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Mayor Daley, William Daley at Ted Kennedy funeral mass


WASHINGTON--President Obama met briefly and private early Saturday morning wth Vicki Kennedy, the widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who will be buried today. Obama will deliver a eulogy at the funeral.

Chicago's Daley family has been close for decades to the Kennedy clan. Mayor Daley and his brother, William Daley, the former Commerce Secretary, are in Boston for the funeral mass. The brothers just entered the church.

Sen. Dick Durbin, the number Senate leader and Sen. Roland Burris, both Illinois Democrats, were part of the Senate contingent at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum this morning, where Kennedy's flag draped casket is lying in repose.


I am so sorry about the death of Sen.Ted Kennedy. The world has lost a great politician and fighter. He was a wonderful person and he cared so much about people. My heart goes out to the Kennedy family and his friends. He will always be remembered.

Sincerely ,
Brandi Vaughn and family

i will miss hm so much im sorrry this had to happend to him i give my heart out to his family an there prayers are with me

As owner Of KSJF-NETRADIO I can Only say That Ted kennedy Was One Of The Greatest men In politics, His Strong Love For Freedom, peace & democracy Proved To Be One Of His Truths, Ted kennedys Light Will Shine Forever, And His past works have Been Shown As true reality, I Am Sure That GOD Still has Work For Him To Do, And If We Are Lucky We Will have The chance To See it All Come In Our Time, I Am 51 Years old, I Was here When Both Of His brothers John & Robert Were In Office For The US, And I beleieve That All Of There Love & care For The United states of america Will Spread Over & Over Throught The years To Come. We Will Miss Ted kennedy" My heart & Sorrow Goes out To the families, Ted kennedy & His brothers have Made me Proud To be an American " Joseph Alan Fears owner Of KSJF-NET RADIO P.O. BOX 3134 salina,kansas 67402-3134 USa

God always calls the best to heaven. Ted undoubtedly is one of those.

As a Massachusetts resident, I wrote the Senator about my filing for benefits of a widow of a KIA, a guerilla recruited by Americans 2 years before his death and recognized through the records kept by the Philippine Veterans by his alias and real name of his spouse.

Hearing that the widow did not have a chance to reapply when claims were required to be submitted, he caused the US Veterans Affairs tO OPEN the case and allow the widow to REfile claims.

Senator Ted Kennbedy's humanitarian interest showed no bounds.

Unfortunately for the widow, the US Veterans Affairs in the US Embassy in Manila did not process the claims properly, Despite the the fact that the KIA had an alias, the recorded wife and beneficiary was none but the claimant, the widow lived in poverty and died without her just and legal benefits.

of course daley was there, him n teddy k have a lot in common, they were both born on third base n walked the earth as if they hit a triple. without nepotism both would b picking up cans 4 a living. remenber mary jo, she didnt get to experience anything after 1969, unlike teddy k. rip

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