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Zach Braff, Rep. Jesse Jackson among guests at White House arts night. Complete guest list.


WASHINGTON--Scrubs star Zach Braff and several well connected Chicagoans including John Rogers, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Ald. Sandi Jackson and David Solow scored invites to Tuesday arts night at the White House hosted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle.

Rogers, a close friend of the Obama's--and former husband of White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers--is the founder of Ariel Investments. Another invitee was Matt Yale and his wife, Deborah. Yale was the vice president of public affairs for Ariel--and now is the deputy chief of staff for Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Solow is a Chicago attorney and fund-raiser; Rep. Jackson was an Obama campaign co-chair and is a long-time friend as is his wife, Sandi.

Check out the entire list (included in this post) for a roadmap into the Obama political, personal and arts world. Tuesday's event was devoted to poetry, music and the spoken word. The White House--as other administrations--uses these occasions to build and or maintain relationships.

Students from local universities: American, Gallaudet, Georgetown and Howard were also invited.

I am a big, big Scrubs fan. Braff gets a special salute from me because he was nice enough to give me a brief interview back in February, 2007 on his way into an Obama fund-raiser at the Beverly Hilton. Braff, a Northwestern University alumni, brought his NU friend, songster Joshua Radin as his guest.

Others of note:

From the Chicago area--Attorney Elvin Charity; Mark Eleveld, the Joliet teacher and author; Josh Goldman, the husband of Ikram Goldman, the Chicago boutique owner and unofficial Mrs. Obama fashion advisor.

Notables: HOPE poster artist Shepard Fairey; actor Hill Harper; actor/director Spike Lee; actor Jon Lovett; ABC's George Stephanopoulous and wife Alexandra Wentworth; director George Stevens; Washington Post's Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee.

Check out the rest....

