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Michelle Obama in Moscow. Sasha the new Agent 99


Remember the tv show "Get Smart" and how Barbara Feldon played Agent 99? In Moscow, President Obama does. First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Malia, 11 and Sasha, 8, mom Marian Robinson and godmother, Eleanor Kaye Wilson are along for the official visits to Russia, Italy and Ghana.

Asked by ABC's Jake Tapper if Sasha and Malia were having fun in Moscow, Obama noted the trenchcoats worn by his girls and dubbed Sasha the new "Agent 99"-

"You know they're great travelers. Sasha was walking down one of the halls of the Kremlin yesterday. She had her trench coat on, had her pockets in her trench coat. We called her Agent 99, she just looked like she knew where she was going. I thought she was going to pull out her shoe phone," Obama said.


(photos by AP)



Six months into the WH and Michelle continues to only act like a diva. Hey, Michelle, how 'bout finding a cause, or are you too busy looking for a church still?

Those two little girls are so goddamn cute it's almost like they're animatronic. The Obamas would do well to keep churning them out. Just throw them up on the screen at the convention and watch the votes come in.


I am so proud of how Michelle keeps her little girls looking like little young ladies should look and dress at their age. I hope their fashion statement rubs off on little girls everywhere that are in a hurry to look like little women showing much too much skin much too soon. Thank you Michelle, Sasha and Malia for showing that you can look just as beautiful showing little...much more tham showing a lot.

LT-Oak park IL

well, phil smith, so are

Country First--you must not be paying enough attention to Michelle's actual activities. She indicated to her staff that she wanted to take several months or so to settle her family into the large new house and new city before deciding on tough issues to tackle. However, in the meantime she has been visiting homeless shelters, medical clinics for the poor and mentally ill, many different schools, hosting students at the WH, hosting events supporting the arts, and doing some traveling with her husband and girls to try and give them enough "together time." And it was just announced in the last week that she told her staff that she IS ready to focus on tougher issues and finding important civic projects.
It's not her fault the media is hyper-focused on her fashion sense and classiness. Btw, did you know she wears the same clothing/accessories in public repeatedly (even the next day in some instances) despite that ridiculous expectation of divas to not dare be seen in the same item of clothing twice? Hardly diva behavior if you ask me.
So why don't you inform yourself a little better like someone who puts their "country first" should do before calling your first lady petty names like "diva" and assuming what she is not doing with her time?

Dolmance, please don't blaspheme the Lord's name while calling the president's children cartoonish or computer graphics. They are human beings with feelings. I believe your remark is an underhanded slight at President's Obama children instead of a compliment.

Ms. Sweet you should not allow it. That is not censorship, considering a lot of the other comments you probably receive and don't post

Actually, I had forgotten that Agent 99 on Get Smart always had her hands in her coat pocket and Sasha does have that old Cold War Secret Agent look.

Very cute.

To Country First, since you are into country first, what have you done for your country lately besides this criticism of Ms. Michelle Obama?

Ididn't know "Snakeville" was a country

Michelle's guns don't look as toned as they were a few months ago. And some of those outfits she's been wearing, either not flattering or she's gotten a litter larger down under.

Phil, I checked out some of your recent posts and don't you know it's annoying to type in all caps? To answer your post, I would expose my family to other cultures also if someone else were footing the bill.

This was the only thing I could find on the Internet to show the Obama girls in Russia. I would really like the old formal photos that LIFE magazine used to show of the White House family. I don't think that's ruining the girls' lives.

Stevie did you ever comment on Laura Bush's guns and litter? How rude, superficial and utterly tasteless. You are a boor.

Michelle is classy, but not a diva. Some may confuse the two. Divas do not start vegetable gardens, and do not dress themselves and their children in practical, affordable clothes.

The only person being called a diva by her own political party would be "the quitta from Wasilla", who is doing publicity for her future job as a big bucks celebrity and fishing with hubby Todd while still drawing her salary paid by the people of Alaska. And by the way, Jim, when Presidents bring their families along, they pay those travel expenses from their own pocket. That's the way it has always been. President and Mrs. Obama travel as the official representatives of the United States of America. Deal with it.

By Jim on July 8, 2009 8:29 PM

Hey Jim, has it occurred to you while your parents never exposed you to other cultures that is why you are so close-minded?

Sorry Jim, you left yourself open for that one.

I hope your family still discover the wonders of other cultures without your ignorance following closely behind, hindering their learning experiences.

To critics of Michelle: She is not an elected official. At no point in time did she promise the American people that she would fit the classic "Eleanor Roosevelt" mold. Even so, she has done quite a bit more for America than she might have.

She may not be as much the humanitarian as Me insists she is, or as classy as Tab would have you believe, but she is certainly a good person. To criticize her for not fulfilling her nonexistant duties is naive on every level.

At least I am not anonymous, like some individuals. However, I did just expose myself to other cultures at my own expense. I just returned to Tempe, AZ from a one month trip to Germany. We even visited a foreign exchange student that lived with us back in 1990-91. That's what you can do when you retire from working for the federal government after nearly 35 years.

By Jim on July 8, 2009 8:29 PM

Phil, I checked out some of your recent posts and don't you know it's annoying to type in all caps? To answer your post, I would expose my family to other cultures also if someone else were footing the bill.


Hey Jim, remember the above post? Re-read your last sentence. Now go and re-read your lastest post.

Which is it Jim; when it comes to exposing your family to other cultures as long as someone else is paying for it or this latest gaffe of simplistic defense?

Jim, always remember, the truth never changes nor need additional statements added to it.

By the way, if it hasn't occurred to you, your pension from the federal government and any SSI payments is paid by Americans workers. Any alleged trips taken were financed by others, now stop your belly-aching!!


So, now you don't think that working as a civil servant for nearly 35 years is worth anything. You liberals just can't be pleased. You think that it is only when it is given to you that it is worth anything.

Let's say that you work for a retail firm. Your customers (taxpayers) would then be financing anything that you have? I thought so. No wonder you want to be anonymous. You probably have never had a real job.

Thanks for the fun.

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