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House Democratic draft health care bill. Read it here.


Talk about health care reform is one thing--what is actually in the House or Senate biil is another. The three House committees working on health care on Friday released their unified draft legislation.





Friday, June 19, 2009

House Democrats Unveil Discussion Draft for Providing Quality,
Affordable Health Care for All Americans

Proposal Embodies President Obama's Goals of Lower Costs, More Choices,
and Access to Quality, Affordable Care

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the chairmen of the three committees with
jurisdiction over health policy in the U.S. House of Representatives
unveiled their discussion draft for health care reform that would reduce
out-of-control costs, improve choices and competition for consumers and
expand access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans. The
discussion draft would guarantee that almost every American is covered
by a health care plan that is both affordable and offers quality,
standard benefits by 2019.

Consistent with President Obama's goals, the draft builds on what works
in the current health care system by strengthening employer-provided
care, while fixing what is broken with it. The draft would cover more
Americans than any other proposal released to date.

Over the past several months House Committees on Education and Labor,
Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce have been working together as
one committee - an unprecedented approach - to develop one proposal for
health care reform. In releasing their discussion draft today, the
chairmen reiterated that they will continue to seek the input of all
members and stakeholders during hearings and markups in the coming

"President Obama issued a call to action to reform our nation's health
care system and the House Committees have answered in an unprecedented
way, working as one to produce a draft that will help control costs,
preserve and expand coverage and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid," said
U.S. Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-NY), the Chairman of the Ways and Means
Committee Chairman. "In the coming weeks, we will continue working with
our colleagues and stakeholders to move this draft forward so we can
create a new day in American health care that will benefit our nation
for generations to come."

"This draft sets out a very practical and uniquely American proposal,"
said U.S. Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-CA), the Chairman of the Energy and
Commerce Committee. "It fulfills President Obama's commitment to
provide quality, affordable health care for all. Nothing is more
important to the long term health of the American people."

"Today marks a historic moment in America's urgent quest to fix our
broken health insurance system," said U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA),
the Chairman of the Education and Labor Committee. "Our discussion draft
is the first step in delivering on the fundamental change that President
Obama has called for, and that families and businesses need, by building
a truly American solution to reduce costs, offer real choice, and
guarantee affordable, quality health care for all."

"We are beginning an important process that I am confident will make
history. The discussion draft is the first step towards creating a
distinctly American Solution to our health care crisis. This bill
includes a public option, which will provide the American people with a
real choice," said U.S. Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the Chairman Emeritus
of the Energy and Commerce Committee. This public option will lower
costs and establish consumer protections that private companies have
refused to commit to. The cooperation between Chairmen Miller, Rangel
and Waxman is unprecedented and it is my pleasure to be working with
them. We are committed to working with all the members in writing a bill
that will provide quality, affordable care for all but also prevent the
next great economic crisis we face."

"Today's draft is the result of cooperation between members of the
House. The bill provides affordable, quality health care for all," said
U.S. Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA), the Chairman of the Ways and Means
Subcommittee on Health. "The discussion draft builds on what works. It
keeps employer-sponsored insurance, makes market reforms, and limits
catastrophic costs. The draft improves the Medicare program;
eliminating co-pays for preventive care and the 'donut hole.'"

"While this country has the best medical care in the world, fewer and
fewer people are able to access it and more and more people can't afford
it," said U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) the Chairman of Energy and
Commerce Subcommittee on Health. "Today we are taking a big step towards
historic health care reform for all Americans. History is not often made
in a day and it certainly won't be made without continued hard work, but
this plan is a big step on a truly meaningful issue. A new day for
health care is now closer in sight."

"We are not going to have economic growth until our health care system
is fixed. Nearly a fifth of our economy is spent on health care, and
while our world competitors continue to offer more efficient care,
America lags behind," said U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ), the Chairman of
the Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee. "Insured
Americans bear the heavy financial burden for those who cannot afford
coverage and millions of struggling families cannot meet the rising
costs. This plan is about freeing financial waste within our system and
getting more value for our dollar so that we can afford to cover the 46
million uninsured Americans and freeing up money to be invested toward
out nation's economic growth."

The key principles of the House Democratic discussion draft for health
care include, among other things:

Increasing choice and competition. First, the proposal would protect and
improve consumers' choices.

* If an individual likes their current plan, they would be able
to keep it.

