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Obamas pick church across from White House for Easter Services


WASHINGTON--The Obama family has not yet picked a new church in their new city. For Easter services on Sunday, the First Family is attending St. John's Church north of Lafayette Park, just across from White House.

They quit their long-time spiritual home, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago following a series of controversies with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.


This is a good choice for Mr Obama. The church well over 90% Caucasian. It tells traditional black voters where he really stands. And we have radical lesbian abortionists being selected as Dean of its seminaries. Ms Katherine Ragsdale recently selected to head Episcopal Divinity School led people in a rally, chanting "Abortion is a blessing and our work is not done.", praised the dropping of the wording of "abortions should be safe, legal, and RARE" from the Democratic platform, and described abortion providers as "saints." See for details.

Nice racist comment by robroy. Sorry but no one takes such racist ideas seriously. You want the Louis Farrakahn website down the hall.

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