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Dennis Hastert son running for dad's ex-seat. Schock headlines funder


Below, from press release.....


BATAVIA - Ethan Hastert will welcome Congressman Aaron Schock to the 14th Congressional District for the Ethan Hastert for Congress Kick Off Reception, at the Edgebrook Country Club in Sandwich, Illinois on Friday, July 24, 2009.

"Congressman Schock is a leading Republican voice and is now a driving force for the future. I am truly honored by his attendance and excited he will be there to address our supporters." Hastert said.

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL), 27, is the youngest member of Congress and represents the 18th District of Illinois. Immediately upon taking office, his colleagues expressed their faith in his abilities by appointing him to the coveted Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He was also the only Republican freshman selected to serve on the influential Highways and Transit Subcommittee which is charged with drafting the five-year highway bill due for reauthorization this year. Schock was chosen by Leadership to serve as a Deputy Republican Whip. In his first two weeks in office, Schock succeeded in having an amendment adopted by the House mandating a web site to track the TARP (bailout) funds as part of the TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009.


More nepotism in US politics. He has no basis for running other than that his father held the seat previously. Like Lisa Murkowski, Ted Kennedy, Beau Biden, Linc Chafee, George W. Bush, and on and on, these people's candidacies would be jokes if it were not for their last names.

"Leading Republican voice . . ." Blah, blah, blah. This young kid isn't going to help draft anything of significance. He's just going to say "no" with a higher voice than most of the dinosaurs of his Party. So, this story wich sounded like a press release, is a non story, really.

Will Ethan Hastert and Aaron Schock help pay back the $700,000/plus or minus dollars it cost the taxpayers of the 14th District to pay for the Special Election that Denny Hastert caused by quitting early to get a jump on lobbying contracts like his one with the Republic of Turkey that Crain's reports pays out $38,500 per month?

What are Ethan Hasterts qualifications to be the next congressman, other than his last name?

Great. Another Hastert to follow in Daddy's footsteps. Maybe he can engineer a 3 million dollar payday land deal like his father did. Illinois will never be free of the scumbag politicians (redundant I know) until we stop re-electing the same d-bags (and thier kids) who will keep the same dem-repub combine running our great state!

Aaron Schock turned 28 on May 28, 2009. You might want to check your facts before publishing.

The question is - do any of you even live in the 14th Congressional District. It is good to have a familiar name, and I hope he succeeds. I am certain he will have the advice from a fine mentor. I say this as a resident of the 14th Congressional District.

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