays and bribes the ACLU...Holder and the millions given by Sandler will be a good start.
To threaten someone about their family is "Just Words" to cut someones head off is Forever.
Sorry....the sooner your Impeached along with your Chicago puppeteers the better America will get busy and try to find your birth certificate...this will not be burried...Take your children to church, just because you think your God....they need to have something to compare it to.

Good point--his vacation is the one place he doesn't want invaded by the feds. Perhaps he would grant the rest of us the same luxury.

This article was a complete waste of time, but loved "jacksmith's" rant. I have got to ask what jacksmith is taking? Someone desperately needs to get him some meds and a history lesson.

When I graduated from Baylor, I had my first job at BCBS. I know it was developed at Baylor by one of our own (Justin Kimball), and was established for educators to get affordable health care. I never heard of it being a "co-op" in any literature or fairy tale. It has been referred to as a franchise though, as such it is operates in 39 states as regional independent associations. Some are profit and publicly traded, and some are not-for-profit.

My company is self insured as are 100's of larger organizations (and even smaller ones). They (BCBC associations) each negotiate (my physician friends would argue extort) fees and rates. We pay BCBS a management fee for their admin. that is much cheaper than a standard policy or creation our own management staff, and the coverage much better. You won't get rich working for them either. I do not know what any of their CEO's make, but none were on the list with the top 15 highest compensated health care CEO's. What I found interesting, is that as an industry, their margin is an average of 3.3%, compared to big oil at 10%, Microsoft at 35%, or the pharmaceutical industry at about 30%.

Otherwise this article was worthless. Who really cares what the Obama's wear, eat, or do on vacation. What has our media become? Certainly not journalist. They sure are starting to look like a caravan of stalking paparazzi.

Ha ha ha. The bogus POTUS announces a supervisory role on interrogations, taking this job away from the CIA, while his bogus Attorney General tries to get the news away from BHusseinO's plummeting poll numbers---what about ObamaCare and the gutless congresscritters now avoiding TownHall meetings?

Like Arabscam escapee John Murtha, the spineless gutless ex-Marine criminal, e.g.?

Or his girly pal, the Douchebag of the House, San Fran Nan?

It appears that Obama and communist sympathizers are now reading the Drudgereport and commenting on all the stories found therein. Jacksmith's comments don't even seem to relate to the story--he's just posting his socialist agenda's exuses. His comments are almost a non sequitur. I wonder if he/she works for ACORN.

Medicare and Social Security bankrupt by 2020!

Congress and President have balanced the budget four times since World War II!

Who, in their right mind, would turn over health care to this group?

Jacksmith, your propaganda skills are improving daily. Don't lose heart. Keep trying to improve. (Try to use fewer CAPS.) And especially when you are using buzzwords and made up statistics - although as even H.L. Mencken knew, 87.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Are you off your meds again? Got any data to back up any of your claims? There is pretty much no issue that 77% of Americans agree on, especially the so called public option.

Rush calls it Marxist's Vinyard. How appropriate. And I believe jacksmith is talking about the people of communist Cuba..... As for me, I'm with the Marine who said whether I have insurance or not is MY decision - and keep your hands off my kids! Our new motto:
If they pass it we will not obey;
If they tax it we will not pay.

Who is Bill Burton...besides a creepy and sweaty dolt?

Jacksmith: Bless your little heart. You flunked history, right? Or, how old are you? Oh. I know you can't be just plain stupid. It's our decaying culture. Bless you.

"Social Security"
Bankrupt because Americans don't like paying taxes. Nor should they.

"Why do you think we gave your party Control of the House, Control of the Senate, Control of the Whitehouse".
The war in Iraq. The Middle East is doing really well right now. And things are really looking much better for the future. Yeah. Okay.

are you kidding me jacksmith / coops comment, your math on public opinion is from 'invasion of the body snatchers'; 77% of Americans want single payer government only option. Screw my employer health care, I prefer a medicare like option. People like you are why real Americans are saying WTF and getting in the faces of the union and Acorn opposition showing up on their chartered buses.

jacksmith, get back on your med's. NOW, before you hurt yourself or someone else. You are totaly detached from reality.

