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Oprah's White House interview with First Lady Michelle Obama on Friday. UPDATE


WASHINGTON---A few weeks ago--on Feb. 17--Oprah Winfrey talked to First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. According to and confirmed Thursday by an Oprah spokesman, Oprah will talk about her interview with the First Lady on her Friday show and show pictures from the visit.

In this multi-platform world, Oprah snared an interview with her First Lady friend that she is using on her show and in the April issue of "O" Magazine, to hit the newsstands on March 17.

From the March 6 show...

"Tune In

Oprah's friend Tyler Perry is dropping by! Then, her visit to the White House and her interview with first lady Michelle Obama. Plus, meet Oprah's new baby!

Tune in on 03/06 to watch this show......."


I cant stand Oprah Winfrey and I would never watch her show. She's a total fake.

Thank you Julie, for you impassioned, highly researched, personal opinion of someone who could buy both of us out of house and home 100 times over because people love to watch her show.

You obviously are far more successful, and this information on Oprah appearing fake on TV (oxymoron), needs to get to Oprah asap!

Post haste! Julie's divine inspiration shall heal daytime TV!

julie, the jokes on you. she's a billionaire. you're not. HAHA..sour grapes make great whine.

I would love to see that interview!!
Thanks Oprah

Oprah brings us lots of good information, helpful and educational. Of course she brings entertainment also. Looking forward to the segment with Michelle Obama, another great lady.

I don't understand the "she's fake" comment. What exactly does that mean? Are the subject matters being discussed on her show fake; she and her guests are fake in what they are discussing; she's faking us out and doesn't really donate to less fortunate folks; she's not really concerned with all different forms of abuse against women, children, etc.? I understand you don't like her (that's apparent), but what's the fake part of Oprah? Please do explain. If Oprah is fake, I'd love to see or hear about many more well-known people like her.

Julie stole my thunder!! I can't STAND Oprah, either! Her heart may be good, but she's a bit too lofty and pompous, for me. Thanks, but I'll "pass", Ms. Sweet!

...and, Mrs. Obama had better keep an eye on Oprah, since I believe that she would snatch the President and run away with him, at her first opportunity!!

Oprah could never take Obama away from Michele. First of all Michele might not be a "billionaire" like Oprah, but she is much more beautiful, better shaped, more classier, and seems more "down to earth" than Oprah, not to mention is also "well-educated". Oprah better realize she might have "pull" in some places, but Michell is the "First Lady" of the USA, (not only parts of it, but all of it). I love Michele. Oprah better watch her step. I truly believe that Obama wouldn't leave 'beauty" for the "beast". Oprah has to realize, "money can't buy everthing, or else she would of had a husband already.

My opinion about Oprah. is that, remembering where she came from, she could still do a lot more for poor women and children in the USA with her God given wealth. So far, she seems to be generous only to the women who are guests on her show.
And, I think she is too big to read her emails,and has been since I wrote to her some seven years back
I catch her show once in a blue moon, or whenever she has something totally spectacular.

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