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Swine Flu: White House has unusual Sunday briefing


WASHINGTON--With concern rising over the Swine Flu, the White House just announced an unusual Sunday briefing on the outbreak. The 12:30 p.m. (eastern) on camera briefing will feature Secretary Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security; Dr. Richard Besser, Acting Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.


Brushing teeth after meal promises a healthy living via improving our 'immune system', reducing food urge, making a fresh day and beyond, as well, I am sure.

Brushing teeth after meal can cut health care costs considerably.

Finally, it's good for healthy gum, which leads to heart health.

My goodness. What a firestorm of news alerts right and left. Now I’m really worried. I’m worried just enough now, to run down to the corner drug store and pick up some face masks. I take the metro and BART in the SF area, and want to make sure I’ve got a mask in my pocket if quarters get too tight, and folks are hacking and spewing around me. Stay well. Austin

They are really sick to do this. It is all by design. Think of it. How is it possible such a mixure and then on so many places at one time...
Many people might die, but we are all going to die at one point, but the NWO will never win. Never. This is an act of panicking men.Poor chaps.

Yeah, I'm very concerned but at least it gets the bush/cheney TORTURE cabal off the front page. Prolly a coincidence.

Don't panic. Wash your hands frequently, especially after being in stores and other public places and carry wet wipes to keep your hands clean..because much is transferred by the hands. Make sure your children do this at school. Read up on keeping your immune system healthy, eat healthy as you can and if you are sick....STAY HOME.

Very soon under the pretense of "Emergency Powers" the US,Canada & Mexico will join forces to battle the "Swine" these powers will never be rolled back and we will have the much talked about NAU. A flu outbreak like this will be the final nail in the finacial coffin of the US. Whatever you do DO NOT be suckered into any vaccine. I listened to a guy who was being paid cash by the US govt to transport truckloads of vaccine around the country nearly 3wks ago now, coincidence? I think not.

You can also use a toothbrush to disperse English crowds. Just throw one into any gathering in London and watch how they scatter.

Panic, panic.
They used to call them epidemics, but now PANdemic's?

I think while people should take reasonable care there is far too much fear being generated by the political leaders. Keep in mind that in some countries person to person contacts are much closer than in the USA so spread is a little more likely.

Austin and Others-

Colloidal Silver with Active Charge combats all bacteria and if used before flu symptoms appear you will not fall victim to the new strain or variant of the flu coming out of Mexico City.

ASAP is a product made by LifeSilver. Good stuff.

Go To:

Good luck


I say buy ammo and sit tight.

I have lived in central Mexico for 11 years, and Have ideas on why the flu is more serious in Mexico thab the U.S.
They drink LOTS of sodas, Coca Cola etc, eat much sugared food, much junk food. They consume sodas by the
liter, up to a quart, with their meals.
I´ve read that one teaspoon of sugar reduces the immune system to almost nothing for 7 hours. There are 6 teaspoons of sugar in a regular bottle of soda.

this flu outbreak probably preceeds larger casualties so that legislation can be pushed thru for nationalization ot the usa healthcare systemalong with all the rest of the bank nationalization programs.


Masks don't protect you from others. The masks should be on the infected.

I got some fortifense and clorox wipes and gloves, I was surprised that there wasn't a "Pandemic Special" at the grocery store with face masks, I've decided I'm making my millions by creating fashionable face masks for the pre-teens - so they can look sexy at the prom during the plague years.

I wouldn't worry too much, because only if your a pig will this really affect you.
Just be nice to everyone you meat and you will be fine.

With the Swine Flu spreading fast I would suggest using the Miracle Mineral Solution Professional Formula as a sure protection from this and many other pathogins. It's inexpensive and effective.
So, all I can say is that we need not fear what we can overcome. You can purchase MMS and find more information at my web site.

I like roast beef. Roast beff good for helth heert if brush with baking soda. Roast beef not rare, rare beef caus ill with pig illnbess. Pil iggness bad; runt to pharma comp for make better by make sick.

It is still a fact that not enough people wash their hands and then put food in their mouths.

The comment from hsr0601 is idiotic. need to look into fluoride and how it has never been approved by the FDA, just grandfathered in. Brushing your teeth with a poison (a tube can kill a 25 lb. baby) does not promote a healthy immune system. Try healthy eating and exercise to accomplish that. Washing your hands and keeping them off of your face would help significantly reduce transmission of flu and other germs.

OHHHH! Just what I though! Home Land Security, FEMA..Another scary incoming long pre planned Zionist job to be push. Military rule on the horizon...My 2 cent...

It's interesting that the CDC said "right away" that "it's already out of control - nothing we can do". WHAT???? Isn't this their JOB, rather than mandating deadly drugs for teenage girls?

Why hasn't the ARMY BIO-LAB that MANUFACTURED and "LOST" this virus BEEN SHUT DOWN (or burned to the ground) along with the Ft Meade lab that released Anthrax on us? It's time for the PEOPLE TO RAISE HOLY H__L! THIS WAS PLANNED!

I was at the bronx zoo today, people were wearing face masks.

I keep thinking I should have.


Please don't blame us pigs for this!

We didn't do it!


It is passing strange that there is no attempt to restrict illegal alien traffic across our borders as well as stating that air travel from Mexico poses no risk, on the one hand, and the OHS is suppose to be THE agent for protecting Americans. Just what in the name of common sense is happening to rational thinking? --jws


WHO: Close down the US/Mexico Border NOW!!!

