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Michelle Obama--in major rollout--invites female stars, role models to talk to students


below, from the East Wing


Thursday, March 19: The First Lady will host a series of events on Thursday in celebration of Women's History Month. Twenty-one women at the top of their fields will join the First Lady in visiting local schools and speaking with students about their career goals and achieving their dreams. These events are an extension of the Obama administration's commitment to engage with the DC community and open the White House for arts, culture and educational purposes.

Following these daytime events, the group will return to the White House for an evening dinner and entertainment, with students from additional schools from the DC metropolitan area.

The First Lady's visit to Anacostia High School, which will include a roundtable discussion with students, will be pooled press. Press coverage of visits to the other schools should be coordinated by contacting the school directly. Space at the schools is limited. Media will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis at the discretion of the school.

The dinner in the evening will also be pooled.

Anacostia High School (DC)

First Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady's Press Office

Dunbar High School (DC)
Alicia Keyes
Gen. Ann Dunwoody
Mrs. Sharon Farmer, Asst. Principal

Woodrow Wilson High School (DC)
Mae Jemison
Sheryl Crow
Mrs. Mary Beth Waits, Asst. Principal

Bell Multicultural (DC)
Debbie Allen
Maggie Daley
Maria Tukeva, Principal

Coolidge High School (DC)
Lisa Leslie Lockwood
Bobbi Brown
Nelson Burton, Principal (assistant -Ms. Stevens)

Holy Cross (all girls) (MD)
Dominique Dawes
Phylicia Rashad
Dr. Claire Helm, President
or Kara Shipley (career day coordinator)

Washington Math and Science Tech HS (DC)
Debra Lee
Marissa Mayer
Mr. Zimmer,
Asst. Principal

Bethesda-Chevy Chase (MD)
Penny Pritzker
Kerry Washington
Ms. Karen Lockard,

Albert Einstein (MD)
Alfre Woodard
Amb. Nancy Brinker
Mr. Jim Fernandez, Principal

Mt. Vernon (VA)
Denyce Graves
Fran Drescher
Sarah Jones
Nardis King, Principal

Washington-Lee (VA)
Karyn Kerr Pettigrew
Tracee Ellis Ross


WHOA! This is certainly going to be a"red letter" day for these girls. Thank you Mrs. Obama and Friends! Young women need to know that indeed they are special and they too can make a difference. I am extremely proud of this initiative.Keep up the great work...PHENOMENAL WOMEN!



What a fascinating and inspirational woman...we're lucky to have Michelle Obama as our First Lady.

Dear Mrs. Obama: Thank you for continuing to SHINE in the darkest of times. Our Nation as well as our women and young ladies need to "see" Our First Lady's as a positive role model. You exhibit the Epitomy of Class, possessing the desire to make a difference, following thru on our people's needs and concerns. You are not afraid to show your passionate side regarding important issues. I believe we are born a female, develope into a women but desire and work on becoming a Lady. You have succeeded in fullfilling what I pray your daughters will mirror "Mrs. Michelle Obama" You and our President have renewed the spirit of "Yes" and are defecting the negativity of "No". I applaud all your efforts and pray for divine wisdom of God to Bless you and yours with Peace. Sincerely and Lovingly Ms. Donna Johnson

I was so pleased with the women Michelle O. selected to speak to young girls. All of those women are educated and intellectually sound. They also are politically aware and volunteer their time to causes other than themselves. They are not PHONY and LOOKING FOR PRESS TO PROMOTE THEIR OWN PERSONAL CAUSE. None of these women thinks the world revolves around them!! So Beyonce wasn't invited. When she was on Oprah promoting Dream Girls a few years back, she thought it was all about her. Oprah was more captivated by Jennifer Hudson. This didn't fly with the Knowles. I find it hard to believe Michelle would want her girls looking up to her. Her music has no substance and its ghetto.

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