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Burris asked to resign by Washington Post. So what else is new?


WASHINGTON--Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) has brushed off waves of calls for him to resign--from newspapers and elected officials. The recent release of wiretaps of conversations between him and the brother of tainted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich prompted yet another round of stories pounding nails on his poltiical coffin.

On Monday, the Washington Post weighed in as if Burris would budge just because an out-of-state paper barked at him. The summary last graf of the Washington Post editorial:

We warned that anyone who accepted the appointment from Mr. Blagojevich to fill Mr. Obama's Senate seat would be suspect. With each passing month, Mr. Burris proves us right. He proves why the power to fill Senate vacancies should rest with voters at the ballot box in a special election. And he proves why he should resign.


I am disappointed in the Senate. Why oh why don't they take it to him. It is really sad that they don't step up,and have him removed. It makes the senate look bad, it is bad for the democrrats for the poison to be in office. Burris is only interested in staying long enough to collect what ever golden parachute is available to him. I don't blame Roland at all the Senate is the real problem.

Harry Reid if you're listening....your political future is tied up with this joker name Roland Burris. Both you gentlemen better enjoy the moment because the end is in sight.

Actually, he never gave any money. Talking with Blago or Blago's brother is not a crime and Blago was still the legal governor at the time.

The Dems need his vote more than they need a "pure" Senator.

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