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Chris Kennedy taking soundings on the 2010 Illinois Senate race


WASHINGTON--Chris Kennedy is taking soundings for the Illinois 2010 Senate race. I heard that he's been making some calls about his prospects if he jumped in what would be a contested (probably) Democratic primary. I've heard there is some polling going on testing his electability.

Kennedy--a son of Robert--runs the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. He's long been interested in an elected office--but the right spot/right time has never presented itself.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) is stepping up her interest in running for the Senate in 2010 -- a poll she took shows her in good shape to win a Democratic primary over Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and Sen. Roland Burris.


I'd totally vote for a Kennedy. Especially considering I know that I don't want Burris and no one else has stood out to me yet.

Anyone that can run the Merchandise Mart successfully understands what business needs to be competitive. This would be a change in that Kennedy would be the only non-politician in the race. I like that and would vote for him.

Let's see,

Kennedy lives in Kenilworth. Tony, stately house. Nice family.

Republican likely Mark Kirk is from Kenilworth (smaller, less grand house, still Kenilworth).

Could this be a Dem plan to draw attention to the N. Shore (read: snobby, out of touch, elitist) connections of Kirk, making him more or less unelectable?

Kennedy is a stalking horse here, not a serious candidate.

Question: if Kirk throws his hat into the Gov. ring, will Kennedy suddenly get a hankering to live in Springfield?

As if.

I would like to work on his campaign, if he does indeed run. How do I get in touch with Mr. Kennedy?

I think that Kennedy would make a good Senator but it will be hard for him to get past the primary because the illinois Treasurer and Jan Shakowsky might beat him and AG. Maddigan would definately beat him. I wonder if the Kennedy political machine is strong enough. If he wins the primary there also might be trouble. He would probably win but Mark Kirk or whoever is the Republican nominee could paint him as inexperienced and mabye beat him.

Just because he is President of the Merch. Mart doesn't mean he has been that successful. That building hasn't tunred much of a profit in the last several years and I kiniow first hand how he woorks with people. Not the best Manager if you ask me.

Run Chris Run, politics is in the Kennedy DNA,and so is fairness and integrity so Run Chris Run!!!!

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