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Lisa Madigan, weighing Senate bid, meets with Obama, Jarrett and Emanuel at the White House



WASHINGTON--The Obama White House is pushing to have Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan run for the U.S. Senate; she was at the White House last Friday meeting with President Obama, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Madigan's spokesman, Robyn Ziegler, told me Wednesday about Madigan's White House visit designed to persuade Madigan to make the Senate contest rather than run for governor.

"They met and discussed the U.S. Senate seat," Ziegler told me.

"She has not made a decision as to what she is going to do. As you know she is considering her options and meeting with the president is an important step in that decision making process," Ziegler said.

I have been hearing Madigan might be giving more weight to running for the Senate, rather than for governor. I still think she's more partial to governor--but the full court press from Team Obama will be hard to ignore.

Here's the gist put out by a Madigan camper. Madigan is getting more serious but has a few conditions. If Madigan is to get in the Senate race, she wants an endorsement from Obama when she announces and she wants the Democratic primary field to be cleared of rivals.

Thre are two schools of thought on this. One, Madigan is really not interested in the Senate but wants to keep her name out there. Or two, she may think she can get what she wants.

Regarding the condition of jumping in the Senate contest, where she would like the Democratic primary field cleared beforehand: Madigan does not want to get in the Senate Democratic primary and then have it emptied because it would look like she had people muscle rivals out of the race.

If Madigan runs for governor, she will not get a primary pass; she would face Gov. Quinn. Quinn is a longtime friend of David Axelrod, Obama's senior advisor. Moving Madigan over to the Senate would have the extra advantage of clearing the field for Axelrod's friend, Quinn.

From the state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias camp, the word I get is that he's not getting out of the Senate race he's been in for months. Merchandise Mart mogul Chris Kennedy, of the Kennedy clan has been organizing a senate campaign but has not announced yet.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), I hear, wants Madigan to make a Senate bid.

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.), under an ethics cloud, has no political organization, backing or money. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the political arm of the Senate Democrats, has been trying to lure Madigan in the race on the grounds that she is strongest contender. Even though Illinois is heavily Democratic and Democrats control all state offices--and is the state that spawned Obama--the Blagojevich scandal and related Burris mess may threaten the Democratic hold on the seat once held by Obama.

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), I hear, is waiting to see what Madigan does before deciding to run for the Senate, governor or stay put. If Madigan runs for Senate, Kirk, if he seeks higher office, would consider governor. If Madigan goes for governor, the Senate race would look better.

At a commencement speech in Chicago Sunday, Sun-Times Political Reporter Abdon M. Pallasch asked Obama Axelrod Sunday about spin put out by some Giannoulias critics that the White House wanted Madigan as the nominee because if Obama's friend Giannoulias was the nominee, Obama's and Giannoulias' old friend, convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko, would become a campaign issue that caused spillover bad P.R. for Obama.

"The president has a lot of respect and affection for Alexi, for Lisa, but ultimately the party and voters here are going to have to decide who will be the strongest possible candidate right now," Axelrod said. "Our interest is in making sure the seat remains in Democratic hands. It's not up to the president to decide who the candidate should be, But that's the standard everyone should apply: Who would be the strongest candidate?"

Pallasch asked Axelrod: "Are you guys taking a 'hands off' approach or trying to recruit the best candidate?"

Axelrod responded: "We're talking to whoever wants to talk to us."


Typical Illinois politics at its best. BOO-HOO, if you want me to run, then clean the slate of all other candidates because I don't want to have to be beat up by the other thugs that might run in the primary (sounds like a play right out of old Arlen Spectors book. Can't win on the Republican side because of others running in primary who might beat my A$$ so I will go where there won't be anyone else to run against me in the primary)... Maybe the other 49 states should vote to through Illinois out of the union. Illinois voters wake up and throw the commies out.

Go Lisa GO! I hope Lisa runs for the US Senate. She's a worthy successor to President Obama's senate seat.


I don't get the excitement about Lisa Madigan. Putting aside her father's single-minded influence, I can't figure out what she's done that has been spectacular. She has been very quiet since becoming AG.

The federal attorney general has been very active in rooting out Illinois corruption. But we haven't heard much (well the ridiculous political grandstanding petition re Blago to the IL Supreme Court that was rejected without comment).

An attorney general who has done nothing about corruption in THIS state cannot be counted on to bring about the type of Change that will allow our state to end its reputation as the laughing stock of the country.

I know people like Lisa Madigan, but I have a bad test for her after the all whole "Blagojevich is retarded and therefore the courts must kick him out" at the start of the Blagojevich-Burris scandal. It was just an empty opportunistic political stunt and personally found it insulting to retarded people (I know it isn't the P.C. term, but my big sister was retarded and I loved her and so never thought of it as a bad word).

What is the status of Bobby Kennedy's son Chris? Wasn't he viewed as being the choice of many of Obama's team, including David Axelrod?

I don't give a rat's a$$ which Dem runs. After the way Obama stole the primary from Hillary, and after all the corruption in this state, I am kicking them all out. How about a couple of Republican senators for Illinois? What have Obama and Durbin done for us anyway, except pick our pockets? And seriously, Lisa Madigan may be a lovely woman, but she is tainted by the politics of her step-father and the Daley machine. Let's get rid of them all, and then get new people in every other election. Enough of them living the high life off of our tax dollars. Serve the people of your state for a few years, and then get a real job.

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