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Obamas eyeing Martha's Vineyard for summer vacation.


WASHINGTON--Federal agents have been checking out Martha's Vineyard as the Obama family mulls a summer vacation there. The Boston Globe is reportingthat the family rented a home in Oak Bluffs the last weeks of August.

The Globe reported, "loocated on the northern tip of Martha's Vineyard, Oak Bluffs has become something of an African-American enclave. Politician and pastor Adam Clayton Powell Jr., writer Dorothy West, and Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke were all early homeowners, and celebrities such as Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey are frequent visitors."

Obama's been to the island before.

From the Globe: "Charles Ogletree, the Harvard Law professor who is a close friend and former adviser of Obama's..... has owned a place in Oak Bluffs for 15 years, has hosted Obama on several occasions. The first time was in August 2004, after the then-Illinois senator gave a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention."


yep, and he wants to stay in oak bluffs, the most congested part of the island. why? to say all of those folks are there because of him? at least the kennedy's, clinton's, and other attention needers stay 'up-island'. but then, all the beaches in the bluff's are public, so all the more better to witness his morning strolls upon the!!

I suggest Obama family visit to the Caribbean, because it has beatiful places, not mention the beaches and good resorts like charlisangels private.

Let them go where they want without giving them grief. Sasha and Malia have a right to normal family vacations at least.

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