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Oprah and Michelle Obama White House visit. How Malia and Sasha know Dad is home.


Michelle Obama wears a Michael Kors dress and Dear Cashmere cardigan. Oprah wears a dress by Rachel Roy New York.

WASHINGTON--For the first time, Oprah Winfrey shares the cover of her April "O" magazine, with First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama gave Oprah and pal Gayle King a White House tour on Feb. 17.

How Malia and Sasha now know dad's home:

"Once someone on my staff e-mailed to tell me that the president was on his way. But you could already hear the helicopter, so it was like, well, no kidding."

"The girls don't move. I'm like, 'You want to see Daddy landing in the helicopter?' 'No, that's okay. We already saw it.'"

below, release from Oprah...





For the first time in nine years, Oprah Winfrey shares the cover of her best-selling magazine with another big "O:" First Lady Michelle Obama. Inside, the pair talk about everything from the joys of White House pie to Obama's decorating philosophy and how she hopes to use "one of the best jobs in the world" to help women transform their lives. The April issue of O, The Oprah Magazine hits newsstands on March 17th. Oprah will discuss the interview in depth with O editor-at-large Gayle King on Tuesday, March 10 at 1 PM EST on the new SIRIUS (channel 195) XM (channel 156) Oprah Radio O Magazine Show.

"Say what you will about books-people do judge a magazine by its cover, which is why it's important to me to keep the cover of this one looking fresh," says Oprah. "And right now nothing-and I mean nothing-is fresher than the family that moved into the White House in January, sparking a national spirit of renewal the likes of which I've never seen."

The O Interview Facts

* Oprah's interview with Michelle Obama on February 17 was the first to take place in the White House.
* The First Lady gave Oprah a personal tour of the White House grounds including the Jacqueline Kennedy Gardens, the East Colonnade, The Truman Balcony and the Yellow Oval Room (part of the First Family's private residence, where the interview took place).
* Photographer Bruce Weber, shooting for the magazine for the first time, captures relaxed, real "moments" in the conversation.
* Fashion facts: Michelle Obama wears a Michael Kors dress and Dear Cashmere cardigan. Oprah wears a dress by Rachel Roy New York.

Michelle Obama Interview Highlights:

On her first weekend in the White House after the inauguration:

"Well, we still had family here, so it was almost like a wedding. A huge, very complicated wedding. The last visitors didn't leave until Sunday. And then the first Monday was kind of weird. You know: Now we live here, and Barack is getting up and going to work, and it's just us. This is our home now."

On her decorating philosophy:

"It will reflect our family. I want comfortable sofas, I want art that reflects contemporary and traditional, I want to bring in new American artisans," she adds, "and you've got to be able to make a fort with the sofa pillows! Everything must be fort-worthy."

On her vision for the White House:

"It's a beautiful home. When you go out and come back, especially at night, with all the white lights on--it's just beautiful. We feel privileged, and we feel a responsibility to make it feel like the people's house. We have the good fortune of being able to sleep here, but this house belongs to America"

On What She Knows For Sure:

"I know that all I can do is be the best me that I can. And live life with some gusto. Giving back is a big part of that. How am I going to share this experience with the American people? I'm always thinking about that."

On keeping up with friends:

That's the thing about being the First Lady: You try to catch your friends up on what's happening in your life, and they're like, 'We know - we read it in the paper."

How Malia and Sasha now know dad's home:

"Once someone on my staff e-mailed to tell me that the president was on his way. But you could already hear the helicopter, so it was like, well, no kidding."

"The girls don't move. I'm like, 'You want to see Daddy landing in the helicopter?' 'No, that's okay. We already saw it.'"

O, The Oprah Magazine April cover image is attached. Visit

for additional information and pick up the April issue of O, The Oprah Magazine which hits newsstands on March 17th for the full interview and photos.

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Where was Steadman....oh never mind....

Who cares? When is the last time Oprah did a story about the first family in the White House? Oh, never!!Please Oprah, give it up, your boy that you backed is ruining this country.With his policies,he is going to make Jimmy Carter look good.Go figure.The only person this man is good for is the people on welfare, and don't want to get off welfare.Me and the rest of the country that goes to work EVERYDAY, have to pay for his welfare pet projects.So to Oprah, and the other kool-aid drinkers that voted for this man, THANKS!You are to blame for where our economy is headed to.Is this the change you can believe in??

i always felt a non-jounalist crafted this column. now it's obvious. what a disgrace to waste inkd/cyber-space with fool-stuff. when will the times be the defender?

That cover looks like the photographer slimmed down both images. I don't usually buy this magazine but I will this time. It's nice to see a happy young family in the White House. And now I will yield the floor to everyone who wants to scream about the Obamas having a good life while other Americans suffer, yada yada.


What did they do? Make the cover a 3X so she and her ego can fit along with the First Lady. She should have just given the Cover to the First Lady. Then again we are taking about Oprah. Is this paper owned by Oprah as it all Oprah all the time in this paper?

