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Obama checking out girl? Nope. Sarkozy, maybe. Let's go to the videotape.


There is a photo making the rounds of President Obama and French President Sarkozy at the G8 meeting that appears--for that frozen moment--to have the men checking out a young lady going past them. ABC's videotapeplays what was happening before and after the still photo was taken. Conclusion: Obama was not looking; Sarkozy maybe.


Too funny. The media love-affair with Pres Obama continues in full-force. The chosen one is above checking out a girl but Pres Sarkozy, yeah maybe him but not the chosen one.

Thanks for article.

Obama wasn't looking? Obama was the only one looking, Sarkozy was looking at Obama for looking...

AJ, why the knee-jerk reaction that the article is wrong before even watching the video? It's Obama hatred that caused this flap, and every other inane flap, that needs to be corrected by actually looking at the facts, no matter how small and inconsequential, because every supposed misstep by Obama will be blown out of proportion.

Most supporters of Obama do not worship him - we just admire and respect him. And give him the respect a President deserves.

AJ, did you even watch the video? Likely not.

All that video shows is two things:

1. Obama is better at being discrete than Sarkozy

2. The media continue to grovel at the feet of HRH Obama I.

@ A.J.,
why don't you forget the media for one second, look at the video for yourself and reach a conclusion before regurgitating that old and worn out line.

Without any media analysis, I did the above and its very hard to conclude from the video that he was ogling the girl's behind.

Must protect the Michelle and Barack are the best couple EVER! line of thought.

excuse me aj... the 'chosen' one? you mean obama? that's a joke. and yes the pig was checking the girl out. obama will bring out destrution to this nation.

Obama is discreet, Sarkozy is French so he's direct.
Besides, the girl is Brazilian and I can tell you that girls FROM MY COUNTRY are well above average

with carla bruni on the scene, i don't think sarkozy looks too hard these days.

AJ - give me a break, look at the video... i'm sorry if FACTS are still being misconstrued as propaganda. you're hopeless.

Checking out and leering is two differents things.

Maybe President Obama may have been checking the young lady out, but it was a mere glance - that was for the Obama haters - BUT DARN IF SARKOZY AIN'T LOOKING LASCVIOUSLY at the same young lady!! He is bending backwards behind President Obama to get a very good look.

Look at the smirk on his face.

The video does not lie!

The old say: "A picture speaks a thousand words!" And Sarkozy eyes is speaking a plethora of a thousand words.

I liked obama prior to this, the girl is 17, looks to me that they are both checking her out that is just sickening.

media love affair with Obama? When the public's approval ratings are so high for the prez, why wouldn't the media follow what people want to see? I find it so funny that the right calls it a love affair. Meanwhile, the media did nothing to stop Bush from getting us into Iraq except grandstand for him and we hear nothing about the media loving Bush. Look Republicans, I know your days are numbered, but this is truly becoming even beneath you.

When are you

yeah he was looking come on!

Yes lets talk about this instead of healthcare issues and what's going on in IRAN and the unemployment rate in this country. Hey, those are all boring topics. Lets waste energy talking about whether a man is looking at a woman. It's funny how "YOU" people (OBAMA HATERS, NOT COUNTRY LOVERS) spend your energy trying to find reasons to scratch his integrity. If you have to manufacture stupid things and freeze pics to show stupid things then I guess his spotless character and integrity are still intact. Grow up...Most "YOU" people didn't have anything to say when the Bush administration was messing the country up. You just made excuses for their behavior. Ask yourself this, "If Obama was "mostly" white, would you have the same problems with him? Probably not. I wonder, is ignorance really bliss? Just asking.

The media is so Obama star crazed that they will build any excuse to explain away everything.

The fact is that Obama was checking out the girl and so was Sarkozy!

However, I don't know what the big deal is! Most guys would do the same.

who Cares!

Freeze it at 25 secs and 26 secs and tell me what he is looking at besides her ass?

It's sad that this picture will be used to attack Obama (and for what? looking at a pretty girl? Hello? What about Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Ensign - both cheating conservative Christians -- they did a LOT more than look, didn't they?).
This despite the video clearly shows Obama wasn't. Obviously if he were his gaze would have turned as she had walked up the steps and he would have been startled by the woman who he helped down the stair.
I know that conservatives and many Republicans are still mad at how Bush was viciously attacked by far-left loons and some in the media, but that bad behavior is no excuse for the literally ridiculous ones on Obama.
C'mon people (of both sides), this isn't good for our country!

