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McKenna not running for Senate seat if Kirk runs


The ball is now in the court of Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.); Illinois GOP party chairman Andy McKenna just issued a statement saying that if Kirk runs for the Senate, he won't.

Statement from ILGOP Chairman Andy McKenna

"As Party Chairman my goal has been to build Party unity. Mark Kirk and I met last evening as part of an ongoing discussion about the U. S. Senate race. I reassured Mark that if he chooses to be a candidate, I will not oppose him."


Kirk is a moderate Republican...who wants to see you rot in jail if you even think about marijuana. He wants a 25 year sentence for first time possession of marijuana. And he's the moderate one??? Yeah, sounds like a winning agenda to me. Can't wait for my property taxes to shoot through the roof in order to build and run the prisons he wants to hold everybody that didn't vote for him.

I am delighted to face Mark Kirk in the Republican U. S. Senate primary. He is an inviting target, both personally and politically.

Andy Martin
Republican for U. S. Senator

If McKenna's goal is to build GOP unity, his first task should be to purge Kirk from the party altogether. Kirk would probably be happier running as a Democrat anyway.
Kirk has absolutely no chance of getting serious support from the base of the Republican party, and certainly not from independent conservatives, since his bewildering vote in favor of massive energy taxes.

If the GOP would like to seriously reconsider their current role in state and national politics, they may need to consider moderate candidates like Kirk to represent the party.

Although he may have lost favor over his recent climate change vote, his votes are a better reflection of his district. Some may say he's just selling out when in reality his adjusting to his district's demographics. Likewise, he's taken on some very tough candidates in a left leaning district yet he's come out on top.

More power to him for being a post-Obama Republican willing to work in this new political climate. I just hope the party is able to change with him.

Kirk hasn't even announced yet and the attacks and lies are starting.

TYC - Kirk called for tougher penalties for drug dealers not first time users.

Mr. Martin - your intention to target Kirk personally is, quite frankly, disgusting.

Mr. Killion - Kirk IS getting serious support from the republican party and will most likely get support from independents and centrist dems in this state frustrated with the mess our dem leadership is providing. The more he is demonized by both the far right and the far left the more moderate and reasonable he will look.

Kirk wants a "25 year sentence for first time possession of marijuana" Wow!! If for nothing else these views put Rep. Mark Kirk so out of touch with society and reality that he should loss the race.

I am happy to see this opening up a U.S. Congressional for the Democrats in Illinois 10th. I think Senator Susan Garrett or Lake County Commissioner would be GREAT choices for the 10th district. Now its time to win this seat for the democrats.

I am excited to hear that Chairman McKenna has agreed to step aside and support Congressman Kirk in his bid for the United States Senate. It is about time that Illinois had thoughtful, intelligent, Republican leadership in Washington, DC on a statewide level. Congressman Kirk is no Peter Fitzgerald on social or fiscal policy, but I am proud to have him as my congressman. He is a thoughtful and independent thinker and he stresses a strong free market economy, strong national defense, and better quality public education. Truly not only a suburban agenda, but a uniquely American agenda. With two far-left senators who don't answer my emails or telephone calls, I know that Congressman Kirk is always there to respond and offer his opinion on the issues as well. I am proud to support Mark Kirk for the United States Senate in 2010.

The best U.S. Senate candidate is Dr. Eric Wallace, a conservative who announced his campaign in June. His site is

I live in Rep. Kirk's district, and I hope that a conservative Republican will win his U.S. House seat.

If McKenna's goal is to build GOP unity, his first task should be to purge Kirk from the party altogether. Kirk would probably be happier running as a Democrat anyway.
We don't want him either. Leave me to smoke my weed peacefully :)

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