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Bob Novak 1931-2009. Photo gallery.


Here's a photo gallery covering the many decades of Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak's reporting career. Many of the photos--including a remarkable portrait of Novak talking to Karl Rove--were taken at a party the Chicago Sun-Times hosted on June 18, 2003, at the Army Navy Club in Washington to mark Novak's 40th anniversary of writing columns.

(Photo for the Sun-Times by Lauren Shay)


At least he was honest and had a real point of view, even if I didn't agree with him most of the time. And he had a long career and died before Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman took over the conservative movement, so that was a blessing.

Irving, I will correct you on one small point. Sarah Palin represents the Republican movement. A lot of conservatives may vote Republican more often than not, but they certainly don't identify with them. The republicans are as bad as the Democrats, in their own way. The constant mind-numbing influence of the media has led people to believe that there is only two ways to go politically, and they have pigeonholed most conservatives as gun toting, bible thumping zealots that belong to the Republican party. I can assure you that is not the case. Are there drones? Yes! One only needs to read the lopsided rhetoric on Lynn's blog to realize that there are plenty of drones on each of the two sides. Perhaps, before its too late, the citizens of this country will understand that they are being misled by both of the major parties.
Novak was an entertaining political pundit whether one agreed with him or not. The Valerie Plame affair was a media invention. Red meat from the media for their salivating followers.

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