President Obama and First Lady Michelle
Mr. Alexander Naro Abenchuchan
Yohannes Abrahams
Mr. Jordan Acker, Huntington Woods, MI
Yamiche Alcindor
Kurt Alexander
Ms. Tatiana Ali, Encino, CA
Ms. Anastacia Ali (Guest)
Chief Allen
Ms. Jessica Anderson, Stillwater, MN
Sekou Andrews
Ms. Jayde Ashford, Dallas, TX
Erica Austin
Ms. Maude L. Baggetto
Mr. Timothy Bainum, Washington, DC
Ms. Teal Baker, Washington, DC
Ms. Hilary Baltimore, Potomac, MD
Mr. Thomas Baltimore, Potomac, MD
Mr. Josh Bartell, GWU
Mr. Ian Bassin
Mr. Emmett Beliveau
Mr. Ashley Bell
The Honorable (Vice President) Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Vice President of the United States
Dr. Jill Biden, Spouse of the Vice President of the United States
Ms. Sara Blaisdell, American University
Mr. Richard F Bland
Ms. LaShondra Booker, Howard University
Ms. Natalie Bookey, Staff Assistant, Office of the First Lady
Mr. Joe Boswell, Executive Assistant to Jackie Norris, Office of the First Lady
Mr. Zach Braff, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Joshua Radin (Guest)
Mr. Xavier Briggs, Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget
Cynthia Briggs
Joe Brings Plenty, Chairman of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Ms. Kendall Burman
Mrs. Angela Burt-Murray, Editor-in-Chief, Essence Magazine
Mr. Leonard Murray
Mr. Will Butler, Quebec, CA
Mrs. Jenny Shore Butler, Quebec, CA
Mr. Win Butler, Quebec, CA
Mrs. Regine Chassagne, Quebec, CA
Ms. Cassandra Butts, Office of the White House Counsel
Mr. Calvin Cafritz
Mrs. Jane Cafritz
Ms. Ali Campoverdi
Mr. Shawn Carter
Ms. Amilee (Shaila) Cattouse
Ms. Corrine Charity, Chicago, IL
Mr. Elvin Charity, Chicago, IL
Ms. Debra Martin Chase, Burbank, CA
Ms. Alexandra Kathleen Chema
Mr. Franklin Chi, Washington, DC
Ms. Emma Christman, President-Elect, Howard College Democrats, Bowie, MD
Mr. Jamie Citron, Washington, DC
Mr. Jared Clark
Ms. Maura Clark, GWU
Mr. Joshua Cohen
Mr. Steve Connell
Mr. Daniel P. Crawford, Washington, DC
Ms. Danielle Crutchfield
Ms. Ann Dailey, Washington, DC
Mr. Ian Davis, Austin, TX
Mr. Matthew Delligatti, Mayor of Fairmont, WV
Mr. Joshua Dubois
Mr. Mark Eleveld, Joliet, IL
The Honorable (Mr.) Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to the President
Ms. Elisabeth Evans
Mr. Shepard Fairey, Los Angeles, CA
Mrs. Amanda Ayala Fairey, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. William Farley
Mr. Alan Fitts, Office of the First Lady
Mr. Adam Frankel, Speechwriting/Research
Ms. Alicia Froio, Washington, DC
Ms. Kate Gage, Washington, DC
The Honorable (Mr.) Patrick Gaspard, Office of Political Affairs
Mr. Julius Genachowski, Washington, DC
Mrs. Rachel Goslins, Washington, DC
The Honorable (Mr.) Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary
Ms. Kailyn Maureen Glassmacher
Catherine Maureen Glassmacher (Guest)
Mr. Josh Goldman, Chicago, IL
Mr. Jason Green, White House Counsel
Ms. Ana Sol Guitierrez, Maryland Delegate
Ms. Nikki Gulick, Washington, DC
Ms. Nanya Gupta, Springfield, VA
Mr. Michael Halle, Washington, DC
Shemeko Hang
Mr. Hill Harper, Los Angeles, CA
Cynne Simpson (Guest)
Ms. Treesia Georgian Herbert, Howard University
Tony Hill
Mr. Adam Hitchcock, Office of the Chief of Staff
Ms. Caitlin Howarth, Washington, DC
Mr. Adam Hoyer, Silver Spring, MD
Ms. Sarah Hurwitz
The Honorable (Rep) Jesse Jackson, Jr., United States Representative (D/Illinois)
Mrs. Sandra S Jackson, United States Representative Spouse
Shanelle Jackson
The Honorable (Ms.) Valerie Jarrett, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor
Ms. Kristin Jarvis, Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide, Office of the First Lady
Ms. Christine Johnson, Washington, DC
The Honorable (Rep) Hank Johnson, United States Representative (D/Georgia)
Alexandrine Debianchi (Guest)
Ms. Katie Johnson, Oval Office Operations
Ms. Carol Joyner
Amal Judge, President, Howard College Democrats, Washington, DC
Mr. Cody Keenan
Ms. Victoria Kirby, Howard University
Ms. Mary Koles
Mr. Andrew Korge, Coral Gables, FL