I am pleased to watch a real family in the White House. I've been in the Chicago area all my life. Although my residence since marrying is now Indiana, I work in Schaumburg. I see the living conditions around Chicago, outside of Daley's kingdom, and it makes my heart ache. I know that you have lived around it for most of your life and can understand some of the grief the people feel who so desperately need to see change. Please ask the president to tell Limbaugh that he expects Ohio to find ways to clean house and reduce expenditures to pay the 25 new police officers after the stimulus gift is gone. Thank You

Chuck, you're an idiot!!!! Spoken like a true racist, good job you fool!!!!!

To Anyone who thinks like Chuck: (who voted and support) the administration that has led America into crisis). Debt, increasing job loss, homelessness, a housing crisis, health care, what was left for the new administration From YOUR Administration. You spoke when you voted. You did not win & now need to be quiet and take your Loss. When we (the people) loss previously we took it respectfully without all the drama; even when you stole the second term.

If you have no solutions to the mess you made and want to continue to be ignorant and negative that's fine. I personally ask that you keep that kind of unsupported ignorance to yourself.

You do NOT represent the majority of even half of the real America. You thrive off of confusion.

I HATE dealing with stupidity & often choose not to indulge in those types of conversations. I've had enough of letting it go. The fact that you are an adult is offensive in itself that you could be so ignorant & believe you have intelligence is amazing.

Some gifted kids are like that, so smart they make stupid decisions. However, teachers, real parents, and persons for a good, clean society know this and like to create opportunities for all children to have an appropriate outlet for growth through community programs, social programs, all those programs you think fall under welfare. Your ignorance is astounding, and I can't even believe I've wasted this much time.

Other comments I wanted to share before I started editing and got this far below...

I HATE cleaning behind adults. However, I do my part everyday!! I am a Special Education Teacher at an alternative school. I work with the children society likes to say are bad, when in most cases they bored in classes that don't challenge them, have as children been put in adult situations or have parents that have spoiled their kids without discipline and now have lost control. We're suppose to "fix" these children without appropriate resources, support, or being acknowledged as existing. What you and your people believe is that, people should be locked up to produce free or cheap labor at everyone else's expense for you to make money.

This is what it feels like to have what you believe be detroyed. The difference and blessing of this administration & the voice of the majority of Americans that voted for this administration is that we don't believe in screwing people over. We just believe there should ALWAYS be an even playing field. How else can you say you believe in the American dream if it's not a possibility.

Bail-Out = A minority AGAIN taking money that is not theirs for personal us (bonuses) & screwing the tax payers. Knowing misrepresenting themselves for the money. If the citizen did the same thing (ex-take money out of a company register/commit fraud, etc...) they get prosecuted, become unemployed, blackballed (have a a record)etc... Is this how you show a country in crisis how you love?

The people you support & people like you screw the people. On NATIONAL television you victimized the people of the country; stealing, misrepresenting, and doing all your business behind closed doors & creating so much red tape, no one has time to read the "fluff - as my professor explained to me".

The new administration ;) I love because everything is open for the world to see (interesting good reality tv) in simple terms. No excuses are made, it is what it is. Unfortunately your party has thrown so much bs over the facts of the issues, the average citizen (you might not know, middle class included)have/are or were threatened with or in the process of loosing everything they go to work for EVERY DAY.

People like you, think this is fair & everyone that gets hurt by the actions is ignorant. Maybe it's your career choice, or being a member to your party that afforded you the opportunity to get inside information on how to avoid this crisis. Or maybe Daddy & Mommy already had it covered. What keeps you from being one of the average middle class citizens that works, pays their bills, went to school, does the best they know how to do to, yet are in fear of keeping their American Dream?

Selfish, self-absorbed, and self-centered individuals like yourself are the reason the New Administration and the MAJORITY of American voted to put Obama & his Administration in office & get your people out.

You and others like you QUICKLY forget and continuously over look it was YOUR administration & YOUR selfish acts of greed, and lies that got America here. Your former president made millions of dollars (I believe monthly), as the leader of a country he was suppose to LOVE & purposely made decisions that both mentally and physically bled this country to death. How many people do you personally know that are in the service or have served willingly under your administration only to find themselves virtually abandoned/mistreated by the country THEY risked THEIR LIVES, family, and love for?

People like you are sickening. You like watching shows with characters like Hannible Lector, Jeffrey Dowmer, or any other sick characters of the world, to ignorant to realize this is real for the people it affects & not entertainment. You enjoy watching someone being tortured or harmed as an unsuspecting victim, calling it business. With the condition of course that it's not you or have any negative effect on you.

If you KNOW/KNEW about how people got to be on welfare or why government programs became necessary in intervention (instead of stereotyping) you'd already know most circumstances people have minimal if any control over. The average citizen can not make the same mistakes as the rich because we don't have people we we know/can afford/or bribe to pay to make our problems disappear as you. We're left to entrust the government we put in office to WORK FOR US; not against us.

People that think like you in Most cases have never had to truly over come anything except personal decisions that are not life altering affects and usually are insignificant.

