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What next for Julie Hamos? What next for Dan Hynes?

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's decision Wednesday to seek a third term and not run for the Senate or governor means folks lined up to take her place have to rethink their plans. Now Comptroller Dan Hynes is considering a run for governor. Rep. Julie Hamos (D-Evanston) had been mulling a bid for AG if Madigan was moving on; an e-mail Hamos just sent out dramatizes how folks have to readjust their plans.

Writes Hamos, "We've talked about "when the dominos fall" in Illinois for months. Today was that day. ....Lisa Madigan has been a strong Attorney General and an excellent leader for the state of Illinois. I was pleased to learn that she will continue to provide excellent leadership to our state in these difficult times.

"Over the past few months I have met with Democratic and community leaders and listened to the concerns of voters across Illinois. In the coming days I plan to revisit those supporters and ask for their best ideas on how I can work for the people of Illinois. I look forward to hearing their ideas and input."

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why don't they spend some time with a book or two.

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