Mr. Rocco Landesman
Ms. Rachel Landry
Mr. Tyler Lechtenberg, Director of Correspondence, Office of the First Lady
Mr. Gary Lee
Mr. Spike Lee, New York, NY
Mrs. Tanya Lewis Lee, New York, NY
Ms. Danielle Leger
Mr. Bill Lewis, New York, NY
Mrs. Carol Sutton Lewis, New York, NY
Ms. Jenny Lewis
Mr. Seth London
Mr. Jon Lovett
Mrs. Katie Lucas, San Anselmo, CA
Ms. Devon Spurgeon, Chicago, IL (Guest)
Mr. Nicholas Ma
Ms. Kellie Macias, Baltimore, MD
Mr. Yamad Macias, Baltimore, MD
Mr. Tracy Maitland, New York, NY
Mrs. Kimberly Maitland, New York, NY
Ms. Angie Martinez
The Honorable (Ms.) Alyssa Mastromonaco, White House Office of Scheduling
Mr. Brian Mathis, New York, NY
Mrs. Tracey Kemble, New York, NY
Mr. Lukas McGowan
Mr. Matthew McGuire, Chicago, IL
Ms. Jayme McLellan, Director, Civilian Arts Projects, Washington, DC
Mr. John Douglas McMillan III, Howard University
Mr. Richard Alexander McPhillips, Washington, DC
Mr. David Meitus, New York, NY
Mrs. Angela Westwater, New York, NY
Mr. John Meneilly
Ms. Natasha Midgley
Ms. Jenny Molberg, American University
Ms. Nikki Moore, Washington, DC
The Honorable (Ms.) Cecilia Munoz, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Mr. Mike Muse, New York, NY
Ms. Leah Nelson, Washington, DC
Mr. Javed Noorullah, Hilton Head Island, FL
Mr. Conor Oberst
Mr. Adam Ortiz
Mr. Christopher Otness, Washington, DC
Ms. Darienne Page
Ms. Cristina Pandya
Ms. Meera Pandya
Neera Parikh
Jordan W Pearlman
Carolyn R Warrick (Guest)
Mr. Richard Plepler, HBO, New York, NY
Ms. Audrey Michelle Pope
Mr. Patrick Tchen Pressl
Ms. Laura Prevete, GWU
Ms. Alexandria Anna Pucciarelli
Mrs. Sally Quinn
Mr. Ben Bradley
Tala Abu Rahmeh, American University
Mr. Thomas Reed, Centreville, VA
Mrs. Vanessa Reed, Centreville, VA
Mr. Ben Rhodes, Speechwriting/Research
Mr. Ryan Rhodes, Washington, DC
Ms. Kathleen Frances Roberts
Mr. John Rogers
Mr. Roey Rosenblith, Washington, DC
Mr. Pete Rouse, Office of Chief of Staff
Mr. Jordan Rubinstein, Georgetown University
Ms. Evan Ryan, Office of the Vice President
Mr. Blake Schell
Ms. Christine Schellack, Washington, DC
Bakari Sellers
Ms. Kyrsten Senima
Mr. Noah Shaw, Boston, MA
Ms. Susan Sher, Associate Counsel to the President
Ms. Kyrsten Sinema
Mrs. Sally Singer
Mr. Joseph ONeil
The Honorable (Rep) Louise Slaughter, United States Representative (D/New York)
Margaret Juliand (Guest)
Mr. Devin Smith
Mr. David Solow, Chicago, IL
Ms. Brook Hillman
Ms. Conseulo Spalding, San Francisco, CA
Ms. Kara Audrey Spencer
Mr. Joe St. George, Washington, DC
Mr. George Stephanopoulos, ABC News, Washington, DC
Ms. Alexandra Wentworth
Ms. Shira Sternberg, Bethesda, MD
Mr. George Stevens, Washington, DC
Mrs. Liz Stevens, Washington, DC
Mr. Mike Strautmanis, Chief of Staff to The Honorable Valerie Jarrett, Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison
Mr. Cory Struble, Washington, DC
Mr. Sean Sweeney, Office of the Cheif of Staff
Mr. Justin Tanner, Roswell, GA
Ms. Michelle Tanney, Washington, DC
Ms. Laura Tatum, Washington, DC
Ms. Tina Tchen, Office of Public Liaison
Mr. Aakash Thakkar, Washington, DC
Leslie Thomas
Mr. Michael Tong, Washington, DC
Ms. Mary Tranbaugh
Mr. Reggie Van Lee, Washington, DC
Ms. Frances Wade
Mr. Rick Wade
Ms. Marjorie Valbrun (Guest)
Ms. Lauren Weidmaier, GWU
Ms. Allyson Williams, Ft Washington, MD
Mr. Erica Williams, Upper Malboro, MD
Mr. Saul Williams
Ms. Jessica Wright, Office of Scheduling and Advance
Mr. Chris Wyant
Ms. Ningxi Xi, GWU
Mr. Matt Yale
Mrs. Deborah Yale
Ms. Jiayi Zhou
Mr. Eric Zoberman, Washington, DC


You would have loved seeing Neil Flynn (Janitor)on stage at IO (ImprovOlympic) in the mid-nineties, along with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kevin Dorf et al.

The Scrubs finale was excellent!

Ben Bradlee's surname is misspelled on the guest list (not in the above copy, however). What it a White House error or a Sun Times copydesk mistake?

The list was provided by the White House and cut and pasted into the blog.


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