The girl has a nice booty. Who wouldn't sneak a peak? I do agree, however, that Sarkozy has no class.

He was looking down at the step anticipating the hand of the girl he helped. Waiting like a gentleman - but to many of have not experienced such chivalry or give it.

Obama FTW

please he have BEAUTIFULE KIDES & WIFE!

I watched the video and Obama was not looking, he may have glanced as he was watching where he was going but checking her out? I don't think so. Let the man be...even if he was checking her out just because he is the President doesn't mean he has no eyes. I don't understand why people think a President is infallible, he is human afterall. He is not a God.

I wish I were president, I'd look at all the multi-ethic ladies all over the world. He's not gay after all - HOORAY. I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!

In my opinion, it's very obvious he was checking her out, but hey he's a guy after all, not a machine. The media saying "nope" is a wishful thinking on their part, and they aren't very good reporters if they can't conclude what obviously happened.

Obama is leading this nation to ruin. He was definitely checking out her ass. Who cares! It's the best decision he's ever made. She has a great ass. The blind denial says more about the sheep who follow him.

"I did not have sex with that woman!" Bill Clinton

i dont think obama was looking but if he did, so what? He should be given a medal for just looking.

He checked her out; NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Butt (pun intended), as seen in the video, he catches himself and keeps his head down (which is SLICK)! It's how most men check out women at moments when they're not supposed to (like when walking with your wife or if you're at the G8 summit and you happen to be the President of the United States). That's why even Sarkozy is looking AT THE SAME TIME. But he's definitely not as slick (or just doesn't care).

If you don't think Obama was looking, I have some real fine swamp property to sell you. There is nothing wrong with looking. What's wrong is people trying to say what is obvious didn't happen.

I agree with many on this post that it is disgusting as a nation that we are adressing silly things like this as opposed to the truly HORRENDOUS things the obama administration is proposing. It's a young female with a nice behind, plain and simple. Who really cares? Yes, (in order to give credit to the demo/liber above who pointed out that conservatives do cheat on their wives) he is not alone, neither was clinton nor a miriad of other older democrats. What AMERICA and mainstream media should be focusing on, besides all of this Michael Jackson and silly Obama crap is the somewhat-serious proposal of nationalized health care, seemingly endless government bail/buy-outs of multinational corporations, and the new taxes on middle class businesses. Coming from a conservative, I'm not even worried about Obama and his administration's severe lack of christian ethics, because my face is being filled with a near apocolyptic string of events coupled with usual democratic overspending and expanding government. I'm not going to lie, Bush went beyond his means (not so much as a President, but as a Republican) in self-empowerment and government overspending, but atleast we didnt have so much pork spending that we already do just a few months into this man's term. The only thing I can hope for is that we can hopefully, as a nation, survive this term with our economy relatively intact, and MAYBE MAYBE get a decent republican (PREF conservative) into office. The only thing benefitting from this horrible president, is that once again, democrats have forced this country to vote the next 8 years for a Republican that can do the job... even Bush... (whom I relatively dislike) didn't have the poll drop %s that Obama is already seeing. Congrats America, we got out African-American President. Let's just hope it doesn't cost us this nation.

- The humble view of an army grunt

The video shows the following:

President Obama descends steps. He speaks over his shoulder to the US Junior8 delegate (woman in black), he looks back and reaches back for her. He looks down and back to watch her footing / find her hand. She takes his hand. He escorts her like a gentleman down to the next step. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Junior 8 delegate ascends the steps, passing President Obama and lightly bumping into the US J8 delegate.

Who would not sneak a peak? A decent person, certainly our President, the girl is 16!!!!

I don't get it. For one thing, in the video it's not obvious whether he was looking at her or not. And second, even if he 'checked her out', what on earth is wrong with that? Just about any 'normal' guy would do the same thing. Is the president of the United States or of France supposed to be different than anyone else? Are we saying the president is supposed to be a monk or a saint?


Some of you guys are just idiots. Conservatives continually show how ignorant they are.


OK let get this straight.

A) The video doesn't confirm anything on whether Obama was looking. He was helping the girl down, but he may or may not have looked while doing it. There is some media bias there, because the ABC guy is clearly trying to convince the viewer that he is definitely not looking when the evidence isn't there.

B) It doesn't matter if he did look. Men look at beautiful women. As long as he wasn't ogling (Sarkozy) or touching, he did nothing wrong. I agree with Mr. Smith...move on with your lives,both sides!

