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Michelle Obama and her shoes


Bob Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Michelle Obama

WASHINGTON---First Lady Michelle Obama is catching some flak for sporting pricey sneakers while volunteering at a food bank here with congressional spouses. The footwear has been identified by sharp eyed fashion mavens as made by the French design house Lanvin and costing more than $500. The congressional spouse bagging groceries with the First Lady is a fellow Illinoisan---Bob Creamer, the husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.).

And her wearing these expensive shoes while doing charity work....Ok? Not Ok?

View's gallery of Michelle Obama's footwear by clicking on the image below:


This is pathetic. The press can't be bothered to investigate a war we were lied in, but Michele Obama' sneakers are newsworthy?

There should be some cut backs in the media alright, but not because of the recession.

Love how they always keep their hometown people in the mix:) She gets so much clothes in I'm she probably didn't know their price. They are comfy and cute, so not made at all. I wonder how pass first ladies spent their husband's 100th days in office with $500 shoes on . . .

If she can afford it, there's nothing wrong with that. At least she's not squeamish about getting it dirty for a good cause. Had she put on a pair of shoes from a dollar store, she'd be criticized for being too cheap or fake.
Apparently, she being authentic.

Why is anyone shocked? You have the $ you spend it. Just keep your $ comments to yourself. IT always comes back to slap you in the face.


Please give the First Lady a break, her feet need to be comfortable while standing even if she was not the first lady she coud well afford the sneakers. The first lady has exhibited the fact that she is not an extravagant person by the various vendors and designs she dresses herself and her children JCrew, Walmart etc.

you go girl!

Get a life people! She's famous! They probably were a gift. Average fashion forward gym shoe today is $150 and up. Ok, so she's got some sort of class and order about what she wears. And if she did buy them, she deserved to walk in expensive shoes. I think that family has proven a lot in the first 100 days. Last time I checked, no one does charity in old navy flip flops!

Michelle Obama can wear any shoe she wants as long as she is spending her funds. Leave her alone and get with the program already.....

I'm just sick to my stomach with this. People can't pay their bills and we have to listen about her shoes. I never remember such stupid media coverage with any other First Lady ever!!!! Enough all ready.

The U.S. is currently at war in two countries, we have an imminent pandemic to worry about, unemployment through the roof, the worst economy since the Great Depression, 1 in 10 Americans are receiving food stamps, Illinois is facing a staggering deficit, and we have immediate need to solve an environmental problem now that took 150 years to create.

And you waste our time on Michelle Obama's shoes? If she'd worn $5 tattered sneakers you would have written a story calling her a dilettante. You ought to be ashamed. If this is the best news story the Sun Times can come up with, you deserve to be in bankruptcy. Save the trees. Shut down the presses, turn off the lights, lock the door behind you.


Never forget who you are nor where you came from.
Never foget that at one time you were lucky you could afford shoes at all, & if given the choice you would probably settle for a pair of sneakers costing $10.00.

What do your $540 sneakers have on a pair of Payless Shoe Source Sneakers?
Are you too good for them now?

I hope you used your own money to buy these sneakers. The taxpayers cannot fund your lavish lifstyle.

This is priceless! The same media that couldn't be bothered to figure out whether or not Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or whether or not Americans were torturing prisoners is using its time and energy to track down the First Lady's footwear. Hey Sun-Times! If you are spending your precious resources to do this kind of reporting, no wonder you're going bankrupt!

Who cares about the cost of her shoes. A pair of Converse will run you easy $75 - $100. She's the First Lady, her shoes should be nicer than mine!

Oh good gosh. Can't she even do selfless work for other people without getting pwned by low-paid media nobodies? She could wear $10,000 shoes and I wouldn't mind. She earned it, she can spend it any way she wants!!

Jeanne Lanvin became a famous couturier 1909 by creating dresses for her daughter.

Lanvin is the oldest fashion house in existance today. Alber Elbaz's creations are exquiste. The boxes the shoes come in are beautiful.

If a pair of Lanvin's were the only pair of shoes Mrs. Obama had, they would serve her beautifully for the rest of her life!

with all that's going on...the media has nothing more better to talk about but the First Lady shoes!!! gimme a break!! hell, we wouldn't have known how much they cost if it wasn't published. i wouldn't have never guess they were $500. if i was on "who wants to be a millionaire" i'd needed a life line! lol also, NO ONE gave a damn about the shoes anyway. she's there for a good cause. i'm quite sure people were not sitting around saying, "i can't wait til the First Lady arrive so I can see what type of shoes she has on and how much they cost!!

