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Obama, Michelle Obama to meet with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican


WASHINGTON--President Obama and First Lady Michelle will meet Pope Benedict XVI on July 10 at the Vatican, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Wednesday. The purpose of the visit is "to discuss a range of issues, including their shared belief in the dignity of all people. That's on the upcoming trip."


i'm somewhat intrigued. at one point in life the pontiff was a member of 'the hitler youth'. would that prevent him from getting secret service clearence to visit the white house?

Uh no Jeff it would not. His Holiness, Benedict XVI, has already visited the White House and was received with much warmth & official State pageantry during the last year of the George W. Bush administration.

In addition he has acknowledged with sorrow & regret his membership in the Hitler Youth as it was compulsory in his native Germany while growing up.

7-10-0916:50 Michelle 's visit to see The Pope was so different in her actions than when she went to see The Queen,She made sure that she was as close to The Queen as she could be(without falling over herself)to get her picture done,She towered over The Queen,that her warm friendly nature led her to put all proctocol aside,that she had to put a patronising arm around The Queen.I noticed her warm friendly nature did not extend to The Pope at all,in having her picture with him.I did not realize That vistorsin audience with The Pope were expected to dress all in if in mourning for him.

the Pontiff had clearance at the White House the same way a man with ties to Wright, Ayres and Rezko did.

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