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Norm Coleman conceeds to Al Franken. Senate Democrats have 60 votes


It's now Sen.-elect Al Franken. After the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, now former Sen. Norm Coleman said he will give up pursuing more legal challenges.

"It's over," Coleman just said at a press conference in Minnesota.

This means the Senate Democrats now have 60 votes, a supermajority.


When I read stories about Al Franken pursuit towards becoming a senator, I simply shake my head and wonder why could we not have done the same thing with Barack Obama ascension to the Presidency of the White House?

People if you have not realize by now we have a bunch of clowns running the government of the state of Illinois, we deserve the Madigans, Cullertons and even the present governor who stopped talking and having discourse with the previous one for well over a year before taking his office.

No wonder he is asking for a 50% increase in income taxes. Shoot, he wasn't around either listening to the people's issues.

People WAKE UP! Stop voting party lines and start voting politically astute.

So, Minnesota just elected a cross between and imbecile and a buffoon. So, he can join the rest of the goofball party that is currently in control of congress, and accelerate the destruction of our country. If it wasn’t real, I’d think I was watching an episode from Saturday Night Live (but it is not joke). The Demos have already done more damage in 4 months than Jimmy Carter did in his full term, and now this.

Just how much money did Norm Coleman waste trying to force a win out of an election that he lost in November?

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