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Why Sarah Palin resigned and what it means


My colleagues over at have some great columns about why Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suddenly resigned on July 3 and what it means to her, the GOP Party and the 2012 presidential contest.

Melinda Henneberger

Jill Lawrence

Walter Shapiro


I read Henneberger - I had also read the text of the speech Palin gave.

Pretty sloppy - I must say. When Henneberger states Palin referred to herself in third person, she spun. The passage was from a basketball analogy. But ---what can you expect from group think libtards?

Oh yes, progressives don't seem to understand that mainstream America is not into bashing infants and children....someone should tell them.

The Palin speech is available on Face Book where she has more than half a million fans--no need to read lapdog spin.

Every one of these 3 articles were obviously written by Democrats. All 3 writers seem very close-minded...but then, that's how Democrats work, right? They just dismiss Republicans and wildly (or wrongly?) speculate on the whys of every Republican they see, while sweeping the dirt that's rolling off of Democrats under the rug. Congratulations to the 3 article writers. If you were trying to come across as worked. Bravo.

Timing is crucial here: Will we soon see news related to a Palin-Sanford affair-de-coeur, carried on at National Governors Conferences?

I can only laugh at the jealousy you show when someone more intelligent than you, and so much more public appeal than you admits that the Obamadrama within the Democratic old boys club isn't worth getting dirty for at this time. The demoRats have done their best to draw shame onto any republican they can. The DemocRats play the Daley way, dirty and crooked. Instead of bowing to anything Big Barry says, how about looking closer to home at the DemoRats here. Look at the number of DemoRats sinking the state of Illinois. Look at how Daley is ruining this city. But no, you choose to go off and kiss the backside of Barry and Michelle. Someday you will wake up and get a clue. All of the politicians today, DemoRats and Republicans need to go. And yes, even your love for Barry must end.

Palin did get one thing right, she will back off to fight another day. Hopefully when that day comes there will be politicians who are there to lead the people and do what is best for the people instead of doing what puts money in the pockets of their family and friends.

Thankfully we live in a country that allows us a two party system that works, despite its flaws. We also have women that are highly educated and can reach their goals. Sarah Palin doesn't fit this category, she still wants blame others for her shortcomings. It isn't because she is a Republican or a woman, it is because she is just not qualified.

Libtards? DemoRats? What is this, seventh grade? I'd love to believe that the people who sling such crude and clumsy nicknames are actually twelve-year-olds trolling this site, but unfortunately I doubt it. Whether you agree with the opinions you've read or not, can you at least leave a dignified and insightful comment behind?

Why are we not placing more blame on McCain for picking her in the first place? Uninformed, incurious, hardly experience, inarticulate, and not in the least ready for prime time.

He gave her a shot at celebrity and she fell in love with the spotlight. Now we are stuck forevermore with her as she carves out a place on the national stage to bore us even further with her rambling nonsense.

Thanks, McCain. We owe you.


What Sarah Palin should do now is organize a neighborhood action group then she would be qualified to be the president.

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