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Kirk announces statewide Senate run on Monday


Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R-Ill.) will announce a statewide run on Monday, according to a release just sent from his office. The notice doesn't say what office, but Kirk has been making calls to line up support for a Senate run. Kirk's campaign kick off will be somewhere in the northern suburbs.

This means:

*Kirk will have no meaningful GOP primary for the Senate nomination. GOP Illinois party chairman Andy McKenna will now not run. There is no other Republican of stature out there organizing a Senate bid.

*The 10th Congressional District seat opens up. While Kirk has held it with massive support from Democrats in the north suburban district, this is fertile Democratic territory. Expect a conga line of candidates from both parties to line up for a rare open seat. This could be the second open seat; if Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) runs for Cook County Board president, the 7th C.D. seat opens up in heavily Democratic turf.

*One the Democratic side, State treasuret Alexi is in. Cherlye Jackson, the Chicago Urban League chief is in. She was in Washington on Tuesday putting together her campaign.

***Media Advisory***

Kirk to Announce Statewide Candidacy

Who: Congressman Mark Kirk

When: Monday, July 20
Time: 10:30 am

Where: To Be Announced (Northern Suburbs of Chicago)

What: Congressman Mark Kirk will announce his candidacy for statewide office at a press conference in the 10th Congressional District on Monday, July 20. Details, including location and time, will be announced later in the week.



Strange timing re: his divorce. It's so fresh and with him making a state-wide run, it seems odd.

Go, Kirk, Go!!

Finally a reasonable, moderate candidate with no ties to the current Illinois political mess! Where do I sign up?

How can anybody vote for him? He sided with the Democrats. He can't be taken seriously.

So Representative Mark "Treason" Kirk now wants to be a Senator. You all remember him - the American who told the Chinese government not to believe the American government.

That, my friends, is treason. And he should be in prison for it.

I hope he isn't running as a Republican. Cap and Traitors should not be reelected. Haven't we had enough of this "Fake Republican" and all his fellow turncoats. Thank god he is running statewide so true conservatives outside his district can vote against him. So, the "big tent" includes big taxers now. What a lousy arguement. It's not worth it.
Kick him to the curb.

When Mark Kirk stepped aside for Andy McKenna I was
greatly disappointed and told him so in an e-mail.
Glad McKenna wisely stepped aside for Mark Kirk, a
truly independent voice for the 10th Congressional District of Illinois and an avowed supporter of U.S. Veterans.

This is the same Mark Kirk who sponsored a bill in Congress this year to raise sentences for first time marijuana offenders to 25 years.

Moderate, my behind.

Now its time to take the 10th for the Democrats. I am looking forward to some of the candidates whose names are already getting out there. Senator Susan Garrett and Lake County Commissioner Michelle Feldman would be front runners in this heavily Democratic district. I look forward to working with either of them as we take this seat back for the Democrats.

Is he running as a Democrat? Since Mark voted for Cap & Trade he must believe in the global warming hoax.Oh, sorry that's all about corporate welfare. So he could belong to either party.

Finally a moderate republican with no ties to the currupt Democratic machine!

Mark Kirk will make a great Senator. Alexi the mob financier and the carpet bager Kenedy have no chance

I think if you look close at everything Mark Kirk has done in his past 5 terms, you will soon see this is a man worth supporting. Unlike many out there, he appears to be genuine. I'd support him.

Yes, he is running as a Republican. To say that a single vote on Cap and Trade warrants a complete abandonment of the GOP's best chance to win a Senate seat in a blue state (and Barack Obama's old senate seat at that) is ludicrous. Kirk has voted against all of the obscene spending packages of the Obama administration and firmly opposes Obamacare.
And to those who say he is not a moderate...well, how else would you define a moderate besides someone who doens't vote 100% with his party? On many issues, Kirk votes Republican. But on some, he votes Democratic. That means he is a right leaning moderate.
When it comes right down to it, there are no other viable candidates. Party unity is necessary to get him elected and Mark Kirk repreesnts the Republicans only chance to win the Illinois Senate seat.

Kirk has had "massive support from Democrats"???
You're dreaming! Dan Seals was the Dems' candidate of
choice and only the massive amount of $$ from the Bushies
on Kirk's behalf eked out a victory by Kirk.
He is NOT a "moderate"...he is an ex-CIA
agent who likes to hide that fact.
And his recent bid to mandate 20 year sentences for
pot dealers (because pot has gotten stronger)
...when the rest of the country is moving in the opposite
direction towards looney
and ignorant. (He doesn't know that ODing on
alcohol can kill you but not so with matter how strong
...besides helping people with wasting-away
I'd like a senator who has educated himself on
issues and not a former member of the secret police!

You people in ILL need to have a better understanding of government. Dude brings you a new project but taxes go up it is not a good thing. Silly government people promise stuff all the time, but private industry is the source of positive growth. If you support a regime that requires payolla, unionization, bribery, etc, you will remain in a caste system that you vote for. Good luck.

I say reject the government "care-takers" that only care for themselves. Wal-Mart doesn't let these jokers bribe so they reject Wal-Mart. However, potential workers sign up by the thousands. Why do the "leaders" force these employers to go elsewhere. Then they criticize Wal-Mart for not taking care of poor people.

Funny if not a joke on good people.

Patrick, thanks for pointing out that the government needs to stop spending insane amounts of money on hasty projects and pork. Kirk has voted with the Republican party against many crazy spending bills including the stimulus bill (full of pork). He also voted against the card check bill you referenced with your unionization comment. Kirk understands that we need to reign in spending if we ever want to get our country back on track.
Sarik, you say you want an educated senator but I think you need to brush up on your education. Rep. Kirk has no connections to the CIA. He is a highly respected Naval Intelligence officer who deployed to Afghanistan in December 2008. He has faithfully served our country in many active war zones and understands military issues better than most members of Congress thanks to that experience. He also has fought hard to protect the veterans who have served in past wars and who are coming home from the current wars. I certainly hope you do some research on issues besides pot before the primaries because you will find that Rep. Kirk is exactly who Illinois needs in the Senate!

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