Is funny that this man can't do no wrong, he is above all,not only he is getting a free pass on unemployment, cap and trade that will hurt all of us,a health care bill that will leave us in broke. I work in the health field and believe me most of the uninsured are illegal immigrants about 15 million,10 million of people making more than 70,000 dollars but shose not to have it another 10 million of 18 to 23 years olds thinkin they don't need it, and yes we have free health care is called medicaid, just don't work have kids and our goverment wil give you housing , health food stamps and almost free electric

Come on do not make it a political issue. Obama did what we men do all the time. The media is looking stupid (particularly ABC) trying to sell to us that he did not do it, when you can see him doing the "look" that I have done myself plenty of times, trying to be smooth (like I am looking somewhere else, but peeking at the lady for a few seconds). So she was 16, but he did not know her age, and she does look older

I watched the video several times and if you or anyone else thinks that Obama or Sarkozy are not looking at that young girl in an inappropriate way is just naive. Obama is a little more discrete than president Sarkozy but they are both looking and they are both acting in a way that is inappropriate. This in my opinion is exactly how our president carries himself. Sarkozy is a womanizer and so president Obama is around him and he acts the same to be popular with him. He ran his whole campaign that way always saying what ever was popular and not really ever taking a stand. What happened to the American people and the need for honor and fortitude no matter what anyone thinks? It amazes me how the media constantly covers up for president Obama. The ironic thing is that the more prevalent this behavior becomes the more obnoxious our presidents behavior becomes. Why it is that only a few have had the integrity to ask Mr. Obama the hard questions. Besides the fact that it is unpopular and you will have a wrath brought down on you. But that is the media job. Since when is the media supposed to be a popularity contest? This new plan to give constitutional rights to war criminals is a joke and from our presidents recent results in foreign affairs he is loosing credibility. If the American people do not speak up and demand accountability from our president, this behavior will only get worse.

sure we need to move on with our lives, who ever said that should know your life as it is is in the hands of a leader of this country who couldn't less about your life, for the mess this country is in, people losing jobs, sickness, loss of homes and people going hungry and his (Obama) wife walks around with a $6000.00 purse, wow can you imagine how many people wish they had $6000.00 for what is life not to splurge and show off, well what makes her so dang special? she is not and I am so sick of hearing her compared to Jackie Kennedy, she will never measure up to her, espically in beauty and chacater, Obamas have one thing on thier mind, setting themselves up for the future and keeping thier friends that have so boldly stated thier hate for Americans, Americans better wake up, they (Obamas) do not have our best interest at heart.

"Most supporters of Obama do not worship him - we just admire and respect him. And give him the respect a President deserves."

Yeah, just like you treated Bush? You guys don't give a shit if someone is president or not to destroy them, you only care if he is in your party.

the girl was in his line of sight, who cares, nothing can be inferred either way, people overreact too much over this tabloid bs, probably because they cant really debate serious issues and just regurgitate the same headlines from network news.

for people that hate obama. dont be sore losers. dont be crybabies. wow, wake up, hes on his way to being a great president. start being an american and respect the office at least. stop complaining and do your part in getting this country out of a hole. nothing you can do but get out of the US if you don't like the direction this country is going. personally ive never felt prouder to be an american. be proactive, dont be bitter, and like it or not dems are the ones calling the shots.

"While it may be difficult to change the world, it is always possible to change the way we look at it."

look our us president seen it coming and he looked, he was very very discreet of most any man and i can say was particularly smooth. if u really notice the french president watched obama's move b4 he made it clear he also was looking and smiled to the fact obama was.. if u listen to the tape every1 in the room was laughing to the point the correspondent made it funnier by saying obama was looking at the ground or something to the affect and every1 was laughing as if were in a bar after a few drinks.. lmfao get real people and is not related to party or favoritism to obama. imagine what was said by his wife when the other presidential wives seen this on tv as they were together. i dont think obama got any luv from her later.. lol

I can't even believe that the media or anyone else would spend time on this. Clearly the people worrying about this don't have any concerns about the economy or our country at war. People, wake up and pay attention. We are in danger of losing the lifestyle we have come to take for granted (some have already lost it and some never had it). Spend your energy trying to figure out how to support our leader in getting this country back on track after 8 years under the leadership of someone who didn't care about us at all...

I am proud to be an American and support Obama completely...

I mean, if he was he was. But if he was, it was in the alloted :05 second time frame that married men have for glancing at a booty. I'm just saying. My president is an amazing husband and father... but he's a man! he is not above glancing at a booty dressed in flouncy pink. Give him a break!

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