For those concerned about contracting this Mexican Swine Flu: #1 Buy and take Garlic Clove or Capsules; I have 4 extremely good sources who say that Garlic KILLS all viruses and bacterial infections.
#2 Buy and wear not only Masks, but Surgical Gloves.
#3 Buy gallons of Bottled Water.
#4 Buy rubbing alcohol, bleach, and white vinegar for disinfecting.
And most likely, SURVIVE.

Karen in OHIO

If the flu was this bad, why weren't the borders closed down and no people entering or leaving Mexico? That would be common sense, wouldn't it? Of course, we have that idiot Napolitano (who despite her job) doesn't believe that securing the borders are part of her job.

get your duct tape cover windows with plastic

MUst be Bush and Cheney - Right?

Jesus Saves!

Obama Spends!

This is an official (tho unpublicized) eugenics effort at Agenda 21 DEPOPULATION under well funded UN planning (Baxter Intl- the vaccine maker that distributed LIVE Flu virus in its 'vaccines' weeks ago all over the world- is the PRIMARY contractor to the UN on this crisis). This says it all:

US says not testing travelers from Mexico for flu 26 Apr 2009 Source: Reuters
WASHINGTON, April 26 (Reuters) - The United States is not testing airplane travelers from Mexico for the swine flu virus that has heightened fears of a possible pandemic, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Sunday.
"Right now we don't think the facts warrant more active testing or screening of passengers coming in from Mexico," she said at a White House briefing.

Make sure u have clean water anywhere you go, I use this portable bottle anywhere I go. It has filter bulit in so I get my water from anywhere I go. Wash your hands often and don't take any flu shots. P.s website address is

Be safe and god bless.

mms will cure the bird/swine flu's.

youtube it.

Go to, and you'll see the first article, (scroll down a bit) about the top 40 micro-biologists dying bizarre and unnatural deaths in just the last 4 years. People, we are being set up. First they pull off 9-11 and we give up our rights for the sake of security. Then we become like the Nazis and condone torture as being necessary. Then, we are rewarded with a 'culling' of the population.

Nice people, these NWO chaps.

Actually, avoiding fluoride in any form will improve your immune system. Further, breast cancer is linked to iodine deficiency. Fluoride hinders the bodies ability to absorb iodine.

Meanwhile, fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth which means consuming a fluoride free diet (if that was possible) would not cause tooth decay.

Fluoride's side effects: http://www.FluorideAction.Net/health

Forty microbiologists have been murdered over the past four years. FORTY! Halliburton, KBR, Monsanto, and Gilead Sciences want a dry run, so that they can secure their billion-dollar contracts in the aftermath of a bird flu outbreak or a Bush-planned bioterror attack - for detention centers, quarantines and mandatory vaccines. The same players who 'rebuilt' New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina are still sitting at the table, poised for Bush's pandemic party. He'll be watching from the sidelines

calm down you crazy american fools...
you and the brits are so used to living in a government created sense of fear and panic that you have lost all perspective on reality.

It is a Flu, people travel, flu spreads always has and always will...if this was a man-made flu released purposely it would be a lot more lethal

wouldn't it be cool to have a surgeon general? any doctors out there that play basketball?

Get a copy of "The Cure For All Diseases", by Hulda Clark. Get or make a zapper for your own personal use. They work. I have used them for years and have provided many with them for health purposes. The reason Hulda Clark fled the USA was because the PTB were trying to put her in prison for telling the truth about what Dr. Royal Rife discovered 80 years ago. He cured cancer, was lauded by his peer group and within a year later, no one who celebrated his discovery would acknowledge that they had ever heard about it or knew who he was. That was the beginnings of the FDA. Nothing has changed except it has gotten worse.

It's time to make our "Stand". A little Stephen King prophecy perhaps? Glad I live near Colorado and Nebraska. *wink*

Okay... what's really going on here? We have around the world, at most 1500 cases of this so-called flu! There are 6 BILLION people on the planet! There are almost 1/2 billion people in the US and we have less that 200 cases AND no one has died! Do you get the feeling that this is a case of "look over here, look over here!" while they are doing something we AREN'T watching????

This is utter BS. Keep your eye on the ball folks... this is the beginning of a takeover of this country and it will happen while you are watching the wrong thing! If you think our government has our best interest in mind, then please share the drugs you are taking so we can all get into that reality!!!!!!!

Woodrow Wilson's re-election slogan "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe". Vaccinated at Ft Riley KS with a Ft Detrick created Bio-Weapon, 1918 "Spanish Flu" killed between 50-100 million worldwide soon after US soldiers arrived in the trenches. IN 1975, Swine Flu was slated to turn into a Pandemic; in response, Pres. Gerald Ford allegedly (I think not) took a vaccine in the White House on Nat. TV. SOSDD. Be Careful!

The U.S. is lying about the so called swin flu, for political reasons (as always, they need someone to blame) in order to save face. “50 people have contacted the swin flu and not one has dead in the U.S.?” In Mexico, 100 people have died? The U.S. has more or less about 35,000 cases of the flu deaths per year, way more than Mexico. Those people in Mexico have dead for a smart flu Bomb that kills only Mexicans and spares Americans? The people who are dying from the flu in the U.S., the Medical establishment for Embarrassment and blame, In order to save face and promote the lies will simply say “it was some other flu. Is this some type of intelligent test? "MAN ARE AMERECANS STUPID" do you think you’re kidding the world? You’re not. Mexico knows exactly what you doing; they have a long History of Americas stupidity and crap. I don’t care if it’s the lizard flu the American who died or dead

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