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Former Sen. Adlai Stevenson III endorses Dan Hynes for Illinois governor


Former Sen. Adlai Stevenson endorsed Comptroller Dan Hynes for Illinois governor on Wednesday, where he faces Gov. Quinn in the Illinois Democratic primary. Not a mention about Gov. Quinn in his statement. Stevenson ran twice for governor, never made it.

Below, release from Hynes....

Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III Endorses Dan Hynes for Governor
Statesman, champion of progressive causes to co-chair campaign

CHICAGO - Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III today endorsed Dan Hynes for Governor of Illinois, making the following statement:

"I am proud to support Dan Hynes for Governor because he is the right man for the moment. The challenges we face are many, and we need a strong leader with a clear vision for the future of our state. The first step is to address the budget, which is nothing short of a crisis. Dan's record of strong fiscal management speaks for itself, and he is uniquely qualified to put our state finances back on track. Furthermore, I have come to know Dan as a man of integrity, and a leader with the courage of his convictions. These are progressive principles that I share, and I am proud to lend the Stevenson family name, and all it stands for, to the effort to elect Dan Hynes the next Governor of Illinois."

Adlai E. Stevenson III represented Illinois in the United States Senate, and was twice the Democratic nominee for governor. His father, Adlai E. Stevenson II, was a former Illinois Governor and two-time Democratic Presidential nominee.

"I am honored to have Senator Stevenson's support," Hynes said. "The name Adlai Stevenson has special resonance across Illinois, representing an undying commitment to progressive principles and basic decency. Senator Stevenson is a proud heir to that legacy, and his contributions to Illinois are immeasurable. I am tremendously proud to have him involved in our campaign."

Senator Stevenson and Hynes toured the campaign office and spent some time reaching out to undecided voters Wednesday morning. Senator Stevenson will be engaging the online community by posting a reflection of his endorsement on later today.

A lawyer and Marine Corps veteran of Korea, Stevenson served his state in the Illinois House of Representatives, as State Treasurer, in the U.S. Senate from 1970 to 1981, and twice ran for governor. He will serve as a co-chairman for Hynes' campaign for governor.

Full statement of Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III:

I am proud to support Dan Hynes for Governor of Illinois.

Dan is the right man for the moment, and can restore public confidence in the integrity and competence of state government. His integrity is undoubted. His judgment and competence are demonstrated by his public service.

I know of no better way to continue a tradition of service to Illinois than to support Dan for governor and help him restore the politics, little remembered, that made the Land of Lincoln a great state. Today it is an object of national mockery.

The most immediate challenge facing Illinois is its fiscal crisis, a reflection of its political inadequacies. I am supporting Dan because no one better understands - or has faced more forthrightly - that crisis. Over 10 years as Illinois Comptroller, Dan has sounded the warning bell of the approaching storm and proposed measures to prevent it. In his office, he demonstrated the courage to act. He cut expenditures of the Comptroller's office under his control to a level below where they were in 2001. Since 2002, the Comptroller's office staff has been cut by 25 percent.

I am not supporting Dan in order to oppose anyone else. I support him because Illinois can and must do better. Dan has demonstrated the character and competence of a true Illinois Governor. He commands respect within state government. He can win the confidence of the people in their state government. He can win the election by being Dan Hynes.

I urge all Illinoisans to support Dan. I know how challenging politics in America has become for the incorruptible candidate. It will be a tough campaign. Democracy is fragile. But the hour is late. The people of Illinois may be ready - tired of the posturing and theatrics and money - ready for a public servant: Dan Hynes.

- 30 -


Seriously, how much difference does anyone think this endorsement will make?

Ex-U.S.Senator Milk Toast III endorses Comptroller Milk Toast

So Hynes is bored and he thinks he is entitled to something bigger and better because of his daddy was somebody. Well, he may be bored but he has bored us to death for years with his milk-toast personality and lackluster response to the issues facing the state. He has served without distinction and is sitting on top of $5.0 billion in unpaid medicaid bills but refuses to acknowledge that the state needs an income tax increase if it wants to preserve important programs that democrats care about. He has done so little that he should consider paying the state back for his six figure salary.

The heat is forthcoming as Burr Oaks happened under Hynes watch. Currently he has the benefit of those whose Cook County real estate taxes were conveniently lowered and they will not say boo. But wait until the other democratic primary gubernatorial candidates' commercials roll-out, everyone will pinning Hynes' inability to send a competent investigator to Burr Oaks. One cannot have it both ways, Hynes campaigned on cemetery reform and then did not deliver when it was time to act. What was that mission statement which appear on Hynes' website until the day of Dart's press conference at Burr Oaks? It could not have been a message about cemetery reform. The prepaid funeral trust is empty of the millions paid into it and bodies are piled-up in Alsip. These facts cannot be sweep away with the beer cups left behind the after the Southside Irish Parade. Hynes is simply unqualified for Illinois executive office.

I am totally against Hynes. He is the son of Tom Hynes. I'm sick of the kid of somebody getting top posts. Enough of the stroger, madigan ,daley effect.

Anybody, but Hynes.

He is an empty suit -- albeit a nice suit that his daddy picked out for him. Get a life, Dan -- and a real job where you actually have to be accountable, not just a little whiner.

Readers should notice that the previous negative comment was posted by By Anuybody But Hynes. I think that falls into the category of anonymous.

Lisa Madigan had the best chance of a Democrat being elected Governor; Dan Hynes is right behind her. I've known Dan since he was three years old and he is a very intgelligent, honest and capable individual. He graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame and has been an excellent public official. He was not elected Comptroller until years after his father served in public office.

I've known Adlai Stevenson III since 1964. He too is an outstanding individual; one of the few who declined to continue in public service when he believed he was not being able to be effectrive.

The fact that Dan Hynes is willing to seek the difficult job of Governbor in these critical times should offer hope to those of us who are both idealistic and realistic.

The comments of Anybody But... are hardly worthy of attention. They are inaccurate and bitter. I hope the author is able to get the counseling he or she needs to straighten out his or her own sad and miserable life.

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