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The latest on Mark Kirk running for Senate: still in. What will McKenna do?


There have been several reports Friday that Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) was not going to run for the Senate. The latest I have from Kirk's operation is that Kirk is still contemplating a bid. The bump here is that GOP Illinois Party Chief Andy McKenna--who had been recruiting Kirk to run--is now mulling a race himself. Kirk and McKenna met with members of the Illinois House delegation yesterday. The delegation is leaning heavily towards backing Kirk, one of their own. Kirk wants to avoid a primary. Kirk is the top choice of the GOP Senate political operation.


Mark Kirk's campaign circus is making Al Franken look like a heavyweight.

Andy Martin
Republican for U. S. Senator

Andy Martin for King of Obscurity.

Andy, in case you forgot, Al Franken was elected to the Senate. You are basically saying Kirk will be as well.

Although I reside in congressman Peter Roskam's district, I'll devote all available energy to see Kirk never gets re-elected to the House. The Senate...Not a chance!

His cap and trade vote only qualifies him for the democrat primary. As a conservative if he's the candidate I'm staying home.

"His cap and trade vote only qualifies him for the democrat primary. As a conservative if he's the candidate I'm staying home."
show up and vote just not for Kirk

If Kirk is the gop's nominee i wont vote for him (wont vote for the dem either).

Mark Kirk aka "Kirk the Jerk" says he is a Republican but votes like a Very Liberal/Socialist. Yes,,,, on Cap and Trade(Big Energy Tax) that will send US jobs overseas.
Co-sponsor of the "Hate Crime Bill" with the King of the Socialists, John Conyers, from Michigan(how old is that Clown)

"Kirk the Jerk" for US Senate?????
I would NOT even vote for KIRK for Dog Catcher !!!

Kirk does not deserve to run for the Republican Party. We counted on him to be our leader in those difficult times for our country. He betrayed the conservative and the people who care about America and its future. I am not voting for him.

I guess a RINO is the best you can hope for in Illinois.

I live in NC but Kirk just gave Greta on Fox News a great interview on exposing the Obama administration giving $400,000 tax payer money to Qadaffi.

A weird comment on the 'brown government' but it turns out to be a report on the British government over recent years.

How many of these stories do we need?

-NC Dave

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