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Obama 2009 NCAA March Madness countdown. President's brackets out next week.


WASHINGTON--At the Friday briefing, I asked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs when President Obama--the hoopster-in-chief-- will make his 2009 NCAA March Madness Picks. Next week, Gibbs said.

Lynn Sweet:
....when is the president's brackets going to come out?

Robert Gibbs:
I -- we will, in a transparent White House, release -- (laughter) -- release the president's bracket next week.


Really? That's news? Nevermind the policy shift right?

Do you really think he is going to make the picks or have one of his aids make the picks.

Lighten up Tim, You're holding on too tight. You can't find enough policy shift rhetoric out there to satisfy you. Don't you know...that in this age of instant communication, everything is reportable. And it's obvious you don't play ball!!!!

When millions of people fill out brackets, I frankly think it's the responsibility of the President to do so. Especially one who likes hoops AND who's brother in law is Commander in Chief of The Beavers.

I think he will pick them himself! Before his speeches, he went to play basketball to relieve stress. I think this will be a good way to relax and get his insanity back:) But with today's technology filling out brackets have changed. I found this interesting app for March Madness at

Pretty interesting! Cant wait to see his picks! Good luck everyone!

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