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Michelle Obama's father NOT buried in ravaged Burr Oak Cemetery


WASHINGTON--The father of First Lady Michelle Obama is NOT, contrary to what the White House said earlier on Tuesday, buried in the ravaged Burr Oak Cemetery in the Chicago southern suburb of Alsip.

"There has been some confusion that has been cleared up. Fraser Robinson III was buried at Lincoln Cemetery NOT Burr Oak," said Camille Johnston, the communications chief for Mrs. Obama.

Asked how this confusion could happen, Johnston told me "Just confusion - they are a couple of blocks away from each other."


That is a blessing, but for those not so lucky with love ones alledgedly buried at Burr Oaks my PRAYERS are with you.

God Bless, seek the Lord, stay prayerful and this too shall pass! Again.

God this is funny...

For a few minutes there I smelled a cemetery Czar position opening up. Damn; another good job Obozzo has lost for us.

This story was really worth front page consideration? Thought there must be something more here, not four sentences of time wasting goodness...

soooooo the FLOTUS doesn't know where her dad is buried? "Just confusion..." ??? i don't buy that.

The comment about this story being "funny" is sick. I understand why that person wants to remain anonymous......he/she is stupid with no compassion for his/her fellow man.

I too, have everyone, in my prayers.
We need to just think of the good memories;picnics;graduations;prayer breakfasts;hugs and kisses and try not to say goodbye, but see you on the other side.
That phrase, makes I feel better, for it's something that I've heard my mother and father say on occasions and that always leaves I with them and not them gone.
God continue to be with you ALL!

Confusion? Seems a lot of that goes on in the White House. I can't fathom this regardless of how close the cemeteries are to one another. Wouldn't you know with precision where your loved ones are buried? That is, you would if you visited their grave with any kind of frequency. Besides this has been going on for several days if there was confusion it should have been cleared up sooner.

Viv - it's funny that our girl michelle doesn't know where her dad is buried. And this poor lackey in the white house takes the heat.

Exactly who should I have compassion for in the circle of stupidity? Did something new happen to michelle's father? Should I feel compassion for michelle cuz she made a mistake?

Actually not funny...hilarious!

And btw, I think you're a genious with your post and the fact that you used a "name".


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