No matter what you feel about private insurance what makes you think the Federal Gov't can do it better? It doesn't produce anything. It just takes. Ask a Vet at a VA hospital. Medicare and medicaid is racked with fraud and waste and well on it's way to be bankrupt. Those are just three examples of how coorupt the federal goverment is. There are plenty more examples.

Get back on those med's!

Hey "jacksmith", those statistics you cite are a lie and everyone knows it. Feel free to go peddle your uber-liberal BS somewhere else. Tell your leftist masters to get you some more believable talking points next time.

That is what a lot of people would call propaganda, Mr. Smith. The so-called "public option" IS socialized medicine, Jack. Why do you want to call it something else?

Just say no to socialism and the "public option".

National healthcare will be a total disaster. I love this country and the free market system is what makes it a great country. The Fed is already put their hands too deep into healthcare by restricting healthcare companies from competing across state/regional lines. Just allowing competition would correct most of the problems. The Fed complain it is a mess now, well that is because they are already too involved. Healthcare should be handled just like our free market of food. Everything is privately run with aggressive competition keeping prices low. The Fed can provide healthcare stamps to those hard cases, just like food stamps. Anything else is a smoke screen for the healthcare companies to become fat cows that give sour milk and cost us billions in taxes.

"me and Tommy will both be there" .... "And then me and Tommy plan to". I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This Deputy Press Secretary sounds like grade school kid. Where have all the good grammar gone? Something have got to be did!

Let's see as the country is raped for the $23.7 trillion by the private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve, forced untested dangerous vaccinations loom and wars rage on with death and destruction affecting millions ... we talk about Bo the dog.

Have we not reached a new low of mind control brain washing?

jacksmith...Interesting that you reference History, because virtually NONE of the stuff you included in your post is historically correct. FDR saved us from depression? Really? I think you must have failed History and Economics (unless of course you happened to take these courses at some left-leaning university). I think you better check unemployment figures during those depression years. You will find that in NO YEAR after the New Deal did unemployment fall below 8 million people (shouldn't the number of unemployed actually decrease? Hmmmmm). Furthermore, the migrant poor and blacks (two of the groups hit the hardest by the depression) were not helped by FDR's wonderous New Deal.

Secondly, your statistics of 77% of Americans wanting a public option would be completely laughable if it wasn't so misguided. Where did you get this statistic? The Huffington Post? Have you been out in public the last several weeks? I just attended a Town Hall meeting tonight and I can tell you that 77% of the crowd was NOT in favor of a public option.

Here's a novel idea, how about we put your little SOCIALIZED medicine idea to a NATIONAL referendum? Put up or shut up pal. If your stats are correct, the bill/plan will pass easily. My money says that you and your Liberal party are far too AFRAID to ever let the American people decide this issue. And thus, the Commie bastards will try to shove it down our throats along with Cap and Tax AND Amnesty.

jacksmith doesn't know jacksquat.

where did you get you numbers? Pulled them out of the air to make a stronger case?

Don't put me in with "everyone". A coworker in canada mother had to come to the US for a knee operation because the waiting list was too long and she was in great pain.

Nice propoganda, jacksmith. Folks aren't buying it, not even folks within your own party.

Gee,seems like just yesterday that Mr. Bush would go to Crawford Tx. for the week and the news was all over him for taking a vacation while our military were fighting and dying ...But then again,Mr.Bush couldn't walk on water could he?

I thought one of the Obama's was adverse to seafood? Not that hamburgers with Grey Pupon aren't on many a menu. Will his visit with Skip-to-my-race "Tricycle" Gates serve a local microbrew, and will his daughter issue makeup color commentary too?

Nice summary, Jacksmith!

Just to add a little bit -- I notice a LOT of Democrats and Liberal Republicans falling farther BEHIND the President so the lobbyists won't see them as supporting Universal Health care. There's a reason. They LOVE the lobbyists bribes, a.k.a "Campaign Contributions". Without the regular payments from the pharms and health insurance companies, and other giant multinationals, the politicians could not arrive in Washington with a net work below a couple hundred thousand, and leave Washington with a network above a couple MILLION.

We have the best government money can buy, because most of them are paid off.

jacksmith-are you getting paid by the word or the lie?