* For individuals who either aren't currently covered, or wanted
to enroll in a new health care plan, the proposal would establishes a
health care exchange where consumers can select from a menu of
affordable, quality health care options: either a new public health
insurance plan or a plan offered by private insurers. People will have
similar choices that Members of Congress have.

* This new marketplace would reduce costs, create competition
that leads to better care for every American, and keep private insurers
honest. Patients and doctors would have control over decisions about
their health care, instead of insurance companies.

Giving Americans peace of mind. Second, the proposal would ensure that
Americans have portable, secure health care plans - so that they
wouldn't lose care if their employer drops their plan or they lose their

* Every American who receives coverage through the exchange will
have a plan that includes standardized, comprehensive and quality health
care benefits.
* It would end increases in premiums or denials of care based on
pre-existing conditions, age, race or gender.
* The proposal would also eliminate co-pays for preventative care,
cap out-of-pocket expenses and guarantee catastrophic coverage that
protects every American from bankruptcy.

Improving quality of care for every American. Third, the proposal would
ensure that Americans of all ages, from young children to retirees have
access to greater quality of care by focusing on prevention, wellness
and strengthening programs that work.

* Guarantees that every child in America will have health care
coverage that includes dental and vision benefits.
* Provides better preventative and wellness care. Every health
care plan offered through the exchange would cover preventative care.
* Grows the health care workforce to ensure that more doctors and
nurses are available to provide quality care as more Americans get
* Strengthens Medicare and Medicaid so that seniors and low-income
Americans receive better quality of care and see lower prescription drug
costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

Ensuring shared responsibility. Fourth, the draft would ensure that
individuals, employers and the federal government all share
responsibility for a quality and affordable health care system.

* Employers who currently offer coverage would be able to
continue offering coverage to workers. Employers who don't currently
offer coverage could choose to pay for their workers to gain health care
coverage through the exchange or pay a penalty.

* All individuals would be required to get coverage, either
through their employer or the exchange, or pay a penalty.

* The federal government would provide affordability credits,
available on a sliding scale for low- and middle-income individuals and
families to make premiums affordable and reduce cost-sharing.

Protecting consumers and reduces waste, fraud and abuse. Fifth, the
proposal would put the interests of consumers first, protect them from
any problems in getting and keeping health care coverage, and reduce
waste, fraud and abuse.

* Provides complete transparency in plans in the health exchange
so that consumers have the clear, complete information needed to select
the plan that best meets their needs.

* Establishes Consumer Advocacy Offices as part of the exchange
to protect consumers, answer questions and assist with any problems
related to their plans.

* Would identify and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse by
simplifying paperwork and other administrative burdens. Patients,
doctors, nurses, insurance companies, providers and employers would all
encounter a streamlined, less confusing, more consumer friendly system.

To view a complete summary of the discussion draft, click here
Reform-BillSummary.pdf> .

To view detailed fact sheets and more information on what the health
care reform discussion draft means for American families, click here
ml> .



CBO just came out with figures of 1 plus trillion to cover 18 million currently uninsured. Reform is required. Without tort reform will we ever get to serious cost reduction?

The business of business is their chosen service or product for the market. Would American health care be better served if businesses were relieved of also being in the business of Health care for their employees?

Read Title IV - Amendments to IRS code pages 135-143 for penalty information for individuals who choose to avoid insurance, or reporting information thereon. This bill ties your IRS records to your health records. Many might not care, but some do, and if an individual is deprived of freedom to opt out, we have diminished all of us.

The Mayo Clinic that President Obama held up as an example of good medicine said Monday that the American people would be the losers under the House's health care proposal.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly hailed as offering top quality care at affordable costs, blasted the House Democrats' version of the health care plan.

The Clinic said there are some positive elements of the bill, but overall the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients. In fact, it will do the opposite, clinic officials said, because the proposals aren't patient-focused or results-oriented. The real losers will be the citizens of the United States.

If the Government is going to make me participate in one of its programs. Its got a fight on its hands. My freedoms my choice.Lets take it all the way to the supreme court. You will not deny me my freedoms as stated in the constitution

The current non-system of health care delivery offers no choic: employer selects the insurer and plan, the insurer selects the network. If you like that, keep it.

I want real choice and security that if I lose my job I'll still have health insurance.

Currently, that's not true.

I am bemused by folks who say that the health plan proposals would eliminate choice. Most people lucky enough to have insurance are at the mercy of the insurance company for choice of doctor, hospital and procedure.
Medicare, run by the government, is an improvement for many of us. It also does not divert money from our premiums to huge executive salaries, profits to stockholders and advertising. Nor does it deny payment on trumped up charges or drop you if you get sick.

