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Obama to create White House women's council. Jarrett, Tchen to run new group.


WASHINGTON--White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is adding more to her portfolio: she is chairing a White House Council on Women and Girls, to be created by President Obama on Wednesday. Tina Tchen, director of the White House Office of Public Liaison, will serve as executive director of the group.

Obama will sign an executive order creating the council--run by two high level Chicagoans in the White House--designed to "provide a coordinated federal response to the challenges confronted by women and girls and to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies consider how their policies and programs impact women and families."

According to the White House, "the Council will begin its work by asking each agency to analyze their current status and ensure that they are focused internally and externally on women."

For the First Lady, Wednesday is about displaying her feminist credentials.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will attend the signing event at the White House, pegged to National Women's History Month.

Earlier on Wednesday, according to the White House, "Mrs. Obama will celebrate International Women's Day with a visit to the State Department where she will join Secretary Hillary Clinton in presenting the Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage."

According to the White House, when Obama signs the executive order at the White House event, the audience will include "national women's organizations and community groups, professional women, and a bipartisan group of congressional leaders."

The White House said "the Council will be comprised of the heads (or their senior-level designees) of: the Cabinet agencies, certain other non-Cabinet agencies, and other Executive branch departments, agencies."


Hooray! It's about time we had a White House Council on Women and Girls. One of my doubts about Barack was that he didn't seem to get women's issues. So, I'm really glad to see this. Happy to change my mind about him. I did vote for him, but had my doubts. He's actually doing great.

This is a great initiative and am quite surprised frankly!

I wonder who was the inspiration behind this. This is encouraging news. Thanks for the article.

Please read an interview I did with a Ugandan woman Waging Peace in Northern Uganda:

I'll also echo the calls for a Department of Peace!

Why is a national ERA that was first introduced to Congress in 1923 still not an issue now? Yet? Please, can we make it one?

Strict scrutiny is a necessity. And time (and Justices) may make it of the essence.

I am thrilled to hear that the White House Council on Women and Girls will become a reality today.

I personally signed a petition in favor of this action.

Recently, I launched a social network with another NJ mom, Our mission is to help moms return to the workforce and for those seeking work/life harmony.

Given the urgency of our mission, I invite the Council to join our Community to speak directly to our Butterflies - providing a critical first-hand opportunity to listen to what moms are facing across the country.

Terry Starr
Co-Founder, Butterfly

Terry--I'm with you on methodology, and so are all of the women I've been listening to; the need to be heard, from the people who have the need. I want the Obama administration to help women's organizations develop a communications infrastructure so that we have a way to directly communicate with policymakers. This can happen via online meetings as well as f2f, but we need to come together as women with the administration to discuss who MUST be in on these conversations. There are too many women who are invisible, whose lives are not understood by policymakers. In this case, I'm confident that Obama understands what women's lives are like, but we can't just leave it up to him to get it right.

Attn all discompassionate, antimale, self entitlement feminists who think no sacrifice made by a man for women is even worth mentioning, much less acknowledging!

Why is such an organization being formed in this age when males are STILL required to register for the draft, to fight for your right to hate men, to qualify to apply for college financial aid when women are EXEMPT, 95% of job related fatalities are male, 94% of job related serious injuries, I.E. maimings, paralysis, limbs lost, etc, happen to males, women have all the cush "women's work" jobs reserved for them I.E. those women that censor non profeminist posts on sites such as this, women make up the overwhelming majority in college attendance yet men are still expected to pay for them?

Proof that too many American women are insatiable, power hungry, sexist, misandrists!

BTW: when will a president ever have sons ? ? ?
JFK was the last one!
Obama is PWed!

Fantastic! The Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation has done some great work on the Advancement and Retention of Women in Technology careers - why we have gone from nearly 50% of these jobs in the 80's down to 20% now - and what can be done about it.

There ARE things that can be done - at the professional level,
and starting with young girls, taking specific steps to eliminate bias in their early days, and give them all the opportunities their brothers have,

blue smoke and mirrors.

“I think it falls far short of what’s needed,” Martha Burk, a former chairwoman of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, said about the new board. The council will be headed by two top Obama advisers, Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen.

“With all respect to Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen, both of whom are excellent folks. ... I think both are going to find this is one of many things they’re responsible for and I think they’ll be stretched to give it proper attention. We have told them that,” Burk said.

Ten trillion dollars looted in a matter of months, the imminent collapse of the US economy, mandatory compulsory "national security" paramilitary "service" openly demanded... Is it worth 2 hours of your time to investigate these matters critically?

Alex Jones' new documentary, THE OBAMA DECEPTION, is out, online for free.

Dennis Kucinich is featured, fighting the good fight trying to shut down the Federal (sic) Reserve (sic), which he calls, "No more federal than Federal Express."

World famous trend analyst Gerald Celente is also featured throughout. This is MUST SEE material.

Jones tends to be hyperbolic and acerbic. If, however, even ten percent of what he says is true, we are screwed.

Nothin President Obama does will be met with 100% approval--I love naysayers they are the lifeblood of society. Does Martha Buck think that ONLY Jarret and Tchen will be in charge? that was dumb--in all orgs you bring in other experts
and delegate duh! just got to say something disagreeable if you didn't vote for the man.

As for the complaining white male ? actually
you are right if you are female or she-male in the armed services go OUT on the battle front!--

I am no supporter of gay rights.But I do understand the power of the Goddess!

This country is sick from racism, sexism, fascism
and sisters who have it all twisted.

I'm glad he created this council--now u can distinguish between butt padded, wig wearing Beyonce and the battering of the beautiful angel Rihanna.

This is quite exciting and I would love to serve on this Council. Please let me know the requirements. Congratulations, this Council is so very needed.


I am concerned that I have heard so little about this commission so many months later.

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