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Photos: Barack and Michelle Obama with Pope Benedict XVI

obama-pope-benedict.JPGPhoto Gallery: Barack and Michelle Obama with Pope Benedict XVI. Melinda Henneberger on Michelle Obama and the mantilla--the black lace head covering--Mrs. Obama is wearing to meet the Pope.


What is the reason for the unattractive veil Mrs. Obama has on? I know that Benedict is more traditional and conservative about this but I don't recall seeing this type of headgear recently.

Saw this on another comment blog. Here are other first ladies with veils with the Pope. Simple respect for tradition, that's all.

Veiled Laura Bush w the Pope

Veiled Nancy Reagan with the pope

Oh, my God - Michele Obama looks like a nun in drag! At least she didn't bare those big arms of hers. She is an embarrassment to this country.

Jaye-I had hoped that with the evolution through reconstruction, that your comments prove is still ongoing, the roots of thinking and feelings like the ones that you express had died. Apparently and unfortunately, we are still working to make sure minds like yours do not get reproduced as they have absolutely no redeeming value or use in the world. I do wonder what makes a person hate so much. At the same time, I am ecstatic that I cannot connect with this and remain completely unable to understand it. Michelle Obama is a credit to this country. She brings true class,elegance and grace to America. The quality of her character is stellar and unquestionable. Michelle Obama is a beautiful woman, an obviously good wife, a great mother and an outstanding First Lady. Do we even need to discuss her academic and career accomplishments? America's face is far more beautiful in form and substance than ever before because of Michelle Obama. I am honored to have her as my First Lady and she makes me very proud. I love America and I am proud of my country.

if you looke at the photos of the entire party
who met with the Pope you will see the other
ladies attired in the exact same veil as Michell
is wearing-what's wrong with you people?
get a life!

At least Michelle followed protocol and covered her arms and head to meet the Pope.

Oh my God!,cover that cross up. Obozo will be offended being a muslim.

I truly believe people need to realise the first lady, michelle obama, is blessed with beauty and a very respectful, intelligent human being, I am so happy and grateful that she is our first LADY.

Its amazing that the negative commentors preference their statements by evoking the word God initially, then followed by drivel.

As Sumner on July 11, 2009 10:15 AM, stated eloquently, "I am ecstatic that I cannot connect with this and remain completely unable to understand it."

Ditto to your entire post Sumner!!

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