Wake up people. "Harry & Louise" may be dead, but their health industry funded heirs are still busy insinuating lies.

Posted by I AM an American

"If the Government is going to make me participate in one of its programs. Its got a fight on its hands. My freedoms my choice.Lets take it all the way to the supreme court. You will not deny me my freedoms as stated in the constitution"

The government is not forcing you to participate in anything. if you already have insurance, you can keep it. where does it state in the article that you are being force to participate and/or accept its program?

i work in healthcare and i, along with other people that work in healthcare that know the system, are frustrated with the way insurance companies make the decisions. especially life and death decisions! there needs to be a reform!!

there's other issues like how because my wife was pregnant, they would not give her health insurance. so what were we supposed to do? do you think that's fair?

I have cancer. It will kill me, eventually. The most effective treatment for me is not available in the US. My insurance company will not cover the cost of treatment abroad. The big pharmaceutical company that makes the treatment could offer it here but doesn't because they now have a market for another drug people with my disease must take for life. The FDA says they can't force any company to provide a treatment even if it saves lives. Even if it is being used elsewhere by the same company doing business in the US. This is seriously messed up, folks. My life is on the line. But what jams me most is: folks who insist on "not being forced" to have health insurance still have to be treated if they go to the hospital. Who pays their bills? We all do. The number of non-insured folks who actually pay for their healthcare is just about zip.

You have to be insured to drive a car. How about insurance being required to walk the streets?


the us economy balloon is being structured to look full. on the inside there is no manufacturing base as those jobs have been wrestled off too foreign lands, yet the goods are still artificially inflated in price. Those who make these goods are more like slaves then anything, working in horrid conditions and poisoning their lands. In this economy few can afford to purchase a vehicle. Tobacco has been vilified for its huge burden on the medical insurance community yet alcohol remains
off limits even now as it cause a huge burden on insurance companies and destroys american households and lives. now they want to reign in the cost of health care. A student takes out 120000 loan for a job that will end up making 40k at.

I am an American too:

You querried: "The government is not forcing you to participate in anything. if you already have insurance, you can keep it. where does it state in the article that you are being force to participate and/or accept its program?"

Answer: * All individuals would be required to get coverage, either through their employer or the exchange, or pay a penalty.

Also: * Employers who currently offer coverage would be able to continue offering coverage to workers. Employers who don't currently offer coverage could choose to pay for their workers to gain health care coverage through the exchange or pay a penalty.

The penalties of which the bill speaks are the "force" part. The American people will be forced to "choose" either the government plan OR a huge fine. Employers will have to choose between insuring some of their people and letting some go so they can insure the rest OR pay a huge fine and letting some go so they can pay the fine. Some families & employers will keep the plans they have now, granted, but if & when those circumstances change (loss of employment, move, bankruptcy etc) they will then be forced to take the government plan.

My family cannot, currently, afford to pay for health insurance. If we choose not to participate in the Government plan we will continue to do what we do now. 1. Pray for God to heal us. 2. If neccesary, go to the doctor/ dentist and pay the cost of the healthcare we initiate. We will also have to bear the burden of paying a huge fine and paying for everyone else's healthcare through our taxes.

Why is there no discussion about reforming and regulating the current insurance companies that are now in place. That is where the reform needs to take place.

Government's role is not to provide services and money to people.
The sole purpose of our government is to protect our constitutional rights. That is it. We live in a society today that thinks that they "deserve" things and that just isn;t the case.
Most americans can see that something eventually has to change. But throwing tons of money at the problem and encouraging more government meddling is not the answer. There is a system in place and that needs to be fixed not completely thrown out. 80% percent of americans are happy with the healthcare they have. Our cancer mortality rates are lower than most and we have apretty darn good system that needs to be tweaked. That is all.

I would like to read the actual bill and not someones opinion of it.

The only thing I see with this is they say it won't come into effect until 2019 that's a long way's away so take there time read the bill. The problem they say no more paper work for dr and nurses but I work with special needs people whats it going to do to our paper work. they always say no more red tape but are they sure of this .and is the government going to take everything we own one of these days like the special needs.And what is wrong with people having free speech at town haall meetings plu this needs to be explained a little better on the waiste and the sliding of this bill.