When money is tight and my business needs me, I nix the vacation plans, stay at the office and get it done. Then again, I'm not the presidnet and I don't have a trillion dollar deficit.

I'm sure if you asked, 90% of people would want free cars and 80% would want 20 weeks of vacation per year. You get me drift.
The big question that no one can answer, is WHO"S GOING TO PAY FOR IT?

Jacksmith is on drugs. Please help him into therepy.

jacksmith said "More than two thirds of the American people want a single payer health care system. And if they cant have a single payer system 77% of all Americans want a strong government-run public option on day one (86% of democrats, 75% of independents, and 72% republicans). Basically everyone."

jacksmith, are you smoking crack? Those numbers are 100% bogus, and you know this, man!

....More than two thirds of the American people want a single payer health care system. And if they cant have a single payer system 77% of all Americans want a strong government-run public option on day one (86% of democrats, 75% of independents, and 72% republicans). Basically everyone......

I don't believe it. 72% of rational, resonable republicans cannot really want the government to take a larger role in taking over our health care system. Has anybody seen the town hall debates and Obama's retreat and backing away?

When before having a single payer or a strong government funded option was a must for the left,
Obama has clearly stated that health care reform is not all about that.

I don't know where Mr. jacksmith is getting his information from but I suspect he's just making it up as he goes along. First, over 80% of Americans are happy with their health insurance and most do NOT want a public option. A public option will drive all other insurance companies out of business. It may not happen in 4-5 years but it will difinitely happen. It will become so expensive that we will not be able to afford it also. As far as Rosevelt, he did not save the country, in fact his monetary policy prolonged the Great Depression. The only reason we got out of it was WW11. Lastly, it is none of the government's business whether I have insurance or not. It is my choice, not yours. The goverment is running too many aspects of our lives now. We need to go back to what the Founding Father's intended for us. They would be shocked at the amount of intrusion in our lives. Yes, we need some health care reform. But you don't throw out the whole system and remake it just because there are some aspects that need to be fixed.

This Burton Guy is a MAJOR "lightweight" for WH public relations rep.; Gibbs the DOOFUS, is Mr. Eloquence compared to this guy. Under what "rock" did they find this guy Burton ?

If you have heard his embarassing exchange, with FOX NEWS' Megan Kelley, about the WH "snitch" program, you will understand "why", he is drinking water all the time. He needs it to cure his permanent case of Prevaricator's Dry Mouth.

jacksmith; nice little tirade. You wouldn't perhaps be a union official or some other labor leader or organizer , would you? Your tirade is quite well scripted and on target. Kudo's to your mantra.

The reporters are probably being paid by their respective newspapers and employers to cover the President of the United States, so for him to admonish them to relax and not do their job is symbolic of Obama's idea that people should get paid for doing nothing.
PS Jack lost me at your first sentence. Where do you get your propaganda?

Young People. Think for yourselves and learn to distinguish between propaganda and the truth. Research the current condition of the Canadian government healthcare then decide if you want to spent trillions of money we don't have on a broken healthcare plan. The Canadian system is described by the new healthcare president as "sick" and "imploding". Listen carefully to Both sides and see for yourselves if the claims are true by reading and listening to all sources. Your future and your freedom in America depends on you.

The American people will never allow Marxist health care to pass. We will defeat this monster, liberals.

Marxist's vineyard. doesn't Obama and his vaunted staff have any idea how elitist it is to stay on a private 29 acre palace?

how about Starved Rock, IL or Disney World?

this is disgusting waving that east coast liberal wealth in front of everybody.
why does Obama have to fly a 747 from DC to Marxist Vineyard?

will he resign and live there permamnently at $35K per week?

Wow. Jack Smith sure has faith in the government. The same government that calls for overwhelming health industry involvment when they've proven unable to manage Indian Health Care, Medicare and Medicaid either efficiently or profitably. The same government that wants to overhaul the entire medical insurance industry ostensibly to cover 5% of the population that "falls through the cracks". The same government that calls C4C a success when the systemic problems (tripled budget, reimbursment problems, early discontinuance) are well documented. Then again, JackSmith cites Bernie (socialist) Sanders and (Enron Advisor) Paul Krugman as his sources.

