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Bill Clinton thanks Ted Kennedy for "his fierce advocacy for universal health care"


Former President Bill Clinton on the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who crusaded for universal health care coverage.

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Statement by President Bill Clinton on the Passing of Senator Ted Kennedy:

August 26, 2009

"Senator Ted Kennedy was one of the most influential leaders of our time, and one of the greatest senators in American history. His big heart, sharp mind, and boundless energy were gifts he gave to make our democracy a more perfect union.

As President, I was thankful for his fierce advocacy for universal health care and his leadership in providing health coverage to millions of children. His tireless efforts have brought us to the threshold of real health care reform.

I was also grateful for his efforts, often in partnership with Republicans as well as Democrats, to advance civil rights, promote religious freedom, make college more affordable, and give young Americans the opportunity to serve at home in Americorp. I am glad the bill President Obama signed to expand Americorp and other youth service opportunities is named the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. Through it, his commitment to public service will live on in millions of young people across our nation.

Hillary and I will always be grateful for the many gestures of kindness and generosity he extend to us, for the concern he showed for all the children and grandchildren of the Kennedy clan, and for his devotion to all those in need whose lives were better because he stood up for them. Our thoughts and prayers are with Vicki, his children and grandchildren, and the people of Massachusetts he served so well."


This man was a JOKE...Hate tto talk negative about a dead man.. but unfortunately.. he didn't have a more sever and painful death. Hopefully he is burning in HELL...The Kennedy Curse is almost over...He was an elitiest and did nothing of good without somethng in return...The flames of HELL are burning brighter now..

Don't bore me with pretty words regarding Ted Kennedy. Nothing outweighs MURDER!

Don't bore me with pretty words regarding Ted Kennedy. Nothing outweighs MURDER!

I hope Congress can honor Sen. Kennedy by giving citizens the exact same health care plan he had.

There is no one senator more responsible for the debt and this country headed to socialism then Ted Kennedy. I am a Jack Kennedy Democrat and Jack Kennedy would not have tolerated his brother's policies.

I am truly sorry for his personal pain and suffering in the human world.



Such idol worship -- Its makes me ill. The American people will not want the proposed health care program by some totalitarian and unresponsive government agency just because it is named after some long-disrespected liberal "lion" of the Senate. Nice try, but special naming rights will only make already deovted followers of Obama feel good.

Funny irony: Kennedy would not have received the same health care, or as prompt care, if he had not been in the special government programs that ordinary people will be denied under Obama-Care.

Wake up! More people are. Say NO to ObamaCare.


Wonderful statement, President Clinton.

Right wing idots!

Just 8 shorts months ago, the country's worst President left this counrty in the worst mess in history.
All the Kennedy's, Clinton's and Obama's combined couldn't screw it up as bad as (w) weiner
boy and the Cheney S**t for brains did in a long long long 8 years

Buz are you kidding me socialism you are wrong

I am appalled at the tired, negative, vitriolic comments regarding the death of Senator Kennedy.

Perhaps bloggers should go about investing their time in private sector solutions to our challenges rather than engage in further mindless ranting.

I hope a joyful reunion of the Kennedy brothers is well underway and may all Americans of all political persuasions please live their beliefs fully and with the same conviction from their most proactive motives rather than wallow in such grotesque parodies of "dissent".

“He claimed he called out for Kopechne several times and rested for fifteen minutes until deciding to walk back to the party. On his walk back to the party, he passed several houses with telephones but he did not summon help.

He eventually fell asleep in a hotel room and later woke up but did not immediately contact the police, but instead had a casual conversation with someone about sailing. It was not until after the dead body of Kopechne had been discovered that Kennedy went to a police station.”

Ted Kennedy was a drunken load, a selfish spineless coward, and a MURDERER! Hell is not bad enough for that scum bag.

Rest in Peace Mary Jo Kopechne

passing 'health care' for teddy k. is like passing 'star wars' for reagan. the linkages are all flawed.

People who write anonymous attacks against this man with such a distinguished record of public service are cowards plain and simple. This great senator would defend the right of everyone to have an opinion, as do I, but I also say shame to all of you who have such disrespect for public service. Edward Kennedy deserves America's recognition and its mourning.

Birds of a feather mess around on their wives together.

Don't expect the country to rebound. It's not in the cards. Kennedy's death is just another piece in the puzzle called The End Game.....

I hope the morons with the hate speech will waive all their rights to the Medicare and veteran benefits that Teddy was responsible for getting, and that their kids waive any rights to the healthcare that Teddy got passed. Yes, he did a terrible thing, but the man was the most successful senator in 50 years. Christ, people.

Now all the Kennedy boys are chasing Marilyn Monroe saying me next - dad

Amazing to me that all the people who are throwing words of hate around on this page, are soooo perfect! Heck! I thought that Jesus Christ passed yrs ago, and here & now, we have 5 who have never made a mistake nor, have forgiveness in their heart. Their vitrolic comments show, that HATE, is still alive and well???? in our country today!!!

All of you right wing idiots I suggest you get your collective heads out of Rush Limbaughs butt. You wish you had an eighth of the courage Senator Kennedy had. Unlike you, his loyalty to his people coould not be bought. His dignity could not be sold and he never forgot who he worked for. Incase you forgot he worked for the American people. May you live forever Senator Kennedy.

Semper Fidelis SIR !!!



The greatest Senator in the history of the hallowed halls of the Senate.

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