I am concerned that this gov. healthcare "option' is going to end up being like the public school system. Where it takes twice as much money to get a bad education as it would to get a good private education. I am concerned that there will be more whining for more money over and over and see no improvement. I think the government has destroyed choice in schools and it is going to destroy choice in healthcare. You are going to get a system where you pay twice as much for mediocrity, because gov. tends to eliminate choice and freedom.

Thank you nymous, I needed something like this

You DO have a choice now. Just because your employer offers healthcare you do not have to take it. You can turn it down and either get a plan through one of many companies that offer plans (Blue Cross, Humana, etc.) or not. With the government's plan if you don't want to get coverage, you DO NOT have that CHOICE. You are forced to get it or you WILL BE FINED. That, my friends is communism. I think we need some reform but there is a right way and a wrong way. I also believe that all people should, if they can, get health insurance. I believe that there should be more "group options", like for fire fighters or hair dressers, etc. So if you want to get coverage there is a "group" you would fall in and get it at less cost. However, I also believe that one of the great things about our country is that we are free to be stupid if we want to.... but then you have to take the responsibility for it. Can't afford kids, don't get isn't my responsibility. If we didn't have so many multi generational welfare recipients, we'd be in a much better situation in this country. And now they want to add people who are in this country illegally? How is that smart?

dont like the health care you should have the right or not ot have insurance you should not be forced to get health care and if you cant afford it you get taxed 1,000 dollars

Folks this is not about healthcare, this is about control. The government wants control of you and your life.

This will provide less choice, less care and will cost this nation dearly for decades to come. If they were serious about fixing the problems that ail a good healthcare system they would. They refuse to address the following which are at the core of the issue:
1) Some level of tort reform
2) Immigration reform
3) Minimizing coverage mandates that drive up costs for things like wigs, viagra, in-fertility
4) Pharmaceutical reform so American consumers can pay the same price as Mexican consumers for the same drug
5) Insurance reform that discriminates against pre-exisitng conditions
6) Opening up nationwide competition among insurance companies
7) Medicare and Medicaid paying their full share so the consumers don't have to make up the difference through cost shifting
8) Market reform that promotes consumerism. Insureds seek out providers that have the best outcomes at the best costs.
9) Stringent fraud controls . There is minimal fraud in private plans but a lot of fraud in government plans because profit driven companies watch the cash register. The government just prints more money.
10) Expand and reform Medicaid for the uninsured, the enormous waste of a federal program.

I could go on (and on). Any of this make sense? It sure does, that's why it's not being talked about. and that's why this is a power grab.

We have a good system that needs work. You don't need to have the government annex 17% of the economy.

You don't amputate a leg if you have a sprained ankle do you?

Let's wake up and see this for what it is.

All those of you who are opposed to the efforts to reform health care in this country are seriously confused. No one is trying to make you do anything! No one wants to kill you! No one wants to kill your grandma! All we want as Americans (just like you!) is an opportunity to benefit from the same care you have. While you may be able to afford it, not everyone can. There are so many people in this nation (your neighbors, your mailman, your teachers, your babysitters, etc.) that do not have health care and are suffering because of it. Why are none of you reading what's right in front of your eyes? Why are you all playing into the hate? Why are none of you asking questions and actually listening to the answers? Don't you see that this is tearing our country apart? You are not dumb and you are not illiterate (or you would not be reading this blog). So stop playing into what these big corporations want you to believe and do your research. Brainwashing the minds of the elderly is sickening and truly heartbreaking. STOP LETTING THOSE WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM KEEPING THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE DO THIS TO YOU!!!

Health care is crippled but not broken. This plan will break it. Under no circumstance will our government be able to effectively administer and manage what possibly amounts to the largest endeavor ever conceived by a least 10 times and maybe 100 times any other government endeavor, and yet requires the highest level of expertise. It is beyond foolish to believe that the government can create a medical community governing body that requires doctors, medical administrators, insurance specialists, claims evaluators, accountants, auditors, pharmacists, record keepers, etc. that will be able perform anywhere near the expertise and efficiency of the current private system. There is no denying that as a country we have failed to provide for the citizenry in an equitable manner across economic class, but this is not the plan that will provide equality in health care coverage; it is the plan that will tear the country apart. The section summaries of the plan shown at indicate the plan provides for the worst type of bureaucratic decision tree conceivable to execute the plan. It is clear to me that the haste to reform health care has simply resulted in a bad plan. It needs to be acutely restructured before I will support it.

