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Obama tells gay leaders at reception, "welcome to your White House."

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WASHINGTON--President Obama, with First Lady Michelle Obama at his side, is hosting right now a reception at the White House for gay leaders, pegged to the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

There are "unjust laws to overturn," Obama said, "unjust practices" to stop.

Obama told the some 200 plus invitees,
"you have my thanks for the work you do every day in pursuit
of equality on behalf of the millions of people in this country who
work hard and care about their communities, and who are gay, lesbian,
bisexual, or transgendered.

"Now, this struggle, I don't need to tell you, is incredibly
difficult, although I think it's important to consider the
extraordinary progress that we have made. There are unjust laws to
overturn and unfair practices to stop. And though we've made
progress, there are still fellow citizens -- perhaps neighbors, or
even family members and loved ones -- who still hold fast to worn
arguments and old attitudes, who fail to see your families like their
families, and who would deny you the rights that most Americans take
for granted. And I know this is painful, and I know it can be

"And yet, all of you continue, leading by the force of the
arguments you make, but also by the power of the example that you set
in your own lives -- as parents and friends, as PTA members and
leaders in the community.

"And that's important. And I'm glad that so
many LGBT families could join us today -- for we
know that progress depends not only on changing laws, but also
changing hearts, and that real transformative change never begins in

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Good post Lynn - I wonder if anyone brought up the shift in signs and sentiments toward the President at Chicago's parade yesterday. Last year, Obama propanda was all positive and glowing - "Hope" and "Progress" seemed real. Yesterday, the signs and comments stuck to keeping his promises and taking REAL action on LGBT equality. There was a lot of disappointment on Halsted.

It would have been nice to celebrate something of substance at the White House today. A march is in the works for this fall to make sure all our voices are heard. I hope the march is a celebration and not a protest.

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