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Blagojevich on reality show bid: "the judge did save me from eating bugs."


Former Gov. Blagojevich, on NBC's "Today Show" on Thursday morning--facing federal criminal corruption charges--said he was disappointed a judge did not allow him travel to Costa Rica to be on the NBC reality show, "I am a celebrity, get me out of here."

"The judge did save me from eating bugs," said Blagojevich. He said he was departing for Los Angeles this morning.

From Chicago, the former Illinois governor said he wanted to do the show because he needed work and "it was presented to me."

Blagojevich, impeached and removed from office earlier this year said the show appealed to him because "in a jungle....creating a civil society...(was).not unlike being a governor."

Asked if his credibility was eroded or if he was making a fool of himself, Blagojevich said,
"I need to make a living, support my children and my family."


The continuing spectacle that is Blago simply will not go away. As narcissistic, egotistical, self-absorbed, and self-promoting as he appears, one cannot help but wonder if this is all a cagey plan to create an insanity defense. If one is mentally incapable of telling right from wrong, such a defense may actually work.

Are we ever going to stop hearing about Blagojevich and his daily dramas? It was his choice to go on a reality show, but because a judge won't let him travel out of the country, he's glad he doesn't have to eat bugs. What? Is this newsworthy? Shouldn't this be in the Enquirer? I am sickened by his ego, most people in his place would be embarrassed. People with an inflated sense of self don't realize when they have hit rock bottom. In his mind, he is still riding high. Somebody needs to break it to the poor fella.

Blagojevich is delusional. If he needs to support his family I am sure he can find work somewhere in Illinois due to his political connections.

So you need to make a living and support your family? OK...who is stopping you Blago? Your the one who is being quite the MEDIA WHORE ! Try filling out an application like all of us unemployed people here. Your a lawyer for god sake....Go and knock on doors....You don't see us flying around the country trying to be on reality shows...UNEMPLOYMENT IS OUR REALITY! God who and the heck do you think you are? Your worse then a PIMP! Grow the hel* up. your a big boy now and can no longer cheat and have NO ONE TO HIDE do your bidding for you....embrace your unemployed life...After all, you caused your life right now....You couldn't be an honest politian. Not you...You have to take the easy way and steal for what you got....pretend to run the state....pretend to care about Illinois....Well dude....STOP FLYING AROUND looking for tv work. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have NO conscience. NONE!
If your looking for work, McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle are hiring....Shall I send you a application? God your an enbarrassment to the state of ILLINOIS....


I have a Reality TV show from Illinois from 2003

My Hearing regarding Medicaid that took place at my place of employment: Remember..........
Family Dollar - 6702 W. 111th St.
Worth, Illinois
Re: Staged Car Accident/Palos Hills, IL - 2001
17 yr. Child Support Case

Me & You & George Ryan, & his wife (then Governor of IL) and several of your Staff while the store was open for business and I was working. What an Intimidation showdown that was. And then Nuart/Bedford Park and McDonalds/Palos Hills, get the picture where this is headed. Better yet give a call to George Ryan in Indiana he remembers our conversation very well. My three Legal Journals were to be given to Janet Reno (10/2006) Take them out of storage (The powers that be) and "Let's Get to Work" My List of Witnesses - 53+

Tamara Donnelly

Take Care and buy Your own bus ticket to Philadelphia for our next Hearing.

Ha Ha When your in the pokie you will eating more then bugs !

the irony is that many of his cohorts were wearing bugs...that got him into an entirely different kind of jungle. alas, poor blago you are a dimwit.

What a clown.

be entertained

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