the government IS forcing you to participate. if I don't want coverage, I SHOULD NOT have to pay a penalty. they ARE taking away our freedom. sure, health care in our country does need reform, but not the way bo is trying to make it. we DO NOT need more government involvement. as it is, the government has expanded way too much with bo in office. they are spending way too much money, at the expense of ME!!! I don't want to pay for anything else. the "stimulus" package is not working. way to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money. the bailout? wow. again. bo really inspires me. isn't that all he cares about anyway- inspiring people? say no to his healthcare plan.

time to go back to the old coury

i will not support anything that gives people who are here illegally health coverage.GO BACK HOME

Most of you are only concerned with what you are seeing (or not seeing) done by our government. You are not looking at history nor what truly is transpiring. The debate can go on and on, but the bottom line is that we cannot afford this. Many americans have had trouble with their homes due to economics, poor decisions, or poor financial planning. So to has the government with their poor fiscal planning, bailouts and control over business. How can we possibly pay for this? We are so indebted to other countries, will they (China and other debt holders) now control our government decisions or will we risk financial ruin? Look at Russia and their collapse as they tried to keep financial pace with us. You cannot spend what you dont have, it is called budgeting...something our government has no idea of how to the tune of $5 trillion dollars...(I want a lear jet, but gee...I cant afford one...mmmmmm)

The same folks who spend all their time wailing on good people who want sensible legislation enacted to take care of their fellow Americans and themselves will also tell you they value and live by their bible..the most masterful example of hypocrisy ever realized. What exactly would Jesus say, folks? 'Ooh, sorry guys, I know you're dying and in pain and all, but I just don't have the money to save you.'. No he wouldn't-- he'd be ashamed of you. And these other slick talking monsters who've got their pockets filled by the Insurance Industry: Joe Lieberman, John Boehner, Olympia Snowe, Mary Landrieu, Eric Cantor, Mitch Mcconnell, Ben Nelson--they ought to be ashamed of themselves too. They're selling out the people of the United States of America for their own gain. Know your enemy, guys--they're called Democrats AND Republicans..and neither party is working for us anymore.

The link to a website that was posted by nymous on Aug. 11 that claimed to be the health care bill that was approved in the House last night was NOT. Again, it is someone else's opinion. What a shame there are so many "opinions" that put such a negative spin on something that people in other countries, with supposedly less resources than us, take for granted. Their health! This bill is no where near how far it needed to go in order to remove the huge amount of stress that is on so many of us regarding such a basic human right, life!! There has been so much greed and deceipt in America, YES this unfortunately forces smart Americans to realize more control has to happen. It's a vicious circle! Every baby who is born deserves the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness right? You can't even begin to get anything without good medical care and should not change as we grow and mature. People who don't understand this as a basic need/right and can't get it will never understand!!

I notice that the link to the "bill" is presented by A NATIONWIDE PUBLIC INTEREST RELIGIOUS CIVIL LIBERTIES LAW FIRM

I'd like to read the ACTUAL bill - the one that is actually being voted on. Not one that has be "preinterpreted" by special interest groups.

I agree with Disciple54jil. Will the elected Czars in the Democratic Party allow us poor ignorant common people to read the actual bill? Hell, I don’t see what they should be afraid of. They know we want understand it, because we’re too dumb. Hell we elected them didn’t we!

""All those of you who are opposed to the efforts to reform health care in this country are seriously confused. No one is trying to make you do anything! No one wants to kill you! No one wants to kill your grandma!""

are you so sure? look up newsweek - the case for killing granny. this was on the cover just a month or two ago. great argument btw, everyone who disagrees with you is confused? or a right winger nutjob? or a bible thumper??

the best slave is the one under the delusion of freedom

HA HA, read the actually bill?? im sure the majority of those voting on it havent read it either. Notice how everything shady gets put through on sat night. just like the patriot act

