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Rep. Rush calls for Burr Oak Cemetery federal probe


Below, release from Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.)

WASHINGTON -- In the wake of the criminal investigation regarding the
recent disinterment of hundreds of human remains at the historic Burr
Oak Cemetery, in Alsip, Illinois, U. S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-IL) today
alerted the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that his
review of existing federal statutes points to the need for a substantive
inquiry of this incident, which occurred within his congressional
district, and that the likelihood of stronger federal laws looms large.
An astounding 53,000 complaints and requests for information from
families with relatives buried in the cemetery have been filed with
local authorities.

"These families have been so brazenly violated and have been victim to
unfair and deceptive practices," said Rush. "The Federal Trade
Commission has a role to play in ensuring that these events never occur
again within the United States. I fully intend to exercise the full
weight of my office to ensure the needs of the people are heard,
respected and addressed to the fullest extent of the law. That effort
begins, formally, today."

In a letter delivered to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, Rush, who serves as
the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade
and Consumer Protection, expressed his

concerns and pointed to the disturbing fact that at least 10 states have
no laws at all regulating the behavior of cemeteries. In addition, most
of those states that do have regulatory laws lack effective enforcement

Rush said today's action will ensure that the needs of the families and
loved ones of those who've been victimized are thoroughly addressed.

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yea, why not really get confused...the why not have another kennedy, king investigation. they haven't answered that yet.why not just go somewhere and take english lessons?

We shouldn't have to have laws to protect cemeteries.A civilized society should have the respect of historical places and old cemeteries in particular. Our present laws for vandalism and protecting private and public property just needs to be enforced. Judy Jones

Yeah Bobby, you a little late with the grandstanding! Jesse, Sr. beat you to it!

Considering the cemetery is in your district, you didn't know anything funny was going on? Nobody NEVER EVER called or sent a letter to your office at least once with a complaint?

Considering you and Jesse, Sr. are on the same page of superflous dialogue - basically with a mirror - maybe if you weren't so busy promoting a knucklehead for Senator, you probably would have heard one of the 53,000 complaints before now.

I wish the media wouldn't give these jokers print or air time!

God Bless those who have love ones buried at Burr Oaks Cemetery and May the Lord give you peace AGAIN, while going through a tumultuous situation in locating burial sites....*Sigh*

Relatives of the buried complained throughout the 1990's about the maintenance of the cemetery. (Nothing was done). In 2005, Alsip has police reports about the maintenance of the cemetery. (Nothing was done). In 2005, the FBI, news reporters, civil right leaders, and relatives of Emmett Till was all around the cemetery when Emmett's body was dug up and returned for investigations of his death. (Nothing was done). Now everyone is trying to figure out who should maintain the cemetery.

Try this. Let the Governor order the IHPA to seek condemnation of the property. duh.....

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