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Sarah Palin weighed abortion "for a fleeting moment"


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin--the former GOP Veep candidate--returned to the big political stage Thursday night, in Evansville, Ind. at a right-to-life gathering where she confessed she briefly considered abortion. Melinda Henneberger reports, "In her first out-of-state political appearance since last fall's presidential election, former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin confided to 3,000 at a right-to-life event here that she had "just for a fleeting moment" contemplated seeking an abortion after learning she was pregnant with her son Trig, who will turn 1 on Saturday."


That must have been when she boarded a plane about ready to give birth and leaking fluid after being warned not to by doctors.
That was beyond negligent.


Is Sara Palin a fan of Iron Maiden?

• The Liberal Democrats hate the Sarah Palin because she did not kill Trig with an abortion and she believes in life rather than death.
• As the father of two daughters there is no greater joy in life than to experience children growing up.
• Hate and lies are the weapons of the Liberal Democrats! They attack Governor Sarah Palin because she is much more popular than Obama based on the 2008 campaign. Everywhere she went thousands of voters showered her with affection and support. Sarah if she decides to run in 2012 would give Obama a stunning defeat!

Who Cares! She is a Pig!!

U mean Palin had the choice to contemplate?
Abortion is a bogus issue...the rate has gone down at a steady rate through pro-life and pro-choice presidents. The above, must have not realized that abortions occur in Alaska and occured over 8 years of Bush. If they really cared about the murder of babies then they'd hate GOP presidents who allowed babies to be aborted on their watch. But you don't see them mad at them, becuase its not about babies, its about defending their ideology...results be damned.

In addition to the obvious observation that Palin had a choice, one can't help but wonder how many other times she's exercised it -- one way or the other. Since she is going to place her personal life in public, I wonder if she'd release her complete medical record.

I think it's weird that Sarah Palin keeps talking about how special she is because she didn't abort Trig. Sounds like politics to me. She's a dime a dozen. Lots of mothers out there, even "liberal democrats" keep their babies even if they find out something's wrong with the fetus.
In fact, I'd reckon that's the norm.
Palin is just a politician and a good one at that.

My whole family love Sara Palin and will vote for her if she ever runs for office again. We don't watch liberal television anymore because of the lies they have all told about her. Watch FOX NEWS folks, it is the only honest newscast. We believe in God, Country and marriage is between a man and a woman. We will not give into this new atheist movement that has taken hold of our country.

She's a fame and fortune hungry person .... if she wants it that bad she needs to go to Hollywood and leave politics... she's an actress and could care less about the country. She plays to the right wing evangelicals with her slandering remarks about the new president. She'll say anything for attention. Can you imagine her as president going to the G20,tryng to fix this disaterous situation with the economy, tryng to handle 2 wars? I shudder with that thought.

She is just an idiot ! You should wonder how many time she has aborted, since she asserts to being tempted to abort Trig. She is a pig. We don't need stupid leader.
I personly don't stand for abortion or homosexual marriage. I am a Christian and stand for marriage between man and woman, and will never allow abortion.

But Palin is a pig since she can't control herself when to be pregnant

It's too bad that Sara is vivacious and has a youthful prettyness. If she was ugly and drab most of her female critics would back off. Sorry girls, not everyone is so blessed. Get over it and think positive about your sister, Sarah.

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