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Remembering: Mayor Harold Washington. Born April 15, 1922. Died Nov. 25, 1987.


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I can still remember the great man that came in the race to become our first Black Mayor of Chicago and how his presence pumped Blacks to an all time high. Just like Obama, he brought hope and made us believe things were possible despite setbacks and disappointments. That great man...Harold Washington.

A pioneer in his own legend. Someone who was brave enough to tell the truth, brave enough to step in unimaginable shoes and charismatic enought to bring all of us together to believe and to dream and to hope which manifested itself into something that was yet so unimaginable but yet so achievable. Thank You Mr. Harold Washington for being so BRAVE. You are not forgotten.


Remembering hearing him speak; the man spoke in paragraphs. Remembering the first time he was elected mayor; how proud and happy some people were. How I saw some men walk taller. How I wish he were alive to see our president.

happy birthday harold!! they can't seem to leave race out of it...not even yet. someday, perhaps with re-education camps we'll get it right!!

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