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Kal Penn starts his White House job today


Actor Kal Penn finally starts his White House job today. Penn's joining the Obama administration was announced months ago. Penn will be working in Valerie Jarrett's shop as an Associate Director in the Office of Public Engagement.


So he could have finished out House for the season? Annoying.

When he told the staff working on the House TV series that he was leaving for a White House gig, they had to do away with him on the show somehow; so they made him commit suicide. I guess it will be something like a soap opera when he decides that acting is his thing and comes back.

"Kutner, I thought you were dead!"

"No. That was my twin."

Sounds like more bloated government. Just like we like it in Chicago.

by the time the oba and his crew are through with this guy, who's gonna put on tv, lawrence o'donnell? this administration is doing more to ultimately turn off young people than pat robertson.


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