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Alexi Giannoulias to get Illinois SEIU endorsement


State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, I've learned, is picking up an early endorsement for his 2010 Democratic Senate bid from the Illinois State Council, Service Employees International Union. The Illinois SEIU is one of the most politically powerful unions in the state of Illinois.

What does this mean:

1."You can't overstate the value of an SEIU endorsement, particularly this early.
They combine a unique mixture of progressive values, significant resources, and an expertise in the mechanics of winning elections," Eric Adelstein, Giannoulias Media Consultant told me.

2. Cheryle Jackson, the Chicago Urban League Chief will have to deal with Giannoulias pressing unions for early backing just as she is getting her footing in the contest. Giannoulias will use these endorsements to argue that he is the most viable contender.

3. Chris Kennedy--the door is closing for him to jump in the senate or gubernatorial race.


Alexi Giannoulias--will now lose--big time. SEIU--will be humiliated beyond belief--and driven underground with the rest of the moles and rats who are trying to destroy our country with their FREE LUNCH program.

Maybe the SEIU can beat up anybody that doesn't support Giannoulias like they are doing to people at the Healthcare town hall meetings.

SEIU motto from it's leader.

"We will use the power of persuasion, and if that doesn't work we will use the persuasion of power." SEIU President Andy Stern

As a lifelong Republican, I hate to say it but I'll be supporting Alexi Giannoulias throughout the election cycle. We need leaders with backbone and Mark Kirk's horrendous flip-flop on his cap and trade position has sealed his fate. We need a leader like Alexi who will stand tall and actually lead to help pull Illinois and this country out of the economic mess created by Mark Kirk, George Bush and the Republicabn Party. Way to go SEIU and keep charging Alexi!

Little Jim is no conservative. As messed up as republicans are, they don't take money from mobsters. Alexi's family has built a big business out of that. To gain his prestige so quickly in chicago, you need to be tied to the corrupt money. Mark Kirk at least knows how to work...too bad Hoffman probably won't beat Alexi. He's the only one really qualified.

Alexi: predatory lender, never voted until he was running for office, riding Obama's coattails, only worked for his parents, got himself an SUV with Brightstar funds, tries to slander hoffman for banking ethics when he has none!!!!

Alexi is a joke.

A vote for him is a vote for corruption...who cares what organization has supported him. It's all the same people who supported Blago. This state is so screwed.

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