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WASHINGTON--As all non-essential Chicago city workers on Monday took the first of three unpaid days off, I wondered about Mayor Daley's call for President Obama--and all federal workers-- to take 15 days without pay. Daley wants Obama to share the suffering of furloughed workers. While Daley may have just been looking for cover and to deflect criticism of how he is running the city--he may be on to something Team Obama--once upon a time Team Daley-- may want to consider. Read my column on Daley and Obama here.


Have you lost your job and being asked to tighten your belt which you now have to cut holes into it to do this?

In 2006, a Chicago Alderman's salary was $98,000.00. They have given themselves raises since that time.

Have you gotten one? If you have a job?

Also, last night on Channel 11, Chicago's Tonight program, the aldermen were asked will they be taking furlough days. Each said yes, but Alderman Howard Brookins slipped and stated there would be no reduction in their salaries because it is mandated by the state of Illinois and CAN NOT be reduced.

Someone please explain to me how do you take a furlough day, but your salary does not decrease as a result of this.

Is this just merely taking another day off - as most aldermen do anyway - but still getting paid for it?

Taxpayers and Citizens of Chicago, WE DO NOT NEED FIFTY ALDERMEN (50) to continuously run the city bankrupt! Especially to keep 'Richie "Rich" Daley' happy with unwarranted overrun costs on projects and leasing out Chicago's most important entities for pennies on the dollar and leaving the tax-payer poorer with hostility and angst.

Let's us put forth a referendum on the next ballot and decrease the number of Aldermen by at least one-third to eventually half of the present fifty in in the near future. Lets say by 2016! That sounds about right, don't you think Chicagoans?

This alone will save money in Aldermanic salaries and their budgets which are used for personal use.

Google Chicago Alderman's budget + the name of the crosstown paper.,53131

Please gear up for the next election and vote all of these bums out of office. Do you really think Rich Daley lost any of his salary yesterday? If so, I got a no-bid contract over here with a kickback attached to it for you!!

If any one thinks the Daley administration lost money, it never snows in Chicago!!

Hi Chicago,
from an old friend. I left Chicago 35 years ago to relocate to New York. I look back from time to time to see how my former friends and neighbors are making it.
I am amazed that the more your city and state
"leaders?" stick it up your butts the better you seem to like it.
when oh when will you wize up and start tossing them out ....make them go and get a job.
there is plenty of good political talent in my old need to make use of it.

Watch one of Chicago's Alderman become snippy when caught lying about the Parking Meters Fiasco.,8,8&vid=081909a

Also, read the lawsuit filed by Krislov & Associates, Ltd. on behalf of Chicago taxpayers about the illegality of the sale of the parking meters.

How do you get rid off excess Alderman? Do you get signatures from citizens in the form of a petition, have a special vote, or what? Any laws, or ordinances pertaining to the mechanisms to remove and eliminate excess Alderman? If any know, please "post-up." It's time to take action, begin a movement to "take-back" to that will benefit the the residents of Chicago, instead of the self-serving interests of our politicians.

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