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Cheryle Jackson Illinois 2010 Senate contest statement


below, release from Jackson....

Cheryle Jackson to Run for U.S. Senate
Urban League CEO pledges campaign based on 'Change, Community and Opportunity.'

Chicago Urban League President & CEO Cheryle Jackson said today that she plans
to run for the seat once held by Barack Obama in the United States Senate.
Jackson will announce her candidacy for the Democratic Primary next month.

"As president of the Urban League, I've seen first hand how empowering a job and
opportunity is for all of Illinois," the 44-year old Jackson said. "I've watched
people lost in a cycle of hopelessness and underachievement, and I've seen what
can happen when people have a chance to compete. We have a lot of people in
pain, a lot of people anxious and worried in this nation and in our state. We
need to get back to the values that made Illinois great - change, community, and
opportunity. That's what my candidacy will be about."

Jackson is credited with strengthening the Urban League and helping bring
opportunity, prosperity and hope to thousands of Chicagoans. "The problems we
deal with at the Urban League are the same problems Illinoisans from Rockford to
Metropolis deal with every day - a lack of jobs and economic development, the
need for quality, affordable health care, and schools that can better educate
our children so they can compete in the global economy," Jackson said. "I have
first-hand experience dealing with these issues and helping people from all
walks of life, and now more than ever we desperately need that kind of
experience in the Senate."

"We've made a difference in Chicago and now I want to make a difference for our
state. It's no secret that the same political insiders bring us the same
results. We've had the same health care debate in this country for three
decades," Jackson said. "We're not going to change anything if we keep electing
the same people, bought and paid for by the same special interests. My candidacy
will be about change, community, opportunity and an end to catering to the
privileged few on the inside while the rest of us on the outside look on."

Jackson recently hosted the National Urban League conference that was attended
by Vice President Joe Biden and scores of successful entrepreneurs from all
walks of life. The conference focused on economic empowerment and highlighted
the League's efforts to cultivate high-growth businesses that create wealth for
owners, jobs for people, and industry in communities. It was an enormous

Under Jackson's leadership, the Urban League has changed its mission, focusing
less on social services and more on economic empowerment. Jackson led the effort
to launch ProjectNext - a new agenda focused exclusively on economic empowerment
to drive social change - and Partners in Faith, an initiative pairing the League
with the church, which for many Illinoisans represents the center of their
community, business and other stakeholders to create pathways to personal
success. These programs and initiatives focus on creating jobs, connecting
people to jobs and preparing and training people for jobs.

Jackson has been encouraged to run by people of every age, race and gender. "I'm
going to spend the next few months listening to people and talking with them
about their hopes, dreams, fears and wishes. I'll put together a first-rate
campaign and it's going to be based on and focused on the people who really
matter but have been on the outside and overlooked - working families, women,
children, and our elderly, to whom we owe so much," she said.

The Senate seat Jackson is pursuing has been held by many prominent Democrats in
the Illinois progressive tradition, including Adlai Stevenson III, Paul Simon,
Carole Mosley Braun and President Barack Obama.

"There is no more storied Senate seat in this nation," Jackson added. "I would
be honored to serve the people of Illinois in that United States Senate seat."


What Barack Obama had was an ability to bridge urban and rural Illinois. Barack Obama could actually seem interested at a 4-H club meeting and go off about his Kansas roots...

Alexi Giannoulias is notorious for being at ease downstate and actually enjoying his time there.

But that's the question mark on Cheryle Jackson. To be honest, I'm a bit sick of primaries. I feel Joe Sestak is a real alternative to Arlen Specter for Pennsylvanian Democrats while Cheryle Jackson just smells an opportunity for herself.

Oh and Lynn, how many daughters does Maya Soetoro-Ng have? Before you answer, might like to double check.

'there is no more stories seat in this nation'? well,'s set aside massachusetts and that crew and lets fast forward to ms. mosely-braun, 2years of mr. obama, and mr. burris. lets interject mr. fitgerald, and give a high-five to mr.percy, and the two mr. stevensons. there's still a problem with the math. but that's just the beginning...there will be plenty of laughter to go around...with the tears.

What changes have been made in that area? Dropout rates, unemployment, crime nothing has changed. So is there any substance to this statement?

Seriously? This progressive movement is killing our state and our country. I see all talk and no concrete statements about Cheryle Jacksons political beliefs. All I hear is more of the same. If you want to run a campaign on change, why don't we start by shrinking our obese state government. If we could do that, then maybe some of our 11 blillion dollar state deficit could begin to be paid back. If we cut government, maybe we could lower taxes on small businesses. I work in sales, and I can attest to all of the ridiculous taxes that we pay. It's unbelievable. If we keep electing people with these "progressive" agendas, we're going to really see the meaning of depression. I don't mean to be rude or pecimistic, but sometimes the truth in unpleasant. Thank you

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