You missed the real story. Did the mystery pick up the food for himself?

I agree, who cares how much the shoes cost. She obviously has more than most of us. At least she's wearing them to do good work.

and i thought $100 sneakers were pricey--dumb me

Stupid news. That is why the media is sinking. After all, her shoes has nothing to do with feeding the poor.

Yes, there is more important news for the press to cover. However, this is symbolic of why some of our elected officials and their families don't understand what the average citizen is going through. Over $500 could have bought a family 1 1/2 to 2 months worth of groceries, or shoes and clothes for the whole family, made a car payment or two, paid the heating, electric, water payments. Also, that could have been a month's payment or rent for a house or an apartment.

Desperately needed medical attention and prescriptions could have been paid from that $500. Eye glasses, dental work, and braces could have come out of that $500. Mrs. Obama's heart may be in the right place, but she didn't think that the very families she is trying to help may feel she is indirectly insulting them. Nobody is trying to deprive her of walking shoes. However, she paid over $500 for one pair of shoes and look at what seniors, veterans, out of work people and their children could have bought for that same money.

You same clowns railed against Nancy Reagan's wardrobe.
Guess it is all different when your gal is in the spotlight.
I think Michelle has expensive tastes and readily throws $ around.
Her behavior reminds me of the Soviet style elite.


How can you Obama sycophants look yourselves in the mirror in the morning? You are the same people who castigated Nancy Reagan for borrowing evening gowns while applauding Hillary Clinton for donating her used underwear. The $540 shoes are a real story ... and not just because she could have paid much less had she bought American made shoes that might actually be attractive.

*Trying to justify her wearing them by contrasting them to the war on terror is a straw arguement ... it shows your bias, your hatred and your ignorance.

*Trying to justify her wearing them because she is better and more important than the rest of us and she "deserves" what the rest us can't afford shows your elitism and classism.

*Trying to justify her wearing them because she was "doing good work" and needed to keep her feet comfortable shows that you are unable / unwilling to recognize a photo-op when you see it.

Look a little deeper at the "Michelle's mystery man" portion of the SunTimes story ... the First Lady of the United States is hanging around with a CONVICTED FELON. He went to prison for 36 counts of bank fraud, deliberately passing bad checks, and tax evasion.

They used to say that you are known by the company you keep.

Come on Ms. Sweet., you could have reported at least the charity name and gave them 15 seconds of fame. Who cares how much the shoes cost for heavens sake? Did we get a price tag on those socks as well?

maybe she had them 150days ago so what!i'm sure she didn't just run out and buy them.

The shoes are ugly, and French, and $500. Maybe the old dude saw them and he's about to barf in the bag. Look at him, it looks like he is.

I think that michelle Is a great person. She is smart and , the fact that she is wearing expensive shoes doesn't mean a thing. If she can afford them then I say why not buy them. I'm sure she knows how to manage her money. find something more important to talk about. Like the fact that she's is always trying to help others.

ok seriously, the media is getting pathetic at this point! Im sticking to CSPAN!!!!

Some Republicans are comparing her to McCain.. How can you? She is a girl and John McCain is a guy. It's as simple as that. If you want to compare apple to apple, compare her to Cindy McCain. I bet she's got nicer stuff since her family has been in the money since her Grandpa's time.

This is typical of how Obamas operate. They say what people want to hear but do something different.

Barack talks about closing Gitmo, but they are still open. He talked about closing Military court, its going to be open. He talked about cutting deficit, but adds to it by 3 fold.

Michelle talks about J.Crew, but wear the most expensive sneaker. she talks about Public school system and then put her kids in the most expensive private school.


Oh, yes, all of you who say let's get on with things are absolutely roght. Why should a woman who's husband's campaign rode the high ground of suggesting that John McCain was sooooooooo out of touch be bothered about wearing $550.00 shoes to a food shelf. Is it because of HYPOCRISY? Yes,yes that's it!Stop acting like it's not hypocritical to say one thing while doing or waiting to do another.Especially if one's relatives tried to win an election doing it. I'm so glad some of you feel understood now. Personally, for me, it's hard for me as a single mother of five living in a trailer and going to school online, with one child in the military and another enlisting in summer(hopefully) to understand the gripes of a Harvard graduate wearing $550.00 shoes to a food bank. But then I don't watch American Idol, either. I guess, I too, am just too,too out of touch.. Alas... And thank God Almighty for that!!!