Do your research. He presents a biased point of view and his facts should be challenged. In the same week it's announced there'll be a 9 trillion national debt, you are paying the President (who believes doctors are taking out tonsils and amputating feet for profit only) to take his 3rd vacation this year. Meanwhile, your elected representatives are avoiding the one mechanism designed for direct feedback (Town Halls). If they have decided you are rubes who are to be dismissed, you should ask yourself why.

The government is your employee. You are not their child. Learn your own history, don't believe their version of it. They don't want you thinking for yourself. They want you lazy and submissive.

Don't believe their words. Watch thier actions. Notice the results.

Trust no one.

Jacksmith. You are a plant. We are all on to you.
Give up before your cover is blown. This Health"scare" debate is over. You lose.

Bill Burton is worse than Scott McClellan

Am I the only one who noticed they left Tommy's e-mail address in this transcript? I hope the poor guy doesn't start getting random e-mails from all of us who've read this. Gee, I'd sure hate for someone in the administration to start hearing what people actually think. :)

I'll make the prez a deal. You get your private time If I get mine. Translation: stay out the way of private business and my healthcare. Ok, bub?

Everyone please look up the word "fallacy." Then spend some time studying the different types of fallacies. And then sit down and listen or read what politicians have to say about the issues. And then make up your mind about our government officials. If you then cannot figure out what has occurred in this country then please turn in your voter registration card and if you truly love your country consider suicide.

P.S. Jacksmith I will glady pay for your materials to help your study on fallacies, and I will even help you burn your voter registration card. The rest is up to you.

I'm amazed that so many people bothered to read Jacksmith's incoherent rant.

As to "me and Tommy," was this guy a journalist once? Yegads!

Yes, "Jack Smith", long live the "providers". Long live codependancy and victimhood. Long live artificial price controls and limited supply! Long live rationed "everything". From each according to his means, to each according to their needs, and when that is gone, well, let's just pick from the everlasting money tree. The fact that we can buy groceries at such cheap prices from evil private enterprise based on supply and demand is just a coincidence. We need mommy and daddy in Washington to protect us and provide for us, rationing out free service from an unlimited supply of givers, always providing for unlimited demand...MRI's whenever we want...all for free, no one ever turned down or denied by a buerocrat...nope, it will work so well...ahhh utopian dreams. Go back to sleep now "Jack".

The New Deal didn't end the Great Depression. World War II ended the Great Depression. The reality is that Obama and his democratic cronies are financially bankrupting this nation at a clip I could have never imagined. This nonsense healthcare idea? It's not about's about votes. The Democrats know that if they can pass this socialized medicine nonsense then every 2-4 years during various elections they can run to their states and tell people their healthcare will be taken from them.

Obama will get one term as President then he and the Democrats are going to be swept out of office for years and years and years due to their liberal far leftist nonsense.

jacksmith, you are a moron and I pummel your brain-damaged, bearded, patchouli-smelling, revisionist face with a brick. Die commie, die!

Jacksmith - Working Class - Nice union thug working in some leftwing basement typing out lies.

The only reason that this was the "best" chance to pass health care reform was because Democrats have the Presidency and both houses of Congress. But that being said Conservative and Moderate Democrats still do not see eye to eye with the Liberal Flag Burning Left Wingers. The "Great Unifier" who hasn't reached across any aisles can't even keep his own party together.

Young People. America needs your help

Young People, you were very instrumental in electing Obama, now he needs your help to rally around him again on Health-Care.

I am in my late 50's and will be retiring soon, please support the new socialist agenda so I can be taken care of in my retirement by you and the other working young people who supported Obama. Right now you may have low paying jobs and think it doesn't matter, but trust me, a child of the 60's who thought work was bad. You will grow up, gain responsibility and change your opinion. You will progress in your jobs; many of you will be the leaders of tomorrow making good bucks and I just want you to know that those of us who will be enjoying and benefiting from your labor appreciate it.

Support the Public Option

"I have specific instructions from the President for the press corps." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Obamateur is giving ORDERS to the press now?

Is it me or did anyone else see the first post by jacksmith as something to not take seriously?

