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Daily Variety's Johnson on ad boycotts of "yeller" political cable shows


Variety's Ted Johnson has an interesting story about ad boycotts of cable shows with hosts the "yellers"--who turn up the heat with inflammatory rhetoric.


Glenn Beck will soon be off the air thanks to the boycott, thank God. He is a first class fool, and a cowardly and dangerous one.

this whole obama administration is nothing but an ad. a day doesn't pass that mr. obama, or gibbs, or axelrod doesn't mention, 'the campaign'. the humor is gone. it's time to hit the re-start button. rahm should should jarrett and gibbs. move ax to the dnc where he belongs. this is the most sill admin i've ever seen...and they continue to do this bush conparison. that's rediculous. ANYBODY is better the bush. but this guy is a close second.

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