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White House Easter egg roll preview


WASHINGTON--The White House annual Easter Egg roll is Monday. For the first time, tickets were distributed on the Internet so more people from outside the city could make plans to attend. Here's a preview from the Washington Times Christina Bellantoni, on Sunday pool duty.

From the pool report....

Egg roll color:

Our gather time was around 10:20 and we walked to the south lawn
driveway where the motorcade was waiting.

Before getting in the van we caught an early glimpse of the egg roll
preparation for tomorrow.

Oversized cutouts in the shape of tulips framed the fountain on the
south lawn, where several makeshift fences, tents and a large stage have
been erected. Various stereo equipment and speakers have been set up in
spots on the lawn.

There's an "egg roll enter here" sign and oversized bunnies and other
signs sprinkled on the lawn.

As we waited for POTUS in the van, about a dozen young looking, barefoot
people were spotted on a colorful fabric mats on the lawn right in front
of the residence. They were stretching and doing both handstands and

One of the agents in our van said they were doing yoga practice in
preparation for a fitness demonstration at tomorrow's egg roll. The
agent said there also will be soccer and basketball.

When we returned back, we saw more yoga demonstrating and someone was
singing on the stage for a sound check. A young woman, sorry no news on
who it was.

Christina Bellantoni
White House correspondent
The Washington Times


I am so disappointed with the changes of the Whitehouse Easter Egg roll. My son was extremely saddened that we could not go this year. I have been going to this event since 1991 off and on my oldest son is in college now. In previous years unless you made the effort to show up you didn't get a ticket (believe me, I tried getting them thru some pretty high ranking individuals, with no luck). I never camped out, just got there early in the morning and I was able to get in everytime, there was no preferential treatment. This year it was announced that tickets were set aside for specific groups/organizations. This administration has actually restricted the opportunity rather than opened it up. Online distribution of tickets has been proven to be a very unreliable, easily corruptable and exclusive method.

So now you feel like others did all those other years.

just in case you are interested in the particulars regarding the yoga on the white house lawn!

thanks for taking note! :)

Camping out for the tickets has been a long time tradition. People enjoy sleeping outside looking up at the Washington Monument on one side and the White House on the otherside. You meet new people, have a feeling of accomplishment and commroderie.
I wonder how many out of towners were able to get tickets and didn't show up or sold them on ebay or craigslist which was illegal. Why do people have to CHANGE everything, especially local traditions?

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