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Schakowsky funder draws Valerie Jarrett, Tina Tchen, Sen. Amy Klobuchar


Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), mulling a Senate run, throws her annual "women's power lunch" fundraiser Monday at the Hyatt Regency with marquee speakers White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Director of Public Liaison Tina Tchen and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.).

This will be a homecoming for Jarrett and Tchen who will know just about everybody in the crowd. The event will also serve to introduce Klobuchar, a rising Senate star, to an important Chicago network of Democratic activists.

Schakowsky's "power lunch" funder--her major event--brings together mainly women from the Chicago's feminist, progressive, Democratic activist, charitable communities.

Last year, Michelle Obama was the speaker and outlined in broad strokes what her agenda would be if she became First Lady.

Schakowsky said she will decide by June 8 is she will give up her House seat to jump in the 2010 Illinois Senate primary.


lol...send val is the mantra. nothing substantive. just a public pay check, puff, and a cell phone. yonder comes the blues.

Jan has served her district well and will make a great Senator. I will support her bid. She is a remarkable and honest person.

I will offer my help should she runs. The 48th Ward will support her also.

The 48th ward support her? Maybe so, but the rest of the State will NOT!

NO, Barbara Evans, Schakowsky DOES NOT Serve her District Well!
Schakowsky,aka, Mrs. Robert Creamer,SERVES the Far-Left Agenda, which is NOT One and the Same as "serving her District'.
Schakowsky over the Decade Plus she has been Congresswoman, has Built a Left-Wing Lakefront/Evanston(aka,Hyde Park North)) Political MACHINE in which she IS boss.
She has made it a point to Control as much Political Power and Leverage as any Old-Time Ward Boss,including her Orchestrating the Resignation of State Senator Carol Ronen(also an Uber-Lefty, but not her complete puppet)in order for her Friend, Heather Steans, to be APPOINTED to the seat by Schakowsky-Controlled District Democratic Committeemen.
Schakowsky ALSO Controlled the REMAKE of the 48th Ward Democratic Org. to be even more of her puppet than they already were.
Folks, Unless you're a Kool-Aid Drinking Wingnut, You should consider yourselves LUCKY if you're not living in Schakowsky's District and You NEVER Want her as your U.S. Senator.

Reading the rant from Choi makes me think very highly of all these people.

If they rouse that level of hatred from the goofballs who ran this nation into the ground for the past 40+ years, then they must be truly great and good people.

Stay the Course, Goopers! Keep reminding America about why you can't win elections!

JSG had to really dig to find this "archived" thread just to GET THE LAST WORD , but, JSG CAN N-O-T REFUTE the validity of the Truth.
What is instructive is that even a thread PREMATURLY Archived (perhaps because of my comment), was DUG OUT,Just to Attempt to DISCREDIT the comment I made with the Typical Left-Wing Demonization of the messenger.
When discussing Schakowsky/Creamer's political Manueverings, and BOSSISM,and in events re: the 48th Ward Democratic Org and the State Senate Seat, HOW and What does that have to do with Republicans,or "Goopers", as JSG refers to them ?
This is Typical Left-Wing TURNSPEAK, and it's OBVIOUS that JSG was ASSIGNED the Task of "Getting the Last Word" FOR Jan, even if it's only in the archives.
Lefties: You're as easy to read as looking up and seeing the sky.

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