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President Obama and UN General Ban Ki-moon


AP photo of President Obama and UN General Ban Ki at their White House meeting on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON-- Who's who at the meeting Tuesday at the White House with President Obama and UN General Ban Ki-moon:

From the White House:
Mark Lippert
Mike Hammer
Samantha Power
Michelle Gavin

From the UN:
Under Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operation Alain Le Roy
Robert Orr
Will Davis
Michelle Montas



To HE.
B. Obama,
The President of

Thasnk you very very much Mr. President and all your team for ths great role and efforts you delivered regarding the case of Dar-Fur.
It is realy a positive step toward humanity.
I see that one day the hope of the people of Dar Fur will be realaized and change wil take place across Sudan and the spirit of justice, liberty, freedom and Democracy will over come...
Mr. President, at the same time to over come the spirit of darkness a massive training, teaching of lightening the minds and building capacity of the people become a subject matter, because some in Sudan you know, "they can possible buy time".
Hoever, some resources are needed as soon as possible for the peace-concerned persons to act from within qickly across the Sudan in one way or another.
Otherwise,"the BOOTS are the best solution".
Thank you Mr. President.
My God bless us all.

Do not trust Ban ki moon.My sincere advice

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