Jacksmith your history of FDR is far from accurate. FDR and the Democrat controlled Congress prolonged the Great Depression by their interference. FDR did nothing to help the Great Depression. It wasn't Congress that brought the United States into the depression, it was investments over seas, a a bad series of events, and the failure of the Federal Reserve.

Jacksmith your numbers are way off on how many people want Co-op health care or single payer health care. According to latest polls, the number you gave are just the opposite. Two thirds of Americans do not want single payer health care or Co-op. The majority of Americans do not want the Federal Government involved in health care.

Jacksmith you should have quoted The Onion as your research material.

He needs grammer lessons.
What a representation for the world. Does anyone in the administration care?

Young people, young people! Save us! We need you!

Jacksmith knows 'young people' are easily manipulated and lied to.


Interesting that he doesn't ask elderly people to make their voices heard! Hum...wonder why?

Jacksmith. If you are the best that the propaganda machine has to offer, then we can all relax in knowing that the only democratic representatives still remaining in Washington DC after the 2012 elections, are those that openly separate themselves from the blatant socialist agenda of this administration. The only way FDR got his New Deal through the Supreme Court, was to threaten to flood it with 144 judges that saw it his way. You don't suppose Obama would try this tactic, do you? Of course not. Pick a new hobby, Jacksmith ... you're not very good at this one. Most of what you said was verifiable lies.

Transparency at work again! It's clear as mud. Socialized medicine, government-run healthcare, whatever you want to call it - sucks. Anyone who quotes Bernie Sanders (an admitted SOCIALIST) and Paul Krugman (please wait until my head is completely removed from my anus - this moment can be identified by the loud 'POP' sound) has to be nuttier than a squirrel turd. I'm willing to bet that Jacksmith is a native Bay-Stater, aka Masshole. These are the same moonbats who keep electing Edward M. "Fatboy" "Swimmer" Kennedy, John "F'ing" Kerry, Barney "Hide the Salami" Frank, Gerry "Openly Gay" Studds, and other lowlifes. 'Nuff said about that. Jacksmith, your grammar is atrocious! Remember, Ctrl-C (Command-C on a Mac) to copy, Ctrl-V (Command-V on a Mac) to paste.

Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton is an inarticulate ditz with a vocabulary. Consider his indelicate selection of 'fulsome' to describe Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Eikenberry and in so doing to insult them. Unwitting? Contemptuous? Surly? It doesn't matter - any way, Burton doesn't warrant giving serious attention.

It would be nice when those with strong differing views would give concrete data to support their perspective instead of insults.

No wonder people are confused. Insolence does not clear the water but only muddy it more. When having discourse, simply screaming louder does not mean your opinion is the correct one.

Please give data for others to research and refer to in the future.

JACKSMITH, Wow you need a history lesson! I think your too far gone to even help you, So I wont waste my time.
I will say this. The government can do NOTHING that the private sector cannot do as well or better for less money. Every program they enact is bankrupting us. Obama talked of how bad the 1.9 trillion dollar debt was during his campaign. Then he said the debt would be 7.1 trillion while the Congressional Budget Office said it was more like 9 trillion. Well, now Obama comes out and says the deficit will be 9 trillion. Hmmm...isnt that what the CBO said to begin with. The same non-partisan CBO which says there is no way Obama can deliver this so-called public option for the trillion he says it will cost.
BTW, Where do you get these numbers of people for the public option? Every poll I have seen shows that people do NOT want a public option by a narrow margin. I dont even believe those polls. The non-scientific polls I have seen on non-partisan sites show a 3-1 margin against a public option. This is much more in line with the polls which show that 80% of people are happy with our health care.
Things need to be fixed I will grant you that much. Letting the government take care of us is not the answer.
The public option would totally dismantle the best health system in the world. This is the end-game I assume you want. Problem for all of us is they replace it with an antiquated system which has failed and or is failing everywhere it has been used. The head of Canadas system said last week their system is imploding. It will implode here too.

Mike D, You are getting up there in age. PLEASE for safety's sake, DON'T TAKE ANY PILLS!!! Obama wants to cut costs by giving the people he deems to old to live pain pills.

Please get yourself to a private hospital so you still have a chance.

I will pray for your safety, in hopes that Obama doesn't ration your care to someone that is younger and has more spunk.

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