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Dan Seals running again for 10th House seat


below, from Seals.....

Dear Friend,
Thank you for all of the kind letters, phone calls, and e-mails urging me to run for Congress. I am writing to tell you that today I am indeed announcing my candidacy to represent the people of the 10th district.

I am running to help the families of our community get back on solid ground. I have been struck by how this economic downturn has hit people of all communities and economic strata. I will work to make healthcare and energy costs more affordable, while focusing on job growth for our community. I know that President Obama shares these values, and I look forward to the opportunity to join President Obama in working towards a brighter future for our children and our community.

You also know that I have raised the alarm about our national debt. Once we have put out this economic fire, we must put our fiscal house back in order. In the long run, if we don't control our costs and reduce our debt, we risk not only our prosperity but that of future generations. I support President Obama's commitment to reduce the deficits and I will work with him to achieve it.

Abroad, we must continue to engage with the world to combat global warming, support human rights, and contain belligerent regimes such as Iran and North Korea. And I will continue to be a strong ally in Israel's quest for a sustainable and secure peace.

I look forward to talking and working with you on these and other issues in the coming months. If we can keep the focus on problem solving instead of partisanship, there's nothing we can't do.


Dan Seals

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very sad.

here's some advice. get a job. do something significant. get over yourself.

Maybe he'll give out free gas again. I hope the Democrats have someone better to offer than him. I don't want to have to waste my vot eon him FOR THE THIRD TIME!

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