The following have to be addresses
1) Do away with the middle man--there is a grass roots effort to provide clinics that offer evidence based medicine that hands you a list of the prices for a full physical--~$200. If we remove the middle man ,insurance, we will lower the cost-- a physician's office would not need a billing and coding department--how many insurance executives make less than $100,000.
2) Fight for the American Medical Association to allow Family Nurse Practitioners to provide care without their hovering and worrrying we are going to take their money Historically- FNP's have provided excellent care. The physicians have been fully acceptable to FNP's working with llower socio-economic persons-- HOWEVER- when we began to reach into their pockets of people with money-- all of a sudden we were and still are considered a threat-- so poor people can use us FNP's but richer people deserver PHYSICIANS??? I do not think so !
3) Limit lawsuits-- negligence is not the only reason families receive large settlements-
4) EVERYONE should be required to pay a small amount for their health-- how many people without health insurance have a mobile phone, cable, go out to eat and to a movie 2-3 times a month

just thinking in NC

Grandparent of Diabetic: As a grandparent of a grandchild with Type 1 Diabetis, I am totally for the health bill. If she does not go to college, then her insurance ends, which exists on her fathers insurance. The pre-existing condition would allow her to be able to purchase insurance and not be turned down by the insurance companies that now exist.

I was coverd by insurance until I suffered a stroke at 28, no I did not smoke, drink, do drugs, or any illiset behavor I simply had a bloodclot go to my brain because my blood started clotting to much. I can no longer work (it is taking a long time to type this) so I no longer have insurance and have had 3 blood clots damage my heart, with many other health issues and can not get insurance because this is all pre-existing conditions.even though I worked for over 20 years I can not get disability because I am to young (under 65) so I pay my bills have lost my home and have no savings to pay for my son to go to cllege everything we ever saved is gone. So hard work and savings, as well as my husbands career being lost over being called by the hospital to come make life and death decisions. You can loose everything in a second over not haveing insurance don't take it for granted.... I wish I could get the medications needed without deciding what I will give up this month. AND FOR THE RECORD I DO NOT HAVE A CELL PHONE , CABLE, OR A FREE DIME TO GO TO DINNER OR EVEN MCDONALD .49 CHEESE BURGER!!!!!!!!

The problem is that the one trillion dollars used to fund this healthcare bill is coming from Medicare. Medicare is in danger of going bankrupt in the next 10 years and needs to be restructured. Seniors, who depend on Medicare, have paid these funds in and under the healthcare plan their benefits are being cut. This money is going to insure people who have never paid in. I would call this robbery!

I would like to see the problems addressed carefully, addressing each problem individually which would help the problem as a whole. This is just a bandaid, a very expensive one.

i want to read the new bill not a bunch of bull shit from a bunch of other people why are we not allowed to read the bill its self?


You won't support anything that gives "illegals" medical coverage? Well guess what? You already pay for it. I am a welfare worker and they do get coverage, through Medicaid. How do you think Medicaid has been funded since you were old enough to pay taxes? For that matter, illegals also pay into the Medicaid system with their wages. Contrary to many peoples beliefs, most illegals don't draw cash wages. They borrow a friend or family member's social security number, or get one that is good for work only, then pay into our system money that they can never access again through the social security system. Hundreds of thousands of them pay state, federal, and local taxes. Like it or not they are in integral part of our economy.

You also say "Can't afford kids, don't get isn't my responsibility". Well, guess again. You do pay for other people's healthcare choices and have been doing so from the first time you paid income taxes, property taxes, or any other taxes. Our welfare programs are funded by the people for the people - so that the day that you need help, it is there for you. Our programs have experienced a huge increase in the past 12 months, many clients are people who have never accessed welfare benefits before and have always worked and had health insurance. Our society's growing 'every man for himself' attitude and huge gaps in our healthcare system send many people who aren't part of generational welfare families to the streets and to county indigency programs where we all pick up the tab.

Those of you who have actually read this new healthcare bill raise your hands. It is easy for the person who does not have cancer, a terminally ill child, or a financially devastating medical situation to sit back and pass judgment on people with greater needs than their own. Try walking in a few different pairs of shoes before you jump on another wagon.

Many of you also talk of socialism, communism, or fear over the loss of your freedom. If that is really what you think then it is time to wake up and educate yourself. You have been paying for other people's needs from day 1, it has just been put by you with much more finesse and in much neater packages.

I have yet to find a true copy of the Health Care Bill signed into Law.

This is nothing other than an Obama control of us all.

Old people shall die early because of no health care. babies will be likked before being born. Now that leave the middle aged and teens. He thinks that they can be brain washed and if not he can puleed out his IRS people to threaten them.

The good news here is that most of the IRS agents hates his damn bill also. The Military knows what it is also and will niot stand for a President to tell the country what to do.

These pricks in DC work for the people or they will be out of a job.

We do not forget, we still know what happen on 9/11 after all these years and we will remember what the demoncrats have does to us.

if the bill is so good HOW come the writers of the bill are excluded..........WHY

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