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Mark Kirk defended by GOP Senate political shop after Democratic slam


After the Senate Democratic shop slammed Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.)--who told people he will get in the Senate race--the National Republican Senatorial Committee rushed back a rebuttal on Thursday afternoon.

The following email was sent by the NRSC sent this afternoon to their grassroots email list in Illinois....


Dear Republican Friend,

> />; Yesterday, U.S. Representative Mark Kirk (R-IL) announced that he was actively considering a bid for the United States Senate seat formerly held by President Obama. Already, less than 24 hours later, Democrats in Washington have released a web video attacking and distorting Kirk's record and experience during his five terms in Congress.

We're not normally in the business of promoting our opponents' attacks ads but thought it was important for you to see this one because it makes clear that the Democrats are already running scared.

Clearly, in the aftermath of the Blagojevich corruption case, the Democrats recognize they are in trouble in Illinois and what an embarrassing prospect it would be to lose President Obama's Senate seat to a Republican next November - despite the advantage of having the President, his Chief of Staff and the second-most powerful United States Senator all calling the Prairie State home.

Mark Kirk hasn't even officially announced a Senate run, and already he is the target of vicious political attacks. That is because Republicans have a very real opportunity to win back this critical Senate seat next year. With your continued help and support we will do just that.


Rob Jesmer
NRSC Executive Director

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Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee
Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee


Jesmer is a "Beltway baby" who is completely out of touch with Illinois. Illinois Republicans do not want Kirk, not now not ever. Kirk is a sure loser in 2010. The fact that the same people who gave us the Republican collapse in 2006-2008 back Kirk should tell you something about Kirk.

Andy Martin
Republican for U. S. Senator

I'm surprised the Dems jumped in with an early attack on Kirk. They should check his record, other than national security he votes with them quite often, even helping them pass the Cap N Tax bill.

Republicans dion't need another Arlon Spector in the senate.

"Republicans have a very real opportunity to win back this critical Senate seat next year." Really?

Not if Kirk gets the nomination.

Dems won't for him, and no conservative will (we'll be going 3rd party of some sort). Hence he has no chance of winning.

I fear it may take Super-Super-majorities of Dems in both houses to get the GOP leadership to wake up.

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