Myself included, have not been raised on government assistance. I went to college; no legacy treatment here, and was raised to "treat people the way that I want to be treated". In saying that, if I need help that no person I know can help me with. I would like for someone, the government if necessary, to help me if I can't help myself.

Anyone having a problem with that way of thinking I believe is simply ignorant. Which can easily be resolved by taking a minute to put yourself in the other persons place, and decide if you would like to Live your own solution at YOUR OWN EXPENSE, not The People.

Don't talk about what they can do hypothetically, look at the situation as it really is...are their jobs, did they loose income (lost job, someone incarcerated, death, illness, etc...) When you have been raised at least middle class, these are almost unheard of situations that you try to prepare for. If your not able to prepare, you do the best you can, with minimal support and encouragement.

(Sorry so lengthy. I usually don't respond to ignorance. However, I now realize that's how rumors and uninformed decisions or opinions were made before. People didn't speak up or challenge ignorance.) I'm glad to be a part of CHANGE. I like making my own INFORMED decisions, rather than basing it on an uninformed opinion; whether it's mine or someone that I thought I could trust.

Opinions are wonderful, but some comments people should keep to themselves if they don't have solutions.

well, i thought the dog was coming april 1, yes?

My fellow spiteful, envious, jealous and racist readers - between Michelle & Oprah they don't even know that you exist. You get that ? Stop trawling around the internet finding forums to vent your racist spiteful views. Get a life, get a hobby, do some charity work. It is very evident that your lives lack any meaning if you are spending time hating on someone that you don't even know.

To all you screaming about welfare. The facts are that Food Stamps went down under Democrat Clinton and then UP under the 8 years of Bush.

It's the Republican policies that increase welfare. Democrats put people to work. Please learn the facts before you shoot off your Rushtillian mouths.

I love first family iam not american,but she is the first person in this country tells the truth
president obama he is lucky to have this strong gifted favore words WHITE HOUSE is people's house or you can call american house well sais mrs obam. not white people house 21 st century. i can call native indian home.

Michelle Obama, A Profile In Courage

Michelle Obama is a truly inspirational person, courageous and honest. Things I find most inspiring about her include (a) when she was misquoted 24/7 by Right-Wing media pundits that "Never in my adult life have I been so proud of America"; (b) when her college thesis was taken out of context and trashed by the same lying pundits; (c) when she encouraged Barack to run for president despite the threats of assassination against him similar to those which caused Mrs. Colin Powell to convince her husband to stand down, with Michelle saying that "a black man can be shot and killed simply by going to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes". She also puts her family ahead of everything, another superb trait, and she demonstrates outstanding social consciousness. Michelle is a brilliant, beautiful, articulate woman, and a true Profile in Courage.

Please visit my Blog:
"Conservatives Are America's Real Terrorists"

Michelle Obama is such a warm and loving individual. Her parents raised her to care about her community and be helpful to others -- she does just that.

Michelle is a class act. No wonder Oprah is thrilled to have the First Lady share the cover with her.

Michelle is a First Lady that millions admire and look up to because she is a great mom amd wife, before anything else. We can certainly relate to her.

I absolutlely love the Obama's.

Chuck, GreyK, Anonmyous:

Hypocrites and generation of vipers! While things were good for you, you cared nothing about those around you b*tch and moan about how bad things are for you. If you have a better solution to the current problems this country is facing, then get involved and run for office. Put up or shut up and sit down.

It's not about you! It's always been about the suffering of other people. As long as others were suffering, you were ok with it. Now that its you, you want to spew your hatred at the President and his family. Check the mirror. It was the Bush policies why the country is in a tailspin. It's bad for everyone. When you Publicans (pun intended) were in office, did you squirm and squeal and make the noise you make now? Hypocrites! It was you and people like him who got the whole country where it is today. He created BIG business; the crooks who were robbing tax payers like me blind. Now you want to gripe and moan?

You use these forums to justify your prejudice and racist attitudes.

Instead of griping, you should be looking for opportunities to serve others until a way is made for you to get back in the work place. Maybe if you took time to help others you wouldn't be so busy critizing the President and his family. Is the greater good only for you?

Oprah can do whatever she wants with her magazine. Why don't you start your own magazine and grace the cover as many times as you want?

I don't drink kool-aid and I'm not on welfare. If I did drink it, what is that to you? If I were on welfare, what is that to you. Are you better because you don't drink kool-aid or are not on welfare? You are so typical of those who sterotype a person without the benefit of meeting them or knowing the situation that got them were they are. I was on welfare for 8 months trying to take care of a husband who was sick after having major surgery and trying to take care of two children. By God's grace, I continued serving in my home until a way was opened for me to work.

Empty barrels make the most noise.

I admire neither Oprah nor Michelle Obama. But I have to wonder if this is the best photo that could be taken or created of them. What is Oprah doing, praying to Michelle?


I just wanted to say i admire Michelle and Oboma for what they have shown to the world that any thing is possible, if we work towards that goal and pray to the God. Oprah you are the best no matter what any one says God will always be on your side.

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