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Cheryle Jackson makes Illinois 2010 Senate bid official in September. Alexi gets some union backing


WASHINGTON--After a short exploration period, Chicago Urban League chief Cheryle Jackson will officially get in the Illinois 2010 Senate Democratic primary in September. Her bid will be about, she said,"change, community opportunity and an end to catering to the privileged few on the inside while the rest of us on the outside look on."

The only other rival for sure so far: Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who on Monday picked up the backing from several unions: UNITE HERE, UFCW, UA International and the Illinois Pipes Trades Association.


As a democrat who is, quite frankly, disgusted by corruption within Illinois politics, I whole-heartedly support Cheryl Jackson in her bid for 2010 Senate.

I'm so glad to see a fresh face in the race. I think Cheryle Jackson is the candidate we really need. Giannoulias's mob ties and the corruption that he is going to bring with him into office is not what we need in Ilinois. What we do need is a thoughtful woman who knows what we need here in Chicago. I have full faith that Cheryle Jackson is that woman.

Maybe we should just stop electing democrats.

'knows what we need here in chicago' lol!! buh-bye cheryl.

I liked Cheryl Jackson a lot, until she defended Blagojevich. I don't blame her for working in his administration, but once the allegations came out and the recordings were played at the impeachment trial, her judgement should have told her that defending him was not the right thing to do.

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