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Michelle Obama's new hair style


July 21, 2009 Country Music Night at the White House


Her hair looks fabulous. However, is it a new style or simply pinned up? It does not really matter one way or the other because she looks great. Why didn't people comment as much on Laura Bush's hair and clothes? Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States of America, not a fashion model or movie star. Is it possible to focus more on the things that she is doing as the First Lady? All of the focus on the clothes of the First Family seems a bit too superficial at this juncture in our nation's history. We have extremely serious matters with which we are grappling. As long as the Obama's dress is presentable and appropriate, should we really spend our time in discussion about such things. It seems trite and beneath us.

I'm just wondering if that whole question was staged tonight. I just watched the Pres on TV and it was about the health care and than last but not least your picked about a subject that is very controversial like your trying for a promotion Hope you get it.Who cares about her hair how's her work going with MILITARY FAMILIES!I'd love to know how much she pays that stylist!!!

The American public tends to focus on fashion and hair quite a bit, yes, I would agree with you Summer. However, this is not the first time a First Ladies fashion statement gets more juice then her activities as a First Lady(Jackie O for example). No one cared about L.Bush's fashion because she was not nearly as hip as Mrs. Obama, nor did she appeal to the generation of people who are interested in fashion trends of a First Lady(L.B's hair much like her husbands leadership skills was less than impressive). So, that is why it seems as though Mrs. Obama is getting longer than five minutes of fame. And side note: she is the first African descendant to live in the white house, so the media is also waiting for her to wear something outlandish so they can poke fun and say,"see America, I told ya so!"

I love it the style brings out her face.
Give her a very sexy look I am sure that the President loves it also.

I think Mrs. Obama is elegant, classy, intelligent and beautiful, however I don't think this haircut is as nice as it should be. She needs to get a new hairdresser.

I don't really care for this hairstyle but, it's not my hair. Mrs Bush was an old woman who cared about her hair, Mrs Clinton, well she had enough to worry about so I don't think the press bothered. Uh by the way isn't it the PRESS talking about her hair. Don't they have anything else to write or talk about??

historical until now. in 1959 a mixed girl was born in los angeles california. she is black, white and indian. we are all each others keeper. don't lie still or cheet. for in the end you two can grow wise and gray gracefully.
michele your hair is a knockout look.(smile)

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