She is a politician's wife afterall! They say one thing and do another...why is anybody surprised...people make such a hoopla over the fact that she wears you know how much J.crew sweaters cost?! They are enjoying the limelight, the photo-ops and they know how to win people over...thats how they got to the white house...$540 sneakers...I guess you would have to have lost all sense of who you were to just spend so lavishly like that...or you would have to be somebody who has always lived a billionaire lifestyle! NO politician will help me in anyway.

McCain wears cheaper shoes ($520) and gets labeled "Out of Touch" by the self-centered, victimized libs, but Michelle wears $540 shoes and gets 'understanding' because she's having to stand for a long time in them for gosh (not God's, as libs have killed Him) sakes!

God save our country.

i love that the left is all about pointing out how much money was spent on Palins outfits....but when Michelle Obama spends 500+ on shoes......its becomes 'her choice' and she can do it if she wants.

The first lady has a right to wear what she want's, GOD forbid if MCCAIN had become PRESIDENT, their would be soup line's all over AMERICA! and MISS CINDY would be some place picking out thousand dollar dress's, now think about that!

The President had better put his daughter's in private school! but, if it was me, I wouldn't let my daughter's leave my sight! the PRESIDENT is loved by many, and hated by many, and he is aware of this, and if some people hate him, then they hate his family as well! so I pray, that the PRESIDENT will continue to keep his daughter's safe!

You people really need to get a life. Take a look at how ridiculous the statement about Michelle Obama's tennis shoes really is. First off , this is AMERICA isn't it? The first lady's choice of footwear, does fall under the category of freedom of choice doesn't it?? The media has covered more worthy or in this case unworthy topics of choice, back to the drawing board fella's!!

Just a word of advice - If there is one good thing any right thinking person should invest in is a good pair of shoes for walking and standing for a long period of time.

I recently invested in a pair of Nike anour $300 and it has been one of the investments i have done. My plan now is to buy things that are of good quality and that would last for a while.

I am happy she is taking good care of her self and I hope she will invest more in things of good quality. She has earned it. She is a good role model.

I forgot to add where can I get a pair as well. Love it!!!

For the record, I never once said anything bad about Nancy Reagan's wardrobe. I thought the red dress was nice. And I recognize the contribution a First Lady can make to promoting the fashion industry. (Which, in case you didn't know, contributes billions to GDP and employs untold number of Americans.)

I would also like to point out that Michelle Obama and her husband didn't STEAL the shoes. I expect she bought them. With money they earned. I don't tell people how to spend their money.

Wealthy people buy and wear expensive items. What's new..........and so what?
I would have thought that standing around for lengthy periods whilst doing good deeds/service deserves some form of comfort for the giver.

Michelle Obama is a wonderful First Lady. And she certainly can wear any shoe she likes.

What is the big deal about the shoes, you have nothing else to report on but the fact that her sneakers cost over $500.00, so what I work hard as hell and I would buy pair . She is a beautiful African American woman with great style and taste. Besides I don't think the people at the food bank even noticed they have more important things to worry about and so should your newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe this! The reporter was probably wearing $900 Jimmy Choo's but we are going to criticize Michelle for doing volunteer work in comfortable shoes. Give it up!

Leave Michelle Alone!!! DANG she is the FIRST LADY....she can wear what she wants....H$ll she wears things that most of us cant afford...but then she shops at JR Crew and the press has something to say about that too...what do you want?!?!?!
Go cover something more important than what someone is wearing.....cover & find solutions for the high unemployment rate, homelessness; hungryness, bring the troops home, stop crime, etc.

So what,if she is able, she should wear that level of quality all the time. She is the First Lady after all, what should she wear shoes from the dollar store?
You would think with all that is going on around us people would concentrate on important matters!
Mrs. Obama you looked lovely.Thank you for the example you are setting with your charity work and with teaching some people over here good taste.

Hi guys, I have read all your comments and first of all i'm not american but I should say this to you open newspapers from all the countries in the world, the crisis didn't hit only US!!!! just wake up for a second a give me the name of a first lady who were 0.99p shoes? Just one name! You have to face your reality, critizing on the web site won't help you improve your life, people get opportunity in life some suffer and expect it to occur, that's the way life goes. You are funny you use a shoe to define a woman, you have to find something better than that!! I can buy a 500$ shoe so what?

$520 shoes for Michelle, $400 dollar hair cuts for Edwards...and they say the Democrats are the party of the common man...piffle!

Imelda Marcos redux!!!!!!

Ok...Her husband is responsible for the entire country. Compensating her with some expensive shoes is not even enough.

Say one can buy a pair of shoes that cost $65 and he or she is responsible for a household of 4...please multiply the US population and divided by 4...hummmm, $500 is really not that expensive.

Besides, the world is never fair. If you can't do something about it, then get over it.

She is a Harvard law graduate. I bet she can afford $550 shoes even if she is not the First Lady. But now that she is the First Lady, people think they are entitle to everything Michelle owns as if she really needs taxpayers' money to buy expensive things.

So....her mistake is not wearing expensive shoes but being the First Lady.

Did they expect her to go to Payless and buy a pair of sneakers? Give me a break! I wonder what kind of shoes the haters are wearing, and how much did they pay for them?

First of all, she's the first lady! Second of all, she's a lawyer and probably has the money to buy some nice sneakers. Let do a story on kids who buy expensive sneakers with no job. Better yet, lets talk about the ignorant parents who buy their kids expensive sneakers and can't pay the mortgage!

The media are a bunch of tools!

Different strokes for different folk is what i like to call it. No one person shops the same and because she is First Lady she should'nt be criticize on her wardrobe picks. It's so unimportant verses the Swine Flu. The media needs to speak the truth when they perhaps look down at the First lady kicks. What should have been said is, those are the "flyest" shoes ever made. I want a pair also. Where can i get those?

I agree the media has gt to find better stories to write. However I would like to state that before she became the First Lady she was a lawyer at a prestegious firm. SO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK SHE DOESN'T HAVE HER OWN MONEY! All of you nay sayers know if you had it you would spend it. Recession or no RECESSION

The thing is that she has the money to buy the shoes then so be it. However, those are some ugly shoes no matter how much they cost.

I have no problem with how much she spent on the shoes, but if you are going to drop over $500 on shoes they better be cute and those are not!

Touche to Nancy and her post on this issue. Having any type of common sense I know what is appropriate to wear to certain functions. It does not matter if she purchased the shoes from the wealth she made prior to being first lady....the inference is still there and not only is is insulting to the homeless people, it is insulting to all of us who are struggling during a recession. By lacking the empathy and realizing the implications, in my humble opinion it shows how far afield she is from the struggle all of us are facing.

Wasn't the press all excited recently, because they claimed Michelle Obama was buying her clothes off the rack?

TeriB wrote:

This is pathetic. The press can't be bothered to investigate a war we were lied in, but Michele Obama' sneakers are newsworthy?

There should be some cut backs in the media alright, but not because of the recession.

I agree that the media should report on more substantive issues. But apparently that's not what people want to read. This article is currently the most popular one on the Sun Times' website. (See the sidebar on the right; it might still be.)

You aren't the only one complaining about the lack of substantive coverage. In fact, it looks as though about a third to a half of the comments here are along those lines. The solution, I think, is for us to vote with our mice. When we see an outrageous headline, instead of thinking "Why the heck is that newsworthy?" and clicking on it, we need to think "Why the heck is that newsworthy?" and click somewhere else.

Frankly, the real problem here is that reading about important issues is not interesting. I am very pessimistic about the future of democracy. See this book for more along these lines.

Wow, someone read my comment!

You people must be stupid or just in denial. People send her things all the time, it's obvious that these sneakers were a gift.... You all need to get a life. I see even after we won some people will just say and do anything to knock Our President down.

You people must be stupid or just in denial. People send her things all the time, it's obvious that these sneakers were a gift.... You all need to get a life. I see even after we won some people will just say and do anything to knock Our President down.

i dont mind her spending $$ on shoes, or even getting them for free. but i do have a problem with those horribly ugly shoes being $540. and remember when sarah palin spent a lot on a wardrobe?? she was horribly out-of-touch, but for michelle they come running to her defense, n the story goes away quickly.

They are shoes what is the big deal if it were any other first lady wearing those exact same shoes the firestorm would not even be raging what she buys with her money is her business. Do we say anything about all these celebrities sporting there expensive gear while doing charity work during this economic crisis? How they spend massive amounts of money on junk no. If there is going to be mud slinging don't just throw it at FIRST LADY OBAMA,but throw it at the rest of those who have means who still spend like it is going out of style. How much are the shoes exactly are they 500,540,or 588 dollars which is it.

Jeeeez! 5oo sinkin' bucks for those hunks o' junk? They're not even cute! Lemme tell 'ya, if I had $500 to spend on shoes, I'd get something a LOTTTTT more verasatile and nice then those ugly things. (No offense Michelle!)

Those people sure are dressed pretty nice for being in the food line at a food bank. Guess it was a photo op for Michelle!

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