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Democrats stepping up bids to pack health care town halls


My update on what Democrats are doing to try to take back health care town halls.


I do not believe that these protesters at these town hall meetings are truly legitimate. If they were, there could be a real "give and take" dialog and everyone could come away better informed. I believe most of these people are Obama "haters" looking for another reason to attack him. The crowds are loud,racists, violent, and nasty. They carry signs accusing the president of being a Nazi, Adolph Hitler, a Socialist, and being party to killing Grandma rather than take care of her at the end of her life.People who disrupt these meetings, please, if you are for real then don't act so ignorant, sit down, and let's talk about real health care reform.


It would make an interesting study to sample the Astro-turf crowd and determine the various occupations they belong to.
I imagine there are enough insurance salespeople and employees in these areas to fill up a town hall with just insurance people.

Steve Brady
Watsonville, CA

I believe most of the people are legitimate citizens who have a beef about what is happening with this healthcare bill. I don't agree with all the shouting and fighting. I believe it is rude and un-effective. People should be respectful of their representatives, whether they agree with them or not. We can "agree to disagree" and still have our voice heard. I wish they would have a facilitator at these meetings leading the questions and people should go one at a time. If someone cannot handle their emotions and have to shout or interrupt, they should be asked to leave.

I'm reading the health care bill (h.r.3200) and detailing what it actually says at - Come